Light bodies are being re-calibrated – Quan Yin – 8/7/15


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We want to discuss with you the physical effects that so many of you are going through. These latest energy waves can be very trying on the physical form. As many of you know the waves have been building in intensity and will continue to do so until a wave that has been labeled Wave X hits your planet. After that time many will be integrating the new energies or simply beginning their awakening.

With these waves come a re-calibration of the light body. Your chakras and merkaba are receiving upgrades and this is often reflected in the body system as extreme exhaustion, nausea, headaches and body aches, particularly in your joints. With this is also seen increased anxiety, fear, and doubt. We understand this as the physical form does not realize what is taking place and feels that it is under attack from the invading light codes. It is your job not to go into fear but to ask the body, which has consciousness, to relax and accept the changes. The body’s main function is to keep you alive and and safe. It has alarm systems that are triggered when it feels unsafe. This can be seen as a flight or fight response which then causes an increase in the stress hormone, anxiety, even heart palpitations. When the body feels threatened and is unable to determine the cause, the body reacts by sending pain signals to the parts of the body receiving an upgrade. This is its way of warning you that something is taking place. The mind also becomes involved during this time as it communicates with the body as well. When the mind does not understand what is taking place, it will create scenarios as to why you feel the way you do. This, coupled with the increased cortisol  can make you feel mentally stressed, out of control and depressed.

How you approach these changes has tremendous impact. You are the one in charge of your  body and mind. If you approach the changes taking place with trepidation or dislike, the body receives this information as confirmation that it is being attacked. Instead if you look forward to each symptom as proof that miraculous change is taking place within you, the body and mind will settle. This does not mean that you will not experience symptoms, but it will help to lesson the duration and the relaxing of the body and mind allows one to process the codes much faster.

Many of you are experiencing extreme exhaustion as sleep allows all layers of the form to process the light codes and make the changes necessary for your transformation. When you sleep and shut down the thinking processes of the body, deep changes take place and upgrades go online. These things happen in steps. Once you have cleared enough density to accept the light codes coming in waves, the body then begins to process and integrate the changes. Upon integration you may feel a brief reprieve from the energies, where you then settle into the new changes that have taken place. Not all will receive this reprieve as it is determined by where you are in this process. Think on it as one who is taking final examines for a semester verses one who is writing a thesis paper to complete a phase of their education. The intensity for one is not the same as the intensity of the other.

We ask that you not look at another and how they process the information coming into earth as confirmation that you are doing well or poorly at this time. Each of you is exactly where you are to be in this process. The only thing one can change is how they approach the changes taking place. Again, we tell you that your mindset makes all the difference. Many of you who are aware of these changes are in the final portions of this part of your journey. We understand that you are exhausted and feel battered by the energies. We ask that you remember the point of this journey, it is to return to self, where you will feel connected to source and all that is, while living in form. To do this you must first undo and clear away all that has kept you separate. All beliefs, fears, dogma, and programming that keeps you from love and compassion for all, especially for oneself, must be shed.

This is not an easy process and we ask that you be gentle and forgiving with yourself and others. We hold each of you in high regard and are amazed and encouraged by the progress each of you are making, even when you are not able to see it.

With all my love,

Quan Yin


Personal Conversation with Quan Yin:

Me:  There is so much talk about this Wave-X hitting the planet. Please help me understand the truth and not the hype.

Quan Yin: The wave contains an unprecedented about of energy and codes that help to propel people forward, depending on where they are in their personal journey. It is not the last wave of that size that will hit the planet, but there will be a calming integration period that follows. Understand that the build up in intensity is already happening as each wave that hits your planet is stronger and bigger than the last.

Me: It is being told that the wave will change the world for everyone. Is this accurate?

Quan Yin: Yes, The wave will propel everyone. For those who are well into their journey, it will move them through what is called the first wave of ascension. Understand that quite a few, have already breached this barrier. For some, it will push them further on the path and bring up what needs to change within to continue progressing. For others, it will begin to stir the thoughts of awakening as things become clearer and hearts of many open changing the vibration throughout the planet.

Me: Why do we tend to bloat or put on weight during large downloads?

Quan Yin: Each physical form reacts differently to the information coming in. Drinking plenty of water, resting, and physical exercise will help to facilitate the energies moving through you and not getting bottled up. Often the process releases toxins in the body that must be eliminated, water will help facilitate it leaving and lessen dehydration.

Me: There are times when I drink so much water, but don’t feel as if I am hydrated. How can I fix this?

Quan Yin: For some, when they excrete the toxins form their form, they also lose essential minerals and nutrients. We recommend eating citrus, bananas, and for some adding a small amount of sea salt to their water.

Me: Is this why I like coconut water so much?

Quan Yin: Yes, it supplies the body with nutrients to alleviate dehydration that normal water can not.

Me:  It seems as if sometimes my legs and feet will bloat with the energies and at other times it is my abdomen and face. Is this normal?

Quan Yin: Acupuncture would serve you well to help keep the energies moving and not becoming stagnate in one area or another. A brief bloating or swelling in any area is normal during strong downloads of information. Exercise will help this, it does not have to be intensive, a simple walk will do.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****


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  2. My journey with this has been long and somewhat harsh for the past 10 years, until now. It has come full circle for the last cycle. Before it was so bad that even doctors gave me a grim prognosis. Now my body ,mind and spirit are connected in such a way that I can change some biorhythms in my body. Some say that I even look younger than 20 years ago. Namaste


  3. That is completely awesome! I know that health is so much better but more importantly I no longer suffer from depression. I’m a completely different person. Thank you for sharing your story!

