Humanity has been reset – Quan Yin – 4/9/15



You have all just lived through one of the most amazing times of your human history. Your entire world has been reset. No longer are you living under the rules of the old paradigm. In fact, you are now entirely in a world  that you create. Every man, woman, and child is becoming crystalline in nature, regardless of their state of awakening. The more crystalline a person is, the more they project their reality onto all around them, bending their personal reality to suit their desires and creating the lessons that still need to be learned.

For those awakened, this means that you can consciously create the life you want, the one you have dreamed of. For it is these awakened souls that are indeed creating the new earth with every breathe. How can an awakened soul, one in touch with their divinity possibly hurt another intentionally? It is not possible. Therefore it is these aligned souls who will create the new world by simply living in alignment with their soul source. As all are in various stages of awakening, this will not be an instantaneous process but one that can be seen progressing slowly but continually. It is important to focus on only your progress, your soul integration and not where another is in this process. Each of you that fully integrates with your sold will help those around them excel just by simply being.

While this is a time of celebration, a time to rejoice the resetting of mankind, many are struggling. For those unawakened, life may seem to get more difficult, demanding and overwhelming. This is due to the speed in which lessons are being taught and patterns are being revealed. When the same situation comes up again and again, it is to show what needs to be changed. It is easier to see what is not in alignment when you are faced with it continually than if a lesson is spaced over long spans of time. For many, denial is not longer possible. Compassion and understanding is needed for those undergoing such change without understanding why.

For those awakened or in the stage of awakening, it is you who must extend compassion to yourselves. You will find that as the body becomes more crystalline the physical symptoms of releasing density will increase. Sensitivity to chemicals and foods may increase as well. Listening to your body’s needs are important. If your body needs rest, rest. if your body reacts to certain things, take care to avoid it. Keeping a journal of what causes you discomfort or a reaction will help you to see what your upgrading body needs to avoid. Just like now, each person’s crystalline body will be different and will react to different things. There is no wrong or right way to go through this incredible change. As you become crystalline you will then have access to light codes that are crystalline in nature and help encode your new DNA template. These codes will help you to further embody your soul.

For many the biggest issue is resistance. For this process to go smoothly, a complete surrender needs to take place. You must surrender the desire to control. Many pray for help to the masters, the angels, to their guides and to God, but do not give permission to receive help in all forms. Permission to help in anyway possible needs to be given. Many have asked that their teeth pain be alleviated, but do not give permission for the old programming stored within the teeth to be removed. By asking for help and giving permission for it to be given in all forms, allows your team to help you fully. Understand that by asking for all old programming to be removed, your teeth pain may increase for a short while. This is where trust and knowing that all is done in your highest good is very important.

Embodying the soul completely will be a lengthy process. Each day that you release density and all that no longer serves your highest good, the more space you allow for your soul to become fully embodied.  The more you embody your soul, the more you will see your life change and move in different directions. You may look back years from now and not recognize who you once were. With these deep changes often comes anxiety and confusion. Find comfort in knowing that all is in the highest order and is progressing beautifully. When feeling out of alignment quickly bring yourself back by knowing within that all that is taking place is in your highest good. We hope that you are able to look upon all that is taking place with joy and excitement.

It is now the time to choose to be happy, choose to be at peace and joyful regardless of the chaos around you. You are the beacon of light that others will look to. It is your trust in the divine order and knowing that all is perfect that will others to bask in your peace. We are excited to see this time as your world will change rapidly now.


Quan Yin

Personal Note:

I want to share with you an experience I had, that changed how I view my world. Recently I was bowled over by exhaustion and a deep body ache. It was so instantaneous that I knew something was up. I switched my focus from my very physical world to the etheric and could see an energy sucker attached to my upper left shoulder. Instantly, my mind went to “What did I do wrong? How did my vibration go so low that I allowed an energy sucker to attach?” Yet, even as I asked these questions, I knew that I had done nothing and there was more to the story. I sat in silence and spoke with my higher self and guides who informed me that the energy sucker was there to help me. It’s role was to remove form my energy field things that were disturbing my evolving aura. It was there to knock me down, exhaust me, force me to sleep. I was assured that it would be gone by morning and I would feel fine.

