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Lady Nada on Abundance – 3-27-15



I want to share an experience I had and what I learned. I think it will help others as it has helped me.

Last Sunday I was coming home from the softball field, it had been a long day and I was tired. I wasn’t driving so I allowed myself to drift off. Just as I felt myself sink into a sleep like state, I saw myself in a round room, much like an amphitheater. There were many beings surrounding me and I was getting pegged with questions from Lady Nada. I felt this had been going on for a while but I had just now tuned into it. I understood immediately that it was an initiation ceremony.

One of the things that she wanted to discuss was abundance and the drive to have more in my life. She asked me if I were to stop growing, achieving at this moment, would it be enough? My immediate thought was No! I’m not done, I’m just beginning but I didn’t want to seem ungrateful for all that I had grown and been given previously. She picked up on it immediately and looked at me with a smile and said “You can still want more for yourself and be grateful for where you are in this moment.”  I told her that I had been struggling with abundance. She said that many people, especially spiritual people have a misunderstanding of abundance, which is nothing more than energy.

She told me to look at myself as a bucket of energy, a bucket that receives and gives. She said that in order to do more, to be more you must be able to receive more. She explained that if the bucket is not full then we are not able to give as much or achieve as much as we could.  She said that many do not fill their bucket even when we are given opportunities by the universe.

I immediately thought of a situation that had happened the day before. I was on the softball field and hungry because I didn’t pack enough food and the concession stand is not too helpful to a gluten free vegetarian. I passed by one of the team mom’s and she had a quinoa dish that she was eating with gluten free crackers. It looked delicious and she told me it was made with olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bits of kale. She asked me if I wanted to try some and I said no. I didn’t want to be a bother. This was the universe providing for me, giving me healthy sustenance to help keep my bucket full and I said no.

Lady Nada then explained that one of the biggest problems with those who are not as abundant as they want or able to do the endeavors they dream of is that they are unable to receive.  I explained to her that I do spiritual readings, guidance sessions, and channelings because I enjoy it and receive monetary compensation for most of that work. I told her that I thought that would be enough to fill my bucket. She then explained that while money is a form of abundance, it is not the only form and that I give more than I receive in monetary compensation. I told her that I thought that I would have to give more in order to do more of my spiritual work and she said that this is a fundamental misunderstanding. We must be able to receive more for the universe, take and be grateful for all that is offered so that our bucket is full and we can then actually DO more,  BE more, HELP more.  She explained that so many are running around with their bucket half full and don’t understand why they are unable to realize their dreams. She also said that too many of us view abundance as financial only and that is really missing the point that it is all energy and all connected.  That someone giving you a coupon at the grocery store is abundance, that someone picking up your trash can where it blew into the street is abundance or posting a problem on facebook and being given the solution is abundance. We just need to receive it with gratitude and not feel guilt or like we are taking from another.

I left the conversation and have been pondering it for the last week.  There is a part of many of us that have issues receiving. It is either because we feel that then we will owe someone, that we are not deserving, or maybe were were given things in our lives and then had them held against us. It is part of our culture to be strong, independent and self sufficient. Receiving is seen as weak or even greedy. It is this very mindset that holds us back.

I was in bed last night, being loved on by my dog when it finally all clicked. Pheobe, our little 7 year old pom-a-poo has always been a distant dog. She has acted like she was traumatized or abused even though I got her at 10 weeks and knew she had always been treated kind with us. If you called her name, she would run and go hide under the bed. In fact, three years ago, I contemplated finding her a new home. I wanted her to be happy and I couldn’t imagine she was happy spending 90% of her day under my bed.  As I awakened and my vibration changed, Pheobe started to slowly come out of her shell.  So last night here I was with this dog who kept nudging my hand for me to pet her more and more, I of course complied. Before, she could not receive attention, she didn’t allow herself too. Now she allows herself to RECEIVE and is GIVEN all she can handle before its too much and she retreats back under the bed.

We too have to learn to receive in order to be given all that the universe has for us. It’s not selfish, in fact I seriously doubt that is an issue of many on the spiritual path. We tend to be overly giving and empty our buckets. That needs to change. We must learn to receive not only to obtain the life we want, but so that we can do more, be more, and help more.

Just in case you are wondering, I passed the initiation. We’ll see what wonderful things the universe has in store now.  Much love to you all ❤


Utilizing the Eclipse Energies – Sanat Kumara – 3/24/15



You are in a most auspicious time. You are embroiled in the eclipse energies that are affecting every living thing including the earth. How much is dependent on you, your intentions, your drive and desire to no longer be who you were before. This is not about becoming a new person or leaving your current place on earth. This is about embracing and welcoming who you truly are. In order to do that you must be willing to undo and move through all that no longer serves.

