Time of expansion – Quan Yin – 10/7/15





I come to you today as many of you are in a period of deep integration of the energies that entered your earth with the X-wave. While many of you are feeling the strong effects, understand this wave is doing exactly what was intended. Each of you is responding differently to the energies and this is determined by the amount of work each of you had done prior to the wave. Understand that all of the information, the light codes, are here to be accessed by all as each one is ready. For this reason you are in a period of deep integration. Once you have cleared density from your form, the light codes are then accessible to rewrite the programming and to change your light body. You will assimilate this information and then work on the next layer of encoding. While this may seem like a daunting task, you must understand that this will allow for incredible growth to take place and the transformation that you seek.

Those that carry little resistance in the body will move quickly through the process, while those that are finding it difficult to release the aspects that no longer serve are suffering from anxiety, depression, fear and unease. In this moment ask yourself what it is you are holding onto and if it is in your highest good. Open your heart, allow love and forgiveness to permeate your being. This is your natural state of being. It is your thoughts, beliefs, and ego that move you from this place. Opening your heart space and remaining there will allow you to move through this process with greater ease as you will begin to feel when you have moved out of this space. When you feel that you have left your heart space, examine what has occurred. Was it a thought, circumstance, or interaction that shifted you from your heart? View each of these as a gift, as it has occurred to show you where you are holding resistance in your form. Understanding where the resistance arises allows you to make a choice, you can either release the resistance or cling to it and continue to be shown where it no longer serves.  You can release the resistance by stating the truth behind the thought, circumstance or interaction or by simply stating that you no longer allow this distortion into your field as it does not align with your highest aspect. Understand that the old programming that created the resistance runs through every layer and will need to be removed through each layer until it is no longer in your field. This does not signify failure on your part.

This is the time of expansion, the energies that are streaming into and through your body are helping you to expand your consciousness and your heart center. For some this has created deep fear as they are not understanding what is taking place. All of life flows through a person’s filters and beliefs and it is through this that each of you create your personal hologram, your personal universe.  If the filter is one that contains duality, they will then create and bring into their field circumstances and interactions that match that vibration.  This has a purpose as it is when duality is at its extreme that it is seen for the distortion that it is. The more things move from the center, the more one is able to feel that the vibration does not match nor feel good within.  Each person must move past duality during the process of merging with your highest aspect who understands that all is perfect for the growth of the soul. It is important that each of you be aware of what does not vibrationally match or feel good within the body. This is your litmus test to determine what is true for you. Discard all that brings you out of your heart center, for it is in this center that one manifests and creates a higher vibrational world. Being in this heart center and creating from a place of unconditional love for all is how you change the world.

Depending on where you are in the process, the light codes streaming to earth may be causing difficulty in the dense physical form. It is imperative that each of you follow what your body is needing without judgement and limitations. It is important to learn to live within the flow of the universe. Resting when it is needed and being active when the form allows. Eating and drinking what the body needs to process these higher vibrating codes without using dogma and beliefs to cancel the request.  It is in honoring your needs and your body that you become one with the flow of your soul and greater ease is obtained.  It it is in this flow that your highest aspect resides.

Many of you have moved into the 5th dimensional existence. You have raised your vibration level to match those frequencies and now you are working to maintain them in every moment. Yet, many of you still bring the old programming of the 3rd dimension forward day after day. Open your heart and ask yourself if you have made the significant shift that allows you to be part of the higher frequencies.  Your ability to see all around you at a higher frequency and as a new opportunity is very important. This will open pathways within by rewriting the old, outdated programming. It is you who must be sure of where you are, it is you who must believe, and it is you who must then create from this space.

With deep appreciation for the work you are doing,

Quan Yin


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Personal conversation with Quan Yin:


Me: This has been a very intense time. I am feeling like things are speeding up as I am clearing such large amounts. Connections are being made that allow me to move beyond limitations and the clarity is amazing!

Quan Yin: It is good to see it as a beautiful thing as some get lost in the process and lose sight of the reward. One must always remember that the purpose of this is to reconnect with your soul, to make yourself whole. There is no greater reward.

Me: I woke the other morning feeling funny, off and things just seemed different. I was walking my youngest to school when a guide popped in and walked beside me. I had a reading coming up and they sometimes do this. We were talking and I told him that things feel different he then said that I was in the shadow lands. It is a land of choosing, it is in these moments that we create our new hologram. So he asked me what I wanted to take with me into this new, it is my choice. That I could leave behind some of the insecurities, worries, fear, etc. That this is a remarkable time to choose different. I asked how long it lasts and he says it is dependent on how much we choose to let go. I asked if everyone was in this space, and he said many are, but not all. I also asked if he considered this to be a void and he said no, it is active creation.

Quan Yin: Yes it is in these moments that people are choosing to remember who they are and in doing so, actively create it in their life. It is a remembering of your original template, your blue print and bringing it forward on earth. This can only be done by letting go all that does not match that template.

Me: Many feel as if they are in a void, a lull. Is that accurate. 

