X-wave energy flooding into earth – Quan Yin – 9-25-2015




We come to you in celebration as the X-wave energies are flooding into your earth plane changing all around you. How this waves affects you is completely different for each person and we understand that this may create uncertainty and doubt into your field. Some of you are making profound leaps in your thinking and achieving astonishing clarity. Others are feeling more of the energies and the joy that this brings as you move and connect with the unified field. Others are feeling physical symptoms that overshadow much in their intensity. Some are not feeling much with this wave and this has created fear. Understand that all are being affected by this wave in varying degrees and none are being “left behind”. This belief is only an illusion that creates fear and limits your ability to take in the energies that are surrounding you in these moments.

Think on a symphony performance. When you are sitting far away you are able to hear the music but not distinguish the individual instruments. As you move closer to the music you are then able to distinguish individual instruments but when you move even closer still you are able to distinguish the subtle harmonies and undertones. This relates directly to your vibration and the amount of density you have cleared from your form. You are only able to distinguish and utilize what your vibrational level is able to process in these moments. For some that means front row seats at the symphony and for others it means hearing it play softly in the background. Neither is right nor wrong but perfect for where you are in your development.

Understand that while this wave is creating a momentum of clearing and growth and its strength will dissipate the codes that accompanied the wave will not leave your earth. Therefore as you progress onward on your journey you will be able to access all the codes when you are ready. For even those that are only hearing the symphony from far away will eventually hear it as if they are in the front row seats once they are ready. As each of you clear more density and fear from your form, thereby liberating your highest aspect to merge more completely, you will naturally access the codes that are being grounded into your earth at this time. There is no reason to fear that a window of opportunity has been missed.  Allow yourself to be exactly where you are, resisting little, fearing little and you will then open yourself up to receiving all that you are capable to receive at this time.

For those that are finding their interactions are rousing deep emotions and whose life situations are becoming unbearable, we ask that you view these situations as a gift. It is in these moments that those that cause you the most turmoil are helping to excavate what has been buried deep, perhaps hidden even to yourself. This can be very unsettling as you are coming to terms with aspects of yourself that need changing or releasing. In each moment you have a choice. One can rage against the emotions and the circumstances, seeing the injustice or one can quietly acknowledge that even the most painful situations and interactions is designed to help.  In expressing gratitude for the clarity of vision, the uncovering of hidden emotions that must be healed, you will move through the lesson much faster.

Many of you are feeling the pull of the past, past memories, situations and relationships. These are being pulled from within so that you may examine them, look at the lesson intended and purposely decide that you no longer need to bring this forward into your world. Once you have completely resolved and  healed you will find that you naturally do not carry the pain forward, only the soul experience. In this way, you are being given an opportunity to set yourself free by leaving in the past what no longer needs to be brought forward. Allow this wave of incredible energy to aid you in working through all that does not belong in the new. When a memory comes unbidden, look at the lesson, the gift and simply let it pass with simple observation. It is emotion that brings it into what you are creating in every moment. You have the power to move through all life on earth has taught and remember who you are.

With tremendous joy and celebration,

Quan Yin



Personal conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: I was talking with AA Raziel this morning about the process and what it really takes to ascend and he told me the most profound thing he said “There is a difference between striving to ascend and striving to remember. One says that you are having to work for it, the other says you all ready are.”

Quan Yin: Yes! What you are doing is remembering and through remembering you clear all that you chose to incarnate with, the beliefs, the lessons, the density is cleared. This is your work, clearing what is not truly you and remembering who you are. You do this by not resisting all that is intended to help you. The hardest part is the resistance, once you release the resistance and see the beauty of all that has happened you will enter the flow of the universe. It is in this flow is where manifestation happens.

Me: I am finding that where I am resisting the flow is with my child. There were plans that she had, playing college sports and getting her degree on a scholarship. She recently was injured, had major shoulder surgery and it is unclear if she will be able to play again. It is has been a struggle to remember to see that all happens for a reason and in our highest good. On one level I know that all will work out as it should, but on another I find myself wishing I can manifest a perfectly healed body and the drive to continue for her. I get completely that this is a lesson in allowing and trusting, yet I find I am anxious. 

Quan Yin: You have anxiety because you want to manifest for others, to help them create the life that you feel is best, but you can not. Once you master yourself, you are here to master relationships and by master I mean simply let go and see the beauty in the process. It is through acceptance that everything is there for growth that you truly grow.

Me: Thank you

Quan Yin: Do not worry, you are doing perfectly fine, obtaining clarity.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed and receive healing 




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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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  2. Thank you Jenny for your blog post today, and for the personal conversation with Quan Yin I felt was most helpful. Like you I have a daughter, but now grown, and with a family of her own. She has two girls, 11 and 6, and a new baby boy (3 months). Yesterday the doctor found a heart murmur during a routine exam for the baby. An ultrasound had been ordered to determine the severity of the murmur, and if a small hole in the heart is found it could be something the baby will grow out of, which is what my daughter and I’m hoping, praying for, and intending will happen! My daughter also found out recently she is already pregnant again. During an ultrasound appointment last week they’ve already heard the heartbeat for this 6-week pregnancy. I’ve had concerns for my daughter’s health for this new pregnancy so soon, and just after she had a c-section birth delivery. I’m learning to manage my feelings and anxiety over my daughter’s health and well-being now from a distance. We live three hours apart. I’m learning to let go and trust the Universe has a plan for her highest good, and for the future for her family. Four children will be a challenge to raise! I’m sending them love and blessings every day. Namaste.


  3. Hi Jenny….Thank you so much for sharing. I felt your heart speak when you spoke of your daughter. I have a daughter and two grandchildren who I also hold dear to me. The hardest thing I ever had to do was step out of my daughter’s life as she was going through some rough patches and as I tried to help, I ended up being on the receiving end of her anger in general. As my grandchildren have grown, I get to see them almost daily and I miss them when I don’t. However, I have also had to step out of their personal growth difficulties as well, because now it’s my daughters turn to help (and worry). Everything as it turns out has a cycle and I am learning that even though I am human and have human feelings, that I also come from a higher perspective and as an observer, I can see so much more when I step out of the everyday possible drama, and look from my heart and the light within. It is difficult, but it is worthwhile. Sending you Many Blessings, You are awesome, Hugs, Barbara xxxxx


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  5. Thank you! It is a lesson I am learning. I thought I had learned it completely, but the universe decided to show me where I still was not allowing. What a journey!


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  7. Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!
    Praise God. Gratitude, Universe.
    Deepest Love, Honor, Respect & Gratitude to You, Jenny.
    Namaste _/|\_


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