Beginning of an exciting month – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 3-2-15



You are beginning a very exciting month starting with the full moon on March 5th. Many of you will be able to pinpoint this month as the one where you made huge strides during this time. Your earth is receiving solar flares, downloads and activations from the galactic that are changing the very face of humanity. All will be affected, it depends on where you are in your development to determine how great a jump you will receive. First wavers who are ready will anchor into the Unity grid of the 5th Dimension and continue progressing onward. This anchoring will make it easier for others to follow.

Many are having a difficult time physically as the body is beginning to become crystalline in nature. The process of changing from a carbon based body to a crystalline body is slow and at times uncomfortable. As your DNA is activated and more blueprints are downloaded, you will slowly change to a fully crystalline being. The most important thing at this time is to listen to your body. If it needs sleep, sleep. If your body is craving a particular food, ask yourself if it is healthy and beneficial to the body, and if it is, eat it. Your needs will change from moment to moment. If you lock yourself into a box of a particular diet, you may find the physical symptoms are stronger. Consuming more water at this time is also essential. Dehydration is the greatest reason for much of the discomfort being experienced. This is the time for you to connect fully with all aspects of yourself and this includes your body. You are on earth to experience your essence in solid form, enjoy and honor that opportunity. While you are not your body, it is an aspect of who you are.

It is also imperative that you honor your truth at this time. As you go through this process many will not understand the changes going on within you. Be strong and know that if you are living heart centered that you are making the correct decisions. When others become heart centered they will then begin to understand the changes you have made. Always make decisions based on your heart as this is the access to your soul, your higher self.

Understand that for many these changes embracing your planet cause them to feel anxious and uncertain. When these feelings overtake the body, some will either act out in ways that show areas needing healing or they can embrace fear based thinking that envelops your planet. It is as if focusing on the negative actions in your world explains the uncertainty they feel inside. We assure you that focusing on all that is wrong in your world will not make this process easier. Understand that as creators, what you allow into your field of reference is completely under your control. The easiest way through this process is through your heart, compassion for yourself and others is needed. Focusing on things in your world that cause you to want to leave your planet or that make your feel disgust or anger towards your fellow humans, is not operating with your heart open. A loving, compassionate, open heart is your gateway to your higher self and the peace you seek.

This is the time when it is imperative that you begin to trust the messages and feelings you receive. Each of your journeys are different and should be honored as such. While it is good to feel a part of something, don’t allow someone else’s experience to cloud your own. This is your time to own your personal mastery, to own your own truth and to trust your own inner guidance. The more you trust your inner guidance and act on your innate knowing the stronger it grows. There are no wrong answers, no wrong decisions as each path, each choice is a learning experience. Again, we tell you, trust your heart, act always from a place of love and compassion and your way, your path will open before you.

From one master to another, I honor you.

Quan Yin

Personal note:

For me the physical symptoms have gotten really interesting. I woke last night at 2:30 am and while making my way to the bathroom the walls and floors seemed to bend. It was like being in a fun house without the fun lol. The dehydration I feel at times is intense as if I am burning up from inside. I am finding that warm lemon water with a pinch of sea salt is helping me greatly.  I am also taking a lot more baths as well. I add Epsom or Himalayan salt and crystals, particularly quartz, amethyst, and rose quartz. On the days that I feel very un-grounded, like this morning I add petrified wood as it is very earthy and grounding.  What are you doing that helps?

I hope that this channeling helps you and resonates deep within. Sending all of you love as we continue on this amazing journey.

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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  2. All of your words resonate positively with me and I have experienced the exact same “wobbly room” sensations, so much so that on the last occasion 8 days ago I had to sit on the floor or fall over!


  3. Ha Ha! My husband kept saying – your ears are probably clogged and your equilibrium is off. But I knew different. I am glad you enjoyed the channeling. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  4. Lastnight I was relaxing in a chair and the floor looked like it was moving in waves. I thoroughly enjoyed the show…..what dimension are we in these days lol! Loved this post, thanks for sharing your gifts!


  5. Thank you so much for this message! Can you explain the purpose for those going through this change of transitioning into a crystalline being?


  6. The dimension we are in really depends on the person. The earth is a 5D being now and can support 5D and beyond life. While the 3D and 4D still exist they are holograms. So people who are ready can absolutely transition to the 5D and keep going. What throws people off is that they have been told that 5D will be this magical place and in someways that is correct, but there is still MUCH work to be done in 5D within the person and society as a whole. Hope that makes sense.


  7. Just asked my higher self and she said “being crystalline is the closest you can get to your true form while still being in the physical”. We are all becoming crystalline transmitters, transmitting a higher consciousness to earth. Just as crystals are used now to transmit radio waves so will our bodies be able to transmit. Make sense?


  8. thank you so much for your confirmation of all that I have been experiencing on the physical,emotional,mental states and what I myself have been hearing. I am in an area of California where my classroom has been one of great work and I was starting to doubt which is not helpful in the process. I feel so much better I do have a question though this last July I ended my shadow work after 4yrs to the day my 2ND marriage was over I had moved back to the city I was born in I was 33yrs old and my first 3 children were home births but that was Oregon and Cali is different so I surrendered to the process of life and my first born with my 2nd husband was delivered at the same hospital by the same dr. That delivered me 33 yrs before. So when I realized my husband leaving was part of the process I was working on and laid no blame no victims no shame I went into a massive visioning process for most of july. It was a little overwhelming and I know that what I have to offer as my magnum opus I feel is coming but I need to talk with someone who understands what I am talking about or isn’t intimidated by the info or me. Please if you can send me an email so I can have a way to talk and make sense of all that I have been opening too and receiving. Thank you Spirit