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Time of the Great Purge – Sanat Kumara – Galactic Brotherhood – 1-23-15



This is a brief message to discuss with you what will be taking place energetically over the next few weeks. We are calling this period “The Great Purge”. All that no longer serves you, all that impedes your growth and progress will be shown to you. We ask that you pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. Anything that brings you out of balance, no matter how minute is showing you something that needs releasing and changing.

When you become triggered or overwhelmed with emotion, it is the time to examine the thoughts and beliefs that lead to you feeling uncomfortable. What then is your normal response in situations like these? For you see, all that is coming to light you have experienced before, if only in a slightly different context. Once you identify how you have reacted and felt before, you can make a conscious choice to do something different. By making the conscious choice to respond and behave differently you are then actively rewriting old programming and emptying yourself of what you no longer need on your journey. This is an important time and if properly utilized will provide tremendous soul growth. You must first be aware and conscious of what you are being shown and of how you would have normally, unconsciously responded, then you must choose to do different.

Once you understand this process you will be able to see where others are being triggered as well. You will be able to see that when another lashes out that they too are being shown areas needing changing. We urge you not to judge them, instead look at how their behavior affects you. How you react is also a clue to what may need releasing. If you would normally react by returning hostility, choose a different way. If you would normally respond in judgement, respond instead with compassion as you too are being purged. Understand that all you are being shown through your internal thoughts and feelings and your external relations with the world around you are designed to show you old programming, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that need changing.

While many may feel this is a difficult time, it is also a miraculous one. Have gratitude for this process as it will change you to your very core if you allow it. Once the old is released and a new way of being that is inline with your heart centered existence is in place, you will see the beauty of this process. Not only will you experience the mental purging you will also feel the effects of physical purging taking place. All emotions and behaviors are stored in the body. These too will have to be released. Don’t be alarmed at the stomach upset, the aches and pains, and exhaustion. Drink plenty of water and limit your exposure to chemicals in your food and environment.

Know that in all times what you are experiencing is in your highest good. You have a choice to utilize these energies to your fullest potential or to continue on the path you have always known. Be courageous and choose to allow yourself to become what you truly are.

Show compassion to yourself and others,


Personal Note:

I asked if this time period coincided with Mercury in retrograde for a reason and was told yes, but that this will be a much more intense period than normal Mercury in retrograde. I also asked if I should stay off Facebook or away from potential triggers and was told that it would be my choice. However, exposing myself to as many possible triggers is recommended. “Through each experience you will see what needs changing”.  So this is a time of experiencing life but of enough mental stillness to stop and examine my thoughts. I have faith that we can all do this and make great change within ourselves. Once our inner changes, so too will our outer world. 

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz



Soul Contracts and Unconditional Love – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 1-16-15


Since the start of the New Year there has been a large energetic shift that has affected everyone in varying degrees. The amount in which you have felt and gained from this shift signifies the amount of soul work you have done prior to this moment. For some, this period will bring about harmony, a time of joining with others and finding your place in the world. There will be changes made, but they will all be made in the flow and therefore will feel guided and natural. For others, this time will bring about great changes within and out. For there will be choices that must be made. The choice between honoring your highest good and continuing patterns will be made.

For this purpose we would like to discuss soul contracts and unconditional love. We hope that with greater understanding of these concepts, the choice to choose your absolute highest good becomes clear. When you decide to come into earth, you create soul contracts with many. Some are simple and brief; for example the woman at the grocery store that while in a conversation is able to give you an idea that you had not previously considered. Others can be long and complex, such as contracts with family and romantic partners. All contracts regardless of their duration are designed to help you grow. Long standing contracts are designed to change in dynamics and grow as you grow and learn.

Not all contracts are meant to stay with you forever, some may need to end for continued soul growth. This concept has never proved more difficult than when it is with a loved one. You have been programmed that unconditional love means staying by some one’s side, accepting who they are and their actions regardless of the cost to self. This cannot be further from the truth. Unconditional love means that you are willing to allow another to experience the life they have chosen for their own soul growth. It does not mean that you have to participate in their life and it certainly does not mean that you should sacrifice yourself and your soul growth.

Those in unhealthy relationships have contracted with each other for lessons to be provided. The abusive spouse may have contracted to help teach the other to stand up for themselves and not allow themselves to be mistreated. Once the lesson is learned, the partner breaks free from the relationship and the contract is over. The hope is that the lesson of caring and loving oneself was learned so that the behavior and relationship choice is not repeated. While and abusive spouse is an extreme example, there are many smaller contracts and relationships that are also testing your ability to act in your highest good at all times. If someone is emotionally, financially, or physically draining on you, then to continue would not be in your highest good. Your relationship and the boundaries created needs to be changed so that your highest good is done.