Morning came and my little friend was gone. I felt better than I had the day before and my out of sorts feeling was gone. It was a really valuable lesson that EVERYTHING is indeed in our highest good. It has made me ponder the times on this journey before I communicated with guides and my higher self that I thought that things like energy suckers were evil beings doing things TO ME. I now look and see how all of these things, were in fact helping me progress on this journey. All is in the highest order and in my highest good. It completely changed my perception of the spiritual world that we only are just beginning to grasp. I hope this transmission finds you well and that they eclipse energies gave you a boost in your progress.

Much love to you all,


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

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  1. great post, explains a lot of what’s going on — Palestine has been heavy on my mind, the people are suffering way beyond excusable, I’m wondering when higher frequencies will cause the warmongers and sadists to become more human, to have greater compassion


  2. Wow this is incredible. All of a sudden, without even reading this article, i have felt the most inner peace and joy lately regardless of anything going on around me. And what’s interesting is I’ve been able to hold calm and peace for those that are stressed with their 3d problems. What happens when one FULLY integrated with their soul? what does that look like?


  3. OMG! Thank you for sharing! The energy sucker happened to me on 4/7/15 during the night…I was so scared and cried out to JESUS and it left…but I did feel a little better the next day…it was attached to the middle of my back and sucking out stuff…or I thought maybe downloading but now I realize maybe I should ask it back to complete its work or is it just feeding off my energy?


  4. That is the hope. Maybe like the 100th monkey theory, as more of us change all around us will change even if they are unaware. All the new babies coming in are already vibrating high. It’s amazing.


  5. I’m not sure to be honest. I think it is the truest aspect of ourselves that we can possibly be, so it will look different for each person. I am so glad that you are feeling that incredible peace especially for others!


  6. I’ll consider it reset when tangible things like racial justice issues, student loan debt, ecological crises, endless war, exploitation of other countries, (etc.etc.etc. the ongoing destruction of everything good and sacred) show some kind of tangible progress.

    These are the same empty words they’ve been saying since 2012, when everything was supposed “reset”, where everyone got their hopes up that something might actually change in the world, and the time of prophecies was revealed as actually being a time of FURTHERING maleficence on this planet.

    Don’t mean to sound like a downer, but pretending like everything is different is just another illusion… egoic illusions that we have all attained “enlightenment”, when there is still so much that needs to be done. Pretending to be enlightened just serves as a distraction from the real work.

    Btw, anyone here ever heard of “Spiritual Bypass”?…

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  7. I pinched off a 3x5mm piece of skin off the center of my left thumb by accident. Asking myself why I did that, I received, “You wanted to leave a mark on your body to remember this day.” Figures.


  8. If it needs to come back it will, just don’t be scared next time. Just know and believe that all is always, always, always in your highest good. It’s hard for us to realize it, because we have such a limited perspective, so we have to trust those that can see much further.


  9. I understand your frustration and it is shared with many. I can only only speak for myself and say that for me it has been a whirlwind of change. The first time I ever heard the word ascension was in Nov 2012, I had never heard of the masters or of channeling until 2013. I didn’t start hearing and seeing other beings until 2014. My awakening has been fast and furious. For me everything has changed including the world around me. When I first awakened I focused on all that was wrong in the world and became angry, depressed, and started storing food for the apocalypse. I finally had enough because I was tired of wasting my life looking at all that negativity. So I stopped and now focus on what is going right in this world. Just as the polarity seems to widen, the more crazy the world appears, the more loving and understanding it is also becoming. We choose where to focus. I now focus on me, my growth and with that I am watching the world around me change. I am seeing people who were so stuck in their ways begin to open and see different things. So for you, the words shared may feel empty but for me these past 3 years have been incredible with extreme growth.

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  10. Nice post but she never explains what she means by saying everyone is becoming “crystalline in nature.” Is she talking about our physical bodies? Etheric? Mental and/or Emotional bodies? All subtle bodies? Our entire being? And whatever part or whole of us is becoming more crystalline, what does that mean? A change in the molecular or atomic structure? To what effect?

    She says the “more crystalline a person is, the more they project their reality onto all around them, bending their personal reality to suit their desires and creating the lessons that still need to be learned.” We are doing this all the time already–how can we do it more? Does she mean faster or what?


  11. Interesting! It might explain my sudden,bout of d blue accident. I was on my way out when I suddenly slipped on d stairs & got a fractured rib! On reset day!
    In my “delirius'” early morning time got a message that I was pushed down, or a feeling as if someone pulled an invisible rug from underneath my feet.
    This for the post! Makes perfect sense.