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Galactic White Brotherhood – Reconnecting with your Inner Child – Sanat Kumara – 12/28/14



Just as in the Northern hemisphere day light will increase daily in increments, so to will your capacity to hold light. With every releasing of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve, you will be able to hold more light. This process is both unconscious and conscious. Your active participation in clearing your vehicle of past held thoughts and beliefs is very helpful. It speeds the process and helps your life be more of your creation. It is also unconscious as those who are unaware of this process are also releasing. For those their lives may appear to be in complete turmoil as those aspects that need releasing and healing will be brought to the forefront time and time again until conscious change is sought. This will also happen to those aware of the process but unaware of an aspect that needs healing. We ask that you pay attention to patterns that emerge. It is in these patterns that you will find clues to what needs to be addressed and healed deep within your psyche. Now more than ever it is important for you to be aware and present. Be in touch with your highest guidance by staying in your heart space. Look at all behavior, thoughts, and actions not from a place of judgement but from the place of the observer. In this way you will clearly be given clues to aspects that need changing, blocks that need releasing, and parts of your psyche that need healing.

Many of you may be experiencing flashes of memories from your childhood. These are very important and need to be noted. Old programming is often created in childhood and adolescence. As you aged, you piled layers of top of the initial place where you were taught to believe something contrary to your soul’s truth. Many of you are now down to that core essence, your inner child if you will. Healing of this aspect is important. It is in embracing and loving that child that you will find you are healed and your joy for life will return. If you are fortunate enough to be near children, let them guide you with their easy laugh and smile. Find that place within you again. If you are not near children, go to where children play, and soak in their energy and laughter. Remember a time when you too felt free, when you too knew exactly how loved and special you are. This is what we want you to recapture. It is in this essence of the inner child that you will find your true self. We are asking you to undo all that time has done, all that duality has done and return to the heart of a child. It is in this space that you will be able to find and keep joy. It is also in this space that you will able to create a new world for yourself.

The first week in January holds a special planetary alignment. The energies from this alignment will be available for a few days before the 4th and a few days after. This gateway can help you expand your soul growth. Much like your New Years intentions we ask that you focus on what you would like for your 2015 year. While your focus will be as individual as each of you, we ask that you include reconnecting with your inner child. This work is of great importance. During this gateway, the planets alignment, will help to bring things to the forefront that need changing, releasing, and healing. That which you have not given proper attention to or are unaware of will be magnified. It will be as if a spot light will be placed on thoughts and behaviors so that they can be clearly seen. While this can be unsettling, even painful, it is a gift. It allows for rapid growth if you are willing to be observant and non-judgemental of what is no longer in your highest good. The more you are able to let go of and heal, the more you will be able to access your inner child, who holds the keys to your highest self. To embody your highest self completely is to have a joyful loving heart and to understand that all is always working out as it should. Once you reach this understanding that all is in your highest good, you are embracing all that you are. You will see this life experience through the eyes of a child, full of adventure and hope. 2015 will bring much soul expansion for those that have done the intense, sometimes exhausting work to leave duality and judgement behind.

You have made large strides in returning to unity and love. We hope that you feel as excited as we are about the changes taking place within the collective. Each of you that has done the work and hold vast amount of light are making a large impact on all around you. Know this as truth in your heart. Don’t look outside yourself for validation of the world-changing and the light increasing, for you are the creator of your world.

With high regards,

Sanat Kumara

Galactic Brotherhood – Important Solstice message – 12-21-14 – Quan Yin


quaan yin

I would like to discuss the upcoming Solstice. It is a very special time as your day and night are equal. there is great symbolism in this as it mirror’s the dark/light energies on your planet. On this day, the energies are equal. There has always been a line of neutrality, of zero point if you will between the duality of light versus dark. This line has been razor-thin and often difficult to maintain on the days moving forward. This year is very special as the line between the two halves is much larger and defined. This place of zero point, of neutrality will be a comfort and a place of shelter for the days ahead. As the line of neutrality widens, the two polar opposites will move to the extremes. you will see both sides engaging in battles they have created. This polarity, this extremism of right versus wrong, light verses dark will be magnified so that others will be able to see the flaws of duality. They will be able to see more clearly that judgement about light verses dark, good verses evil are only a matter of perception. This will become glaringly obvious that many of your institutions are fighting against beliefs and actions that they are also partaking in, but under a different name and the flag of righteousness. Once you are able to see that others carry a similar flag but just one of a different color, you will then be at the zero point and on the path of neutrality.