Quan Yin: What many are experiencing is the duration of time during which they have upgraded a part of themselves, but not all. Each layer must upgrade for a movement to feel complete. What many sense is a waiting period as the integration completes itself. It is important that during that time that they do not go into the negative mind and allow fears and worry to take hold. They must understand that all is happening at the perfect time for the person and that nothing is wrong.

Me: This past weekend I had this rush of anger take hold of me, it was set off because I couldn’t figure out how to use a remote. So silly but the rage that bubbled up was just incredible. I screamed at the remote and my youngest took the remote, fixed the issue all the while saying “it’s ok, mom.” I felt like a nut but yet the rage was still there deep inside. My husband came home and I told him I was seething for no good reason and asked if he could take our daughter for a bike ride. He complied and once they left, I just let it fly. I screamed, cussed, and even kicked the couch cushions. I have no idea why but just as soon as it came, it left and I was just bewildered. 

Quan Yin: You do not have to be aware of exactly the cause for you to release it. What is important is that you were able to let it go and remove it from your field.

Me: I felt bad because I started it in front of my child.

Quan Yin: Do you think that she does not feel such rage at times? By allowing her to see you express it without taking it out upon another teaches her that it is OK to honor those feeling as well. Do you see how kicking the couch cushions or throwing pillows does not have to be a terrible thing but one of release that can end in laughter?

Me: That is not what we are taught…

Quan Yin: No it’s not.

Me: I have been noticing that there is a theme in my readings these last two weeks and that is that guides are asking that people really look at the limitations, the boxes they put themselves in.

Quan Yin: There is no bigger box then not believing your progress and allowing another’s definitions to permeate your own. Everything that has been believed and understood is being challenged. It is very important to see where one limits themselves, for it is not another that can limit you as you are the one creating in every moment.

Me: A lot to think about.

Quan Yin: Yes

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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  2. Hi Jenny, Feel the urge to write to you so am following it…lol Over the last 7 months I have allowed things to flow and it has all become a lot easier. My work is becoming more and more powerful and yet in my personal life I feel I have lost several friends. I used to have long conversations with my guides and share jokes, and yet I find it so hard to hear the voices now. I KNOW they are inside me but accessing them is very distant. In saying that, I have felt vast shifts in my energy over the last few months. The integration hasn’t caused me any aches and pains, just a different feeling about my knowing and how I FEEL about myself. Its a gradual stepping into the forefront of who I am…like stepping up onto a stage and being very visible with nothing to stand behind. I feel no fear, only a sense of rightness, curiousity and excitement. I’m impatient for miracles to confirm this new ME and yet those miracles and synchronicities are happening around me every day. I see my creation everywhere! What a dichotomy! We are such a mix of emotions, logic and old beleifs and conditioning…….thank goodness we can become the detached observer and deal with these things that come up that have been stored away in our cell memories for millenia. Every now and then I meditate into the future and I am pleasantly surprised at who I have become. This makes things easier for me too. It gives me a perspective and and sense of what is important and what isn’t. When the last of my 4 sons left home, I did too and life is amazing. I am now 62, but look and feel much younger. After a cancer wake up call earlier in the year which I healed naturally with Black Salve, I have become even more aware of my body and what it is telling me. I only opened up to the voices, the sight and the knowing in 1999 so its been a very sharp revision curve, and I am loving it. It hasn’t always been easy but as I let go of trying to control it, things started to flow for me and once I realised that I am the creator and the creation, I started making the changes in myself. I love your posts…keep them coming Love and hugs Brita xx


  3. wow Jenny… “all the love we can handle”! Boy did that just sink in immediately and resonate as true. I’ve recently had a huge relational experience and now feel I can understand it. It was all the love they could handle… at that time. Thank you! ❤


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  5. Thank you Jenny, again 🙂
    As always, synchronicities are telling us where we are, on the path. You always deliver me good news, in this respect 🙂 Within last week I kept founding myself repeating “I am in the sacred centre of my Heart” every time I felt something was unbalanced in my thoughts. Nobody told me to do this and nor was it a habit of mine. But now, when I read this post, I understand that Someone really taught me to do that, I just didn’t-t realize that, yet.
    Thank you,
    Love and Gratitude,


  6. I love this! What you may be sensing is that the guides (which are aspects of us) are retreating as your highest aspect steps in. Congratulations on curing the cancer, how amazing!


  7. Jenny, I love your channelings! Your experience and mine are always so very similar & the insight, guidance & inspiration that you provide in these is phenomenol! Thank you for doing what you do and thank you Quan Yin as well!! ❤

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  8. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    “..Discard all that brings you out of your heart center, for it is in this center that one manifests and creates a higher vibrational world. Being in this heart center and creating from a place of unconditional love for all is how you change the world…”

    Many of us are going through challenges, releasing what no longer serves in the outer world, experiencing mini-deaths within, resulting in a re-birth, as we embody more of our true selves. As I open my heart, I am finding unexpected support from friends and family, as well as new opportunities opening up for me.


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