Galactic Brotherhood – Quan Yin – Energetic Upgrade has been Received. 1/7/15



The entire planet has received an energetic upgrade since the new year. Every man, woman, child, plant and animal has been affected. How each react to this upgrade and intensity of light coming for is completely individual. Some may feel a joyous euphoria, a lightning of their load. Others may feel like they have been tossed to the wind. It depends on where you are in your process and what is remaining that needs releasing.

For most experiencing this upgrade there are physical components. Some will experience illness as the body releases toxins. These can be seen in stomach upset and flulike symptoms. If this occurs take the opportunity to rest and consciously thank the process for helping you let go of the deep held toxins and programming. Some will feel pain in their chakras as the light codes expand and activate them. Others may feel pain in the head, sinuses and teeth, this is all programming being released. Most of you will experience a version of all the symptoms. Conscious awareness that these physical elements are not being done to you, but for you to help speed the process will help. Communicate with your guides and angels and ask them to help ease the symptoms if they are particularly intense. If it is in your highest good symptoms will be eased.

For some this energetic upgrade will add further stress and strain to shine a light on areas of your life that are no longer in your best interest. Understand that stress and uncomfortable feelings are not there to make you miserable but to call attention to a situation that needs changing. This could mean drastic life changes or simply reframing how you perceive the people and things around you. Acceptance of what you cannot change in these moments brings many a feeling of peace.

For those that are resisting change or acceptance, I would like to ask you: Why do you like suffering so? Has it become a part of your identity, part of your belief structure? Do you know that at any moment you can change the things in your life that stop you from being happy?

At any moment you can change how you view things in your life and by changing your perception you change the very thing you were fighting against. I’m not suggesting that all things can be fixed by reframing your mind. Somethings in your world require you to make complete and drastic changes. While painful, once the change and growth are completed you will find that your soul sings for your honoring your true essence.

Know that all things are happening in your absolute highest good. All are working to ensure that the lessons you came into earth to learn and your life purpose is realized. In order for this to happen, in order to unify with your highest source you must be willing to let go of all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that no longer serve your soul growth. Be aware of your life, what is causing you stress and strain so that you can make conscious decisions to change.

At this stage is important for the four runners, first waivers to not become entrenched in their physical symptoms. It is now the time to tell your self that you are indeed ascending. All pathways are open for your continued acceleration and growth. It is you who has the power to remain where you stand or to move forward with bravery and courage. You are completely supported and loved through this process, but it is your free will that determines the speed in which you obtain your goals. As the next wave awakens they will look to you for guidance and proof that indeed this can be done.

We honor your strength and bravery,

Quan Yin

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      • Hi, Jenny.. I am not the owner of this email but my friend Robert shared it with me and what an amazing email. It gave me chills too. It was such a relief to understand what was happening to me. There aren’t many words I can type to say how grateful I am to have received it. I have experienced almost all the mentioned symptoms. I am still experiencing some but it’s good to know why. So thanks again. I am in Divine order and excited about my ascension. Namaste.


  1. I have incredible head ache , amazing dreams and twists in my life, but deep in my heart I know why , I know is for better and I did requests it , I love it I should be stressed but I am not as I did learn to trust .
    Thank you very much for your post.


  2. Thank you! I have been sick since the end of December with a flu bug. I also suffer from a bladder illness that is very painful.
    I have seen a guide of light.
    It was many years ago.
    I have heard my name being called by a chorus of voices.
    It’s been at least 5 years since I have heard and 10 since I have seen. I meditate and pray to God and Angels everyday.
    How can I hear or see them again?


    • Have you tried guided meditations that help you connect with your guides and angels? That is what helped me open up. What comes to mind is that you do get messages, just not in the form you’ve thought they would come. Is your inner intuition strong? If it is, that is messages you are receiving.


  3. My sinuses and stomach have been terrible lately. I thought it was stress related or weather related but I like this better. I chose this.


  4. This resonates also. I have had a rough month physically and believe I am on other side of it. Helps me so much to know it is for a bigger purpose and all these yrs of being in a holding pattern had a reason. Blessings.


  5. I have been having major digestive issues and insomnia. I just began on my spiritual journey last year and am very new to the Angels and the masters. My meditation has guided me to quan yin and even before I started to notice and study energy, I had a couple quan yin statues as decorations in my house. The reason I mention this, is that as I was reading this I experienced chills all over my body. Honestly, I know I have been asking to realize my gifts but I have a lot of fear of the unknown. I am scared of seeing things that aren’t there, I have always been scared of the dark. It’s hard to explain, I guess I am just asking for advice on how to cope and not just shut down because of fear. Maybe I’m not ready?


    • The hardest thing for me has been releasing the fear associated with communicating and feeling other realms. I can tell you that there is nothing to fear, even what we call negative beings are in people’s highest good. So don’t fear. It’s an amazing beautiful thing to be contacted, to receive guidance. If it makes your heart sing, go towards it!


    • Hi Lauren.. I am not the owner of this email but it is my friends and he shared it with me and I am so elated that he did. I have had almost all the symptoms mentioned and was concerned especially since I hardly ever get sick. He first told me what the email said and while he spoke I too got goose bumps. I remember when I was new to this journey of discovery and I remember all the fears that came with it and although I get discouraged and fearful some times there has always been something so amazing waiting just around the corner. Always!! So from one sister to another , you where born ready. Don’t give up. The fear will subside and you are in for a magical journey. See you on the astral plain.


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