There is much confusion surrounding neutrality. Many liken it to apathy or selfish indifference. This can not be further from the truth. We urge you not to be goaded into leaving the space of neutrality by those still caught in the old paradigm thinking. Neutrality is the act of setting aside your learned beliefs and customs that urge you to separate yourself from another and judge. It is the conscious act of realizing that we are all one, that everything you do has a ripple effect on the world you have created. It is in understanding your role in the world is one of love and compassion, not judgement and condemnation. It is in understanding that every soul on earth, including your animals, have come here to learn a person lesson or life theme. Not all lessons are easy nor are they all outwardly positive on the surface. I can assure you that all that takes place is exactly what the soul needs. With the gap between light verses dark widening, the world may feel like it is out of control, that the people have gone mad. Indeed a soul that has separated itself from the natural position of neutrality will indeed appear mad at times. Our nature is one of love, peace, compassion and understanding for all, not just those that share similar beliefs and ideologies. When you navigate yourself from this position, you are moving from your true self and entrenching yourself into the duality of the matrix.

Now is the time to ask yourself: Are you ready to move from the ideology of light verses dark? Are you ready to align your thoughts, words, and actions with your soul source? We ask that you make a conscious effort to maintain your energy in a place of neutrality. When you veer off course, gently pull your thoughts back to center. Do not berate yourself if you find that you have left the path of neutrality. Understand that you have spent most of your life in a place of duality. It is not easy changing what was your norm for so long.

We also ask that you take some time and think about what you want as your experience moving forward. Set these intentions on the solstice and release them with a loving, open heart. Release all your fears, name them and see them being released from your being. See yourself stepping into the New World you have created, unfettered and free from fear. See yourself as the abundant, shining soul you are, one who has mastered duality and returned to self.

We hold great respect for all of you and are in awe of the accomplishments you have made. This has not been an easy process and it is a testament to the fortitude and strength of your soul.

Quan Yin.

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz ***

Galactic Brotherhood – You Have Entered A New Phase – Sanat Kumara



You have entered into a new phase of this process. Many will not be able to discern the difference, but I assure you that you will in time. The immediate difference will be on the downloads of light codes. Prior they were released in phases and many could feel when they were receiving the codes. Now, the codes are constant and you will receive them as soon as you have cleared enough space in your being for them. You will find yourself on a purging, downloading, assimilating routine. With every purge, with every aspect that you release you will find yourself changing deeply. These codes of light are designed to make your very nature crystalline. This process will take time and can only be accelerated by your willingness to release all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that keep you locked in third dimensional thinking. Many of you have done tremendous work and have left the lower dimensions as a whole, but still have lingering aspects that are residual from your lifetime spent at these levels.

These aspects will absolutely be triggered by your those around you. It is really a blessing to have these merge from the depths of your psyche to be shown in the light and released. Many of you many be shocked at your displays of temper, the courseness of your thoughts and the emotions that seem to overwhelm you in these moments. You may be asking “What is wrong with me?”. I assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have progressed to the point in your development where all kernels of third dimensional thought patterns and programming must be removed, no matter how minute.

For some the cleansing takes place through the body. This can be seen in digestive issues, sinus drainage, and aggravation of old wounds that have an emotional component to them. For those unaware, this can be a challenging time. For those that are aware, we ask that you release them by stating your truth. Many thoughts and old programming are based on lies and immature emotional processing. Look at the thought, examine it and see where it leads you into feeling like a victim. Then state the truth, that in every given moment we choose to act, think, and feel in a certain way. Once the truth is stated, release the old into the light. The violet flame can be used to help you transform those old thoughts and behaviors you believed you has left behind.

Know that the purpose of all your purging and physical discomfort is that your DNA has indeed been switched on so that you become a crystalline being. Once the DNA is switched on, there will be no return to your original carbon nature. This change will not take place overnight though many are impatient. Your soul remembers what is happening and many may feel an impatient excitement.

Know that all is unfolding as planned and the utmost care for your vessel is being taken at this time. You may find that your sensitivities increase and the need for purer food and drink is required. To help ease this transition your consumption of water needs to be high.

Know and trust that all is happening in your highest good.

Sanat Kumara

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz


Galactic Brotherhood – 12/12 Choice Portal, Quan Yin


Let all go that no longer serves

I would like to talk to you today about the 12/12 portal. We are calling this the portal of choice. At this time you have a choice to remain within the duality of your planet or to step from the traditional beliefs into oneness. For those that are ready, this portal will see big changes in your thinking and in how you react to the world around you. When you have made these changes within you will see them mirrored in those around you.