There have been many important times in the recent years that have given humanity a much needed boost in the ascension process. These have been astrological events coupled with perfectly timed codes that activate areas within your mind and body. None have been as important as the one you are in right now. However, please understand that none of this will help you to the degree it can if you are resistant, holding onto beliefs and patterns or are simply losing old beliefs and incorporating new ones you acquired while awakening.

Now is the time to let all that go, let go of anything that cause you to feel tension or strife within your body. When a body is full of tension, anger, or anxiety it is not able to process the codes streaming to the earth properly. This is why so many are exhausted as the body is forced to shut down and sleep allowing the codes to make changes within without the interference of ego and the thinking mind. The more you release yourself from the thoughts and behaviors that cause the body to feel tension the more seamlessly you will be able to handle downloads without your body having to rest.

Many are ill and uncomfortable in these moments. Some of this is a function of detoxification an in some it is a way to force you to slow down, even stop, so that your body can assimilate all that it can, In the fastest period of time.  Honoring the body when it needs rest will help you tremendously. Some of you are experiencing reoccurring infections, pain or illness to specific areas of the body. These are clues to what you may be resisting. The sinus cavity and teeth hold limiting beliefs and old programming. Is there a part of you that is resisting your unlimited potential? Your lungs and throat often hold deep emotions and trauma. Is there something or someone, even yourself that you need to forgive? Is there grief that you are holding? Your back, shoulders and knees are also common areas that some experience pain. We ask you, do you feel that you are not supported? Do you feel as if you the weight of the world bearing down on your form? Are you taking responsibility for things you cannot control? Are you unable to surrender fully to this process? We give you this information so that you can look at how you are handling the energies so that you can see areas where you are still holding on.

As we explained in the last transmission everyone will be or has been disconnected from the old grid and reconnected to the new. We expect this to be completed by April 6th.  For those that have already been connected to the new grid, they may find that their thoughts and behaviors that need changing, need reprogramming are becoming very apparent. They will feel almost foreign or out of place. This is a wonderful opportunity to choose to see things differently, to do differently. This is a perfect time to leave victimization behind and understand that all is in your highest good. There is nothing in your world that has not been agreed upon by the highest aspect of self for your learning and growth. Once you understand that all is beautifully orchestrated even when it seems to be chaos, the more you will experience peace. Once you surrender to this knowledge you will then become the master creator you are meant to be.

We ask that everyone be mindful of their thoughts, behaviors, and routines. Look at what is helping you and what is not. Often it is not a person or circumstance that is hindering you but your beliefs and expectations surrounding it. This is a powerful time to create new in your life, to push your limits and potential. For those that are experiencing endings, it is a new beginning to be faced fearlessly, joyfully.

Until next time,


Personal note:

As with most transmissions I am filled with questions, I share them with you in case you have similar questions.

I have had incredible teeth pain that will come and go and will move locations. Is this me holding onto limiting beliefs?

Yes, that is a component. These need to be released by getting to the root cause of the belief. Where did it start? Go back in your mind and see how it has evolved into something you are not able to see past. Also, the cranium and sinus cavities are being expanded. Teeth are shifting to accommodate this and intermittent discomfort can be experienced.

I recently was faced with a situation that in the past would have sent me into fear. Fear of lack (money issues) and fear of the potential outcomes. I could feel the fear bubble up but then it was like a part of me saw it clearly and was able to stop it in its tracks. I told myself that if it happened or would happen that it is absolutely in the highest good and if it cost us money that we would be ok and the money would come. Is this what you mean by choosing different?

Yes. How did you feel once you made that realization?

I calmed significantly and was able to think clearly without fear and anxiety. Since that moment the fearful thoughts will pop up now and then, but before I get upset or anxious, I am able to stop them from taking hold.

Good, this is how you step into the new.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Explanation on the current energies & experience – Sanat Kumara – 3/15/15



For some the world is going to change in ways that they had always hoped. They are entering a stage of more love, more unity and a slow, but steady progression towards sustainability and health on earth. Every man, woman, child, plant and animal is in the process of being disconnected from the old grid where duality is the norm to one where duality is a choice. This process has already begun and will end as the effects of the eclipse wane.

For many on earth, the effects of the disconnection and reconnection will not be felt. For others the effects will range from slightly uncomfortable to even painful for the energetically sensitive. Pain in the lower extremities (lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet) may be felt because of the literal disconnection and the inability to ground completely. This will pass upon reconnection and anchoring into the new grid. Digestive issues will be common as the body is continuing to rid itself of carbon density. This will be especially beneficial as the denseness of the body determines where you will be reconnected on the grid, as the grid contains many levels ascending upwards. Many will feel out of sorts, confused, even concerned that they are going into a void. Some may feel fearful, anxious or depressed at this time. Know that your body and mind may be confused by the changes and send signals that all is not well. Go into your heart space, communicate with your soul and know all is well. We assure you that this will be a brief period as your guides, angels, and higher self are working at a fevered pace to disconnect and you and reconnect you in as quick of time as possible.