Many of you on this path are empathic and have an unlimited capacity to love. It is in your nature to want to help another, we understand the desire and admire your open, loving hearts. However, understand that balance must be kept. You must find a space within yourself that allows you to be open, loving, giving without sacrificing yourself. To constantly do things for another, to give of yourself, without the other person assuming responsibility and accountability is actually hindering both of your soul growth.

Think back to when you learned a skill such as riding a bike. You feel, you struggled, you may have even bruised and bloodied yourself. If your parent had stepped in for fear you would get hurt, you never would have learned. It may have been uncomfortable, even nerve wracking for your parent to watch you get hurt and frustrated. They pushed on, allowing you to learn and succeed because they knew the reward was worth the pain.  Now take this to a grander scale, you may have someone in your life who is always in crisis needing help. You can assist them time and time again or you can allow the person to fall, get hurt, so that they are then forced to make new and different decisions. This can be painful to watch, especially for open hearted souls, but understand the power of letting someone experience and learn from their creation is very important. This is in fact unconditional love. You may have contracted with this person to help them learn self sufficiency, self reliance and the ability to persevere. If you are constantly rescuing them, you are not honoring your contact.

Allow this energetic shift to illuminate areas in your life where you need to renegotiate contracts so that your highest good , your highest joy is achieved in all things. Allow this energy flooding your planted to not only purge the toxins from your body, but those in your thoughts. Allow it to help you find balance in relationships and the courage to make change, even radical change when needed. Honor yourself and your highest good, in that  happiness and reunion with self lies.

With Love,

Quan Yin

On a personal note:

The idea of contracts and lessons was shown very clearly in a dream last week. Years ago, our family took in a foster child, he was not a bad kid, but had anger issues and uncontrollable rage at points. His anger really affected me, I started retracting inside myself and was extremely stressed. I began to have nightmares of my childhood memories of my father going into a drunken rage. As an empath, it was not easy living in that house as a child, I honestly thought I had healed and forgiven my dad for his outbursts and their affects on me. This foster child, showed me very clearly that I had not completed my healing and it didn’t take much to bring it all back. Our relationship with this teen ended not because of his anger and my reaction but because we learned that it’s not a good idea to have a teen boy in a house with teen girls, this was 6 years ago. Last week I had a dream that I saw him and I thanked him for honoring his contract to show me that I still had parts needing healing from my childhood. He hugged me and said that it was his pleasure. I woke from that dream understanding even more about the gift people bring us all the time even if at the time it doesn’t feel like a gift. 

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz

Galactic Brotherhood – It’s Time to Forgive Yourselves – Sananda – 1/12/15



I want to take a moment today and talk to you about forgiveness. As many of you are aware, you have received an energetic upgrade since the New Year. This upgrade can be very powerful if you allow it to assist you in releasing all that no longer serves you.

Many of you are entering the place of neutrality, where you see the beauty in all things, even those things that are deemed negative. You are beginning to grasp the truth behind the words “All is in your highest good.”. Many of you have known of the concept, struggled to fully understand it but now you are actually able to feel the truth int he words. This is not an easy thing and you should feel very proud of your accomplishment, especially when surrounded by others that are still entrenched in duality. To keep your neutrality and not fall into judgement is not easy. As you practice this new way to be, you may lapse into judgement, even horror at the current events of the world. We understand and ask that you bring yourself back to center as quickly as possible. You will find that anything less will feel very uncomfortable in the body. Eventually you will feel that to leave neutrality is so unnatural that you will recognized the slightest slip, the slightest thought that moves you from center. Do not be concerned that others are not in this space, they will arrive when it is their time.

You have done incredible work to arrive at this place that has been called the zero point. You have forgiven those that hurt you and even are able to see the purpose behind events in your life. You are able to glimpse the grand design behind tragedies while feeling compassion and understanding for those living through  and affected by such events. It is beautiful to be able to view things from a grander perspective but respond on a very human level with caring and compassion. This is how you will change the world. This is how you can heal those around you, by simply caring and having compassion for all involved while not getting entrenched in right versus wrong, good versus evil.

We are very proud of the work you have done and how much you have achieved. Every day more light is held by your world, every day more connections are made to the higher grids and to the earth herself. As the grids are being created in higher dimension, the ones in the 5th & 6th dimensions are becoming fortified, widened and strengthened to allow the masses to move forward.  We are aware of the work all of you have done to hold the light within, to be a beacon, and a pillar of peace in chaos. So many of you are able to forgive others very easily. However, many of you are not extending this grace to yourselves. You can not fully embrace neutrality until you are able  to completely forgive yourselves for perceived wrongs. You need to acknowledge that every wrong turn, everything you did to another, has led you to this place, this time. We have asked that you reconnect with your inner child and many of you are doing that. Now we ask that you fully forgive yourself for all things that have caused you guilt & shame. Guilt, regret and shame weigh heavy on the heart and will keep you from rising to your potential. We ask that you forgive yourself, release yourself, and love yourself as you have done for others. It is time to extend neutrality to yourself.