We understand that to remove yourself from duality is a difficult step. It is to turn your back on everything you have known and been taught. You will no longer see the differences in yourself in comparison to others as highlighted by your reigning religions and governments. Instead, you will be able to see parts of yourself in every person you encounter. You will also begin to see the true source of all beings, their soul. When you are able to see this, you will find it difficult to condemn and highlight differences among people. By stepping out of duality you will begin to see the absolute beauty of life on earth. You will see it for what it is, a great place for learning and experiencing ALL THAT IS.  You will see the beauty in the lessons people have chosen and the roles they have experienced. By being able to see the soul source of all beings, you will see that darkness is just a role within the matrix, a chosen experience. Just as the light is a chosen experience within the matrix as well. You will be able to return to your true nature which is one of neutrality and love.
Once you choose to leave duality behind you will be able to allow others to experience their life as they have chosen without feeling the need to change them. You will see all as it is, perfect. Each thing, each event, each action is perfectly designed for the soul to get the knowledge and lesson that was agreed upon before your sojourn to earth. When you see the perfectness in all of creation, you will serve as a guide to others. You will be the beacon that they seek, as your energy is one of peaceful neutrality. Many will seek the comfort of a non-Judgemental guide. You will be able to show an alternative way of being, but understand and have compassion for those not ready to follow the path before them.
Understand that being neutral does not mean that you lack compassion. In fact, your compassion will only increase, you will feel love and understanding for both the victim and the perpetrator. You will understand and be able to see the beauty and lessons in both roles. You will innately understand the contracts that both are fulfilling so that their soul growth is accomplished.
Should you choose to leave duality behind during the 12-12 portal, you will be tested. You could be tested through personal lessons and by the world at large. We ask that you always remember that all are divine beings of light at their core. By remembering that earth is a place where souls have come to experience duality and learn their chosen lessons, it will be easier to remain neutral.
We are very pleased at the number of souls that are preparing to leave duality. It is a testimate to the amount of work people have done within themselves.
That is all for now,
Quan Yin

Galactic White Brotherhood – The Illusion of duality and the Hologram of Earth – Sananda – 12-2-14

Galactic White Brotherhood – The Illusion of duality and the Hologram of Earth – Sananda – 12-2-14

I want to clear up some confusion about your existence on earth, the hologram you’ve created and the illusion. The true illusion on earth that exists is duality and separation. You are not separate from one another nor are you separate from source.

Each of you chose to come to earth, some of you have made this choice for countless lifetimes while others have had only one. Upon deciding to come to earth, a plan is made and a hologram of your world is created. It is within this hologram that your lessons and experiences are created.  Within each hologram are parts that have been co-created and there is also a part of the collective consciousnesses of the whole. Upon entering the hologram you consent to being a part of the duality experiment. Your task has been to see through this illusion of duality and reunite with your true self.

Many call the hologram of your existence on earth an illusion, and in one way it is, however until you choose to leave earth you will be part of this hologram. For those that have been able to see through the illusion of separation, life does become less stressful. It is not that life will drastically change, it is your reaction that will have changed. It is in your peaceful knowing that all that happens is always in your highest good. Seeing through duality will not change the lessons you came to learn but it will change the world around you. You will understand that all are learning their chosen lessons. You will see that the extremes being played out are not a grand battle of good vs evil, but duality coming to an end. With the gap between perceived good and evil so wide, many will find that the peaceful path is the one of observation and non-judgement. It is understanding that you have the capacity to be all aspects of humanity from the darkest to the lightest. With that knowledge, it is hard to judge another for the lessons they came to learn.

As more and more people are becoming in-tune with their higher guidance and intuition, the tendency to look down upon those in duality needs to be avoided. Each person has their own lessons to learn, and the degree of difficulty varies per person. Some are participating in duality as their purpose is to play the part of extremes to help others see the distortion. Once you have fully stepped from the illusion of duality, give gratitude for those still participating. It is their contribution that has helped you and others see that it is non-judgement and observation that brings peace.

While the hologram of your existence on earth could also be considered and illusion, we ask that you not see it in those terms. You are participating in a learning experiment to advance soul growth. Your personal hologram was created to be very real and to help you achieve your desired goals. Upon dissolving the illusion of separation from source, you will still be in the hologram of your creation until you choose to step out of it. To look at your life and call it an illusion is to negate the incredible work you have done. It has been explained that life is like a play that one creates then participates in. Figuring out that you are in fact the author of your play and resuming the deep connection with your soul should not make you look upon life as an illusion but a masterpiece that you have created. It is to be applauded and looked upon with gratitude for the growth it has provided you. For those not ready to understand the significance of the hologram they have created, to be told their life is an illusion is harmful. It is better to empower others to resuming their place as the authors of their play. To help them to see through the illusion of duality and victim hood and to understand that they are souls mastering their life.

Go in love for one another.

*As with all channelings, use discernment. What does your heart say when you read this? If it does not resonate, just discard it. We each have our own truth.*