Energies have come to earth that will accelerate all that is going on within once you connect to the new grid. For those still in duality this will be intensified so that the energetic patterns can be seen and end quicker than before. For those that have done the work and released the constraints they were born into they will receive a considerable boost in their development. It is literally as if one path is diverging into two, though it is still the same path just different levels of growth. Each person will make a decision based on their highest good even if they are unaware of this fact. For some still wanting the incredible learning experience afforded by duality, they will remain in that state. For those ready to leave duality behind in the search of blessed neutrality they will see themselves surrounded by like minded souls. It is this group that will begin to feel and create within the new earth energies of oneness and love. It is this group that will help pull the others up through the layers of the grid.

While watching the duality continue and escalate around you can be difficult, know that all is well and each soul is choosing exactly what they need to progress at this time. For those who will move to the grid and attach at a higher level their job is literally to be the example for others. They will show others that there is a choice, another way to be. Understand that there is a choice and only the soul can choose when it is time to leave duality and its lessons behind for new, expanded consciousness lessons. For even those that attach at a higher level will still experience growth and lessons from a higher, more unified perspective. The ascension process is a journey that does not end, yet begins at a new level when you have reached the end of a cycle.

This is an exciting time, one that have been coming for eons. Rejoice in the changes as this is the time you have waited for. Step into remembering who you are.


Personal note:

As with most transmissions I am filled with questions, I share them with you in case you have similar questions.

Explain the grid, what is changing?

Think on it as a computer system, your earth is getting a new operating system that is faster, better, and more advanced. It can hold the higher frequencies that is needed for this process.

Does the concept of free will does change?

No, each person will still have to choose for themselves which path they would like to take. This grid change allows for the higher frequencies to be reached easier by those ready and provides support for them.

Is our body density determined by food?

It can be, but it is more determined by your thoughts and perceptions. The more joyous you are , the less density you have. Just as the more sorrow and other painful emotions make a person feel heavy and dense.

So being vegetarian and/or vegan is good?

It is not a bad path for helping density but does little good if the person if full of judgment of self and others. Emotions are the key to density.  It is important to listen to your body during these times as it is giving you clues to what it needs to assist you during this process.

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Receiving New Frequencies – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 3-11-15



By now many of you are wondering what is going on. The reality and ways of being that you knew before are changing. For some of you, this is massive change as you move into alignment with your natural course. For others the changes are small, yet profound as you are aligning every breath, every thought with your highest good. Many of you could feel the solar flares as they erupted, could sense the changes in your body and knew exactly the reaction that they would illicit. Now you may be feeling similar, yet more intense reactions when no solar flares have been emitted. This has left many confused and uncertain as to what is changing in your world. The sun is not the only source of light codes, frequencies, and programming to help accelerate humanity’s evolution. You are also receiving information from the Sirius and Lyrian star systems.

These downloads feel different for each person. For those working through old beliefs, attachments, and limitations these can feel heavy and emotional. They are helping you to release these carbon imprints by showing you what must change in your world. If you are observant and aware that all that brings up emotions and pain if for your benefit, you will be shown exactly what needs healing. At any moment you can declare yourself done with a particular mind set, belief or circumstance. Once you have made it perfectly clear within yourself that you no longer need to believe or feel a certain way, the universe will help by bringing new choice into your path and helping you to disengage from the ways that  were not in alignment with your highest good. Understand that radical change, the rewriting of beliefs takes time and dedication on your part.

Be gentle with yourself a many of the limiting beliefs, behaviors and programming are deeply ingrained in your psyche. It is very much like unearthing layers of yourself. Think on an archaeological dig. At the top layer a small bone may be exposed, but as you remove more sand, bit by bit, you see that the bone is attached to more bones. Finally after scaling away many layers you can finally see the entire skeleton and remove it completely. We ask that you do not become discouraged and stop after only unearthing a small portion. Understand that each piece you heal and work through is part of the whole and you are not failing by having to revisit the same issue multiple times. You are just simply exposing all the facets of an issue so that it can be removed entirely.

For some of you the Sirius and Lyrian frequencies feel light and sparkly. They are helping your body to literally transform itself from a carbon based on to a crystalline one. The more carbon, denseness, that leaves your vehicle the more radical the changes are that will take place in your environment. While these changes can be difficult on the form as digestive upset and headaches are common, there is an underlying feeling of excitement and there should be. As your body is transformed you are beginning to remember just how powerful you are. Manifestation will come easier, synchronicities will become the norm and help guide your path. Many of you have not felt as inspired and guided in a long time so it is  great reprieve even if the physical symptoms persist.  Your chakra system is also being upgraded as is your light body. The higher heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras may be feeling odd, even painful. There is absolutely nothing wrong, you are just realigning your very being with who you truly are.