So many of you are very hard on yourselves and don’t acknowledge all the good things you have done and the work you have completed. . We ask that you forgive yourselves and see yourself as we see you, as beautiful, shining souls.

Love yourself as I love you,


When I began posting this piece on Facebook, it became clear that this is an issue that many of us have. It is much easier to forgive another than it is to forgive ourselves. I wanted to include some techniques that I use to help me forgive myself so that I can move beyond guilt and shame. 

  • The first is admitting that who I was then, is not who I am now. Some of the things I did and said to others were during a time of my life when I was an immature soul and was hurting. Unfortunately people that are hurting within, tend to hurt others.  For me, coming to terms with the very true saying “When you know better, you can choose to do better.” When I understood my hurt and worked on healing my pain, I was able to choose to be and act differently. It would be a shame to beat myself up for behaviors I did then. It is the same as getting mad at your adult house trained dog for when she peed on your floor as a puppy. You deserve to love yourself completely and to forgive yourself for what you have done. 
  • The second thing that has helped me immensely is visualizing the person I acted terrible to or hurt and picturing the situation. I picture the situation and instead of judging what was done, I literally change what happened in my mind.  For instance when I was 19, I was pregnant with my first child. I was hospitalized for weeks due to pre-eclampsia and was beyond miserable. I was cranky, mean, and generally hated life. My parents came and brought me Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital. It was really a nice gesture, but I was absolutely hateful to them. I didn’t have an ounce of gratefulness in me and made them feel uncomfortable and unappreciated. This may seem like a silly thing for some people, but for some reason, it has really bothered me over the last 21 years. So I visualized the situation, saw my parents coming in, and changed the story. I was nice, appreciative and used it as an opportunity to tell them that I was grateful for all that they had done for me.  It made me feel so much better and healed. I have done this with other situations and felt the same freeing of guilt. I have visualized someone who I didn’t have a great relationship with and asked them to forgive me for an slights, misdeeds, misunderstanding, or actions that caused them pain. I will say that since that time, this person and I have a much better relationship. 

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz

Galactic Brotherhood – Quan Yin – Energetic Upgrade has been Received. 1/7/15



The entire planet has received an energetic upgrade since the new year. Every man, woman, child, plant and animal has been affected. How each react to this upgrade and intensity of light coming for is completely individual. Some may feel a joyous euphoria, a lightning of their load. Others may feel like they have been tossed to the wind. It depends on where you are in your process and what is remaining that needs releasing.

For most experiencing this upgrade there are physical components. Some will experience illness as the body releases toxins. These can be seen in stomach upset and flulike symptoms. If this occurs take the opportunity to rest and consciously thank the process for helping you let go of the deep held toxins and programming. Some will feel pain in their chakras as the light codes expand and activate them. Others may feel pain in the head, sinuses and teeth, this is all programming being released. Most of you will experience a version of all the symptoms. Conscious awareness that these physical elements are not being done to you, but for you to help speed the process will help. Communicate with your guides and angels and ask them to help ease the symptoms if they are particularly intense. If it is in your highest good symptoms will be eased.

For some this energetic upgrade will add further stress and strain to shine a light on areas of your life that are no longer in your best interest. Understand that stress and uncomfortable feelings are not there to make you miserable but to call attention to a situation that needs changing. This could mean drastic life changes or simply reframing how you perceive the people and things around you. Acceptance of what you cannot change in these moments brings many a feeling of peace.

For those that are resisting change or acceptance, I would like to ask you: Why do you like suffering so? Has it become a part of your identity, part of your belief structure? Do you know that at any moment you can change the things in your life that stop you from being happy?

At any moment you can change how you view things in your life and by changing your perception you change the very thing you were fighting against. I’m not suggesting that all things can be fixed by reframing your mind. Somethings in your world require you to make complete and drastic changes. While painful, once the change and growth are completed you will find that your soul sings for your honoring your true essence.

Know that all things are happening in your absolute highest good. All are working to ensure that the lessons you came into earth to learn and your life purpose is realized. In order for this to happen, in order to unify with your highest source you must be willing to let go of all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that no longer serve your soul growth. Be aware of your life, what is causing you stress and strain so that you can make conscious decisions to change.

At this stage is important for the four runners, first waivers to not become entrenched in their physical symptoms. It is now the time to tell your self that you are indeed ascending. All pathways are open for your continued acceleration and growth. It is you who has the power to remain where you stand or to move forward with bravery and courage. You are completely supported and loved through this process, but it is your free will that determines the speed in which you obtain your goals. As the next wave awakens they will look to you for guidance and proof that indeed this can be done.

We honor your strength and bravery,

Quan Yin