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  4. I know! I used to dwell in sadness and pain and anger. That’s no more. Is like being released from a prison with no bars. Logic and love reaching an agreement to evolve from within.


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  6. Thank you Jenny. This is just what I needed this morning. Woke up on this 8..8.8 feeling as if my body has received a massive hit, had to cancel all work plans and get back to bed.


  7. Do we have any estimates on when this wave started and when does it possibly end? My deep sadness seemed to go away in around April/May, out of the sudden, after years of dark night. Not sure if this may be connected. Also, during last 30 or so days I got sick: had flu and now I’m having a really bad cold, with feaver jumping up and down with no visible reason. I may be overreacting, but can this be connceted too?


  8. Thank you for the insight and guidence, I have been experience exactly what you describe, now I am in the process were my mind have been struggeling with the physical pains, the mind making up all kind of scenarious and finaly gradually is accepting and calming, the mind is awakening and opening up for love and compassion.
    The difficult part is which is also my question, how can I/we accept those who are obstructing or working against cosmic love and compassion with violence and negative vibrations?


  9. I have been in pain and sick for years…years! I have been through every medical test there is only to be told that there is nothing wrong with me and yet I suffer! Is it as simple as I have been fighting this change, this growth, all along? That psychically and spirituality I have been closing these doors? Is it that simple?? Thank you for this information. Now I know how to focus and mediate!


  10. Hi, Jenny! I’m rather new to all of this. Thank you for sharing Quan Yin’s message. Very easy to follow and understand. I’ve been told that she is one of my Ascended Masters.

    Maybe this explains why I’ve been falling asleep during meditations. The other day someone called while I was sleeping. I didn’t even hear it. Only knew because fortunately they had left a message. I don’t often get headaches either and have had one off and on the past couple of days. Feeling really tired today.

    I understand too that today is very important…8.8.8. something about a Lion’s Gate (The Lion’s Gate ~ Heliacal Rising of Sirius)..I don’t understand all of the technical stuff…retrogrades, Venus transits in the first degrees of Virgo, etc. etc. All of this I don’t understand.

    Quan Yin’s message, I do understand.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


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  12. Martina,

    I’m glad it was easy to understand. Much of this confuses me too and I think that is why they speak simply to me. Quan Yin is amazing. Her energy is loving and patient.

    May you be blessed!


  13. For me, it was that simple and yet that complex. Three years ago I was on pain meds, anti-depressentss, anti-anxiety meds, muscle relaxers, and nerve pills. I was a zombie, totally disconnected from self. I didn’t happen overnight that I reconnected with self, but slow steady progress. It was a lot of work and tears and the best thing I ever did. It was like turning every moment of my life inside out and examining it, redefining it. Sending you love and strength for the journey ahead.


  14. We do this by realizing that all is in our highest good. Earth is a place to learn and explore duality in all of its forms. The souls behind all here are beings of light, so here they are just playing a roll. The person who beats his wife may have contracted with her prior to this lifetimme to create a scenario where she is pushed to be strong and love herself above all. The drunk driver that hit me and broke my back contracted to help me slow down and get rid of all the masks I was holding (the accident stripped all of it away). Peace comes when you realize that nothing is done to you or another without the permission of the highest self for the greatest soul growth. I hope this makes sense.


  15. If you are worried, I would go to the doctor. Sometimes hearing nothing is wrong via a medical stand point makes us feel better. So much is held in the body and one of the ways we get rid of it is through colds, stomach bugs etc. The body uses what it can to cleanse the body.

    I’m not sure when this wave will end, thinking the end of September. It began a few weeks ago and will continue to build in intensity.


  16. I am new to this site. Most interesting, I woke up yesterday after 8 hours sleep in great pain. By 2pm I couldn’t stay awake and slept until midnight. I came across a Facebook post that brought me to you.

    I have recently had conversations with a friend this past month about how we both felt out of sorts, increased pain, feelings of depression but not knowing why. It wasn’t just my friend and I. We had both spoken to many others who were having similar experiences, feeling disconnected. Thank you JennySchlitz for sharing. It is helping me see.


  17. I went on vacation to Italy and after coming back I didn’t feel right. I thought it was from being on a plane for so long. After reading this article, it all makes sense. I’m at the beginning of the awakening and my body is feeling it. I have never felt my faith be as strong as it as after this trip. My headaches are intense and my neck aches. I don’t know too much about these changes but I embrace them.


  18. Could you please tell me the kinds of affects this event had on pregnancy? I am currently 7 months into my 3rd, and recently the aches, pains and sickness have been substantially worse!
    Thank you so much, and blessings to you!


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  20. I’m not sure if pregnancy will help or make it easier as the little one’s coming in are vibrating so much higher. I suspect that the baby is accelerating your growth, causing you to detox more and therefor accept more light which is not always easy. Sending love to you and the little one.


  21. That attitude of embracing them makes all the difference. There are times that I just get knocked down… I can’t change that, but I can either realize that major growth is happening or I can be quite grumpy about it. Sometimes, I am both 🙂


  22. Hope, I am so glad it has helped. Many are going through this process but most don’t realize what is happening and our minds create the worst case scenario. I know that when I sleep like that, deep changes are happening and sometimes with that comes joint pain. For me it’s the hips and knees, but usually it passes within hours.