For many of the first wavers, this is an incredible time, a feeling of completion for some and for others the feeling of the beginning of an amazing journey. However, for the later waves and for some of the first wave it is still a time of great upheaval and change. Part of the first waves role is to shine a light in the dark for the later waves. This is done through compassion, understanding, and remembering how it was for you. Sharing what worked for you is helpful but keep in mind that each person’s journey is different. What worked for you may not work for others. Your job is simply to show love and compassion for others and shine a light.

With great love and respect,

Quan Yin

Personal note:

After channeling this, I felt such excitement but also twinges of fear of the unknown. i talked with my guide, expressing my feelings:

Me: I think a part of me is afraid of the changes.

Guide: Are you more afraid of the changes or more afraid not to have them?

Me: More afraid not to have them, to stop… I can’t do that

Guide: Good, then you will be just fine

Me: It can be hard to move forward when so many are still struggling

Guide: Many feel guilt being at the sparkly stage, but they shouldn’t, they earned it, even if looking back it doesn’t seem as difficult as it was.

I hope this channeling and my conversation help you and bring some peace to you. This process is hard and convoluted, but so worth it. Sending you all love as we continue on this amazing journey!

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Beginning of an exciting month – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 3-2-15



You are beginning a very exciting month starting with the full moon on March 5th. Many of you will be able to pinpoint this month as the one where you made huge strides during this time. Your earth is receiving solar flares, downloads and activations from the galactic that are changing the very face of humanity. All will be affected, it depends on where you are in your development to determine how great a jump you will receive. First wavers who are ready will anchor into the Unity grid of the 5th Dimension and continue progressing onward. This anchoring will make it easier for others to follow.

Many are having a difficult time physically as the body is beginning to become crystalline in nature. The process of changing from a carbon based body to a crystalline body is slow and at times uncomfortable. As your DNA is activated and more blueprints are downloaded, you will slowly change to a fully crystalline being. The most important thing at this time is to listen to your body. If it needs sleep, sleep. If your body is craving a particular food, ask yourself if it is healthy and beneficial to the body, and if it is, eat it. Your needs will change from moment to moment. If you lock yourself into a box of a particular diet, you may find the physical symptoms are stronger. Consuming more water at this time is also essential. Dehydration is the greatest reason for much of the discomfort being experienced. This is the time for you to connect fully with all aspects of yourself and this includes your body. You are on earth to experience your essence in solid form, enjoy and honor that opportunity. While you are not your body, it is an aspect of who you are.

It is also imperative that you honor your truth at this time. As you go through this process many will not understand the changes going on within you. Be strong and know that if you are living heart centered that you are making the correct decisions. When others become heart centered they will then begin to understand the changes you have made. Always make decisions based on your heart as this is the access to your soul, your higher self.

Understand that for many these changes embracing your planet cause them to feel anxious and uncertain. When these feelings overtake the body, some will either act out in ways that show areas needing healing or they can embrace fear based thinking that envelops your planet. It is as if focusing on the negative actions in your world explains the uncertainty they feel inside. We assure you that focusing on all that is wrong in your world will not make this process easier. Understand that as creators, what you allow into your field of reference is completely under your control. The easiest way through this process is through your heart, compassion for yourself and others is needed. Focusing on things in your world that cause you to want to leave your planet or that make your feel disgust or anger towards your fellow humans, is not operating with your heart open. A loving, compassionate, open heart is your gateway to your higher self and the peace you seek.

This is the time when it is imperative that you begin to trust the messages and feelings you receive. Each of your journeys are different and should be honored as such. While it is good to feel a part of something, don’t allow someone else’s experience to cloud your own. This is your time to own your personal mastery, to own your own truth and to trust your own inner guidance. The more you trust your inner guidance and act on your innate knowing the stronger it grows. There are no wrong answers, no wrong decisions as each path, each choice is a learning experience. Again, we tell you, trust your heart, act always from a place of love and compassion and your way, your path will open before you.

From one master to another, I honor you.

Quan Yin

Personal note:

For me the physical symptoms have gotten really interesting. I woke last night at 2:30 am and while making my way to the bathroom the walls and floors seemed to bend. It was like being in a fun house without the fun lol. The dehydration I feel at times is intense as if I am burning up from inside. I am finding that warm lemon water with a pinch of sea salt is helping me greatly.  I am also taking a lot more baths as well. I add Epsom or Himalayan salt and crystals, particularly quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz. On the days that I feel very un-grounded, like this morning I add petrified wood as it is very earthy and grounding.  What are you doing that helps?

I hope that this channeling helps you and resonates deep within. Sending all of you love as we continue on this amazing journey.

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****