It is Time, Heed the Call to your Highest Potential


Many of you are feeling hopeless in these moments. The energy is unrelenting and the amount of clearing we are doing mentally and physically can be exhausting. The energy of the collective is thick and can feel quite like walking through pea soup. This is hard on us sensitive souls. I was meditating and the thought came to me that I wish you could see what I see, because you would feel hope. So I have decided to share my unique perspective.

As many of you know I hold sessions and readings and am blessed to come in contact with the most amazing people.  These are the healers, the authors, the caregivers, the energy anchors, the parents of the new ones, earth healers, artists and so many, many more.  It is the people who are awake and practicing holding energy and those just awakening. It is these people that give me hope for the world, for you see change is here. It is us that must focus on it, bring it to the forefront.

The amount of healers on this earth at this time is simply astounding. It is through them that I have had my definitions challenged and my eyes opened.  I have often thought of a healer as one who does intentional healing upon another, but that is so, so limiting. A healer can be the check out person who smiles at every customer. It can be the mechanic who fixes machines that then provide people what they need. It can be the crossing guard who learns every child’s name that is on their route. It is the ones who bless all around them or save a spider from being squished. It is the ones that constantly reach beyond the beginning layer of energy UP to the highest layers and fill themselves with joy.  These amazing people are all around us, we just have to see them for their incredible worth.  Likewise, we must see our own worth, see our own contribution even when we feel lost and overwhelmed. So my definition has changed; to me a healer is one who does whatever it is with LOVE, for all around are healed in some form just by being near them.

So many are awakening and feeling that call for something more. It is as if an alarm clock is buzzing within, telling them it is time. IT IS TIME. It is time to heed the call to reach our highest potential, to put aside the fears, the worry and doubt and go for it. One of the themes I have been seeing in my readings is that we all have so much to give, the limit is only what we make it. Yet, we get in our own way. We allow beliefs, definitions, and thoughts to stop of in our tracks. We allow the big picture to overwhelm us and steal our power. It is like my 7 year old telling me she wants to be a psychologist, but says she can’t go to college for 8 years; when she shouldn’t worry about that now.  Her focus needs to be on learning to read and going one step at a time.

Everything in life is simply small steps, taken one at a time. It’s taking those steps THROUGH the fear, doubt and worry and throwing yourself a little party when you do. It’s about seeing how much you have learned and grown and not focusing so much on the outward expression of it. Its about seeing the lesson in the experience and leaving behind the pain. It is about honoring your humanness and your spirit. It’s validating what the human feels and then allowing spirit to shift your focus. We look at others who have accomplished the goals we want to accomplish and see only the end result. We don’t see how they struggled, the fears they had to silence, and the doubt that ate at them in the quiet moments. We don’t see all that they had to overcome within themselves; because if you did, you would know that you can do anything too.

I have so much hope for humanity and this world because of all of you. If you could see yourself as I see you, you would be amazed. Your potential is limitless, your love so very strong. Now its time to get out of your own way and follow your heart, living fearlessly.

So much love to all of you!


P.S. I thank everyone who shares this site for the benefit of others. Facebook had blocked me for a bit so I rely on all of you. Thank you again.

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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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  2. I’m sorry about Facebook. It seems they allow pornography but they no longer allow information that is very important to all. I am very glad to get this in email. Stay blessed


  3. I honestly don’t know how I fell onto your list. I do think it was through Facebook but regardless I want to tell you how incredibly valuable it is and has been for me. It is always spot on and comes at exactly the right moment when I need some reassurance the most. I share it with a few other scared souls because I am so moved by it. So yes times are very challenging but your channeling helps so much and this post was beautiful and I so agree. There are so many healing opportunities where an instant of love can transform things. I feel them happening often lately. I am off to an interfaith sacred sounds musical prayer evening. I just read your email and wanted to express my deep gratitude. Thank you and blessings. Karen.

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  4. Mahalo Jenny, your words are so heart felt to my soul, I have felt stuck in mire where a month ago I was jumping up and down for joy! Everything was synced and manifesting. Now it seems at a standstill for me, but I’ll just follow your words and know things will change. And I’m glad the little things I do are just as important, don’t have to be world changing.
    Aloha Nui Loa, Robin🌸


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  6. Dearest Jennie,
    Thank you so much for this perspective! It is absolutely what we need to hear now, and encourages us to embrace our most authentic selves and potential. I often share your information with others and it always gives us great hope, comfort and joy…. We know all is well. Thank you for the gifts and blessings you so generously share with us! Infinite gratitude, love, peace and joy!

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  7. Hi Jenny. Thanks for sharing this information and timely reminder to us all to keep on going in spite of what may be occurring in our lives! It may not always be easy, but it is so worthwhile. Fear can sometimes spur us on to courage! I wish all your readers more of this. Sending Angel hugs, Barbara xxxxx


  8. Thank you Jenny for your words of inspiration. I just received some frightening news about a loved one and the fear came flooding in. I received this email in perfect timing. I am sorry to hear about Facebook. I think I actually came across your post on Facebook. Thank you and God Bless.



  9. Thank you Jenny for this message of love and hope !
    I also want to assure you that your work is crucial to me, to my becoming a better person.
    And I also share your optimism: I KNOW that our world is already set for being a world of Love, Peace and Gratitude in the Universe – it’s just that it needs to unfold in its beauty.
    Love and Gratitude to you, all,


  10. Thank you for your sharing. I so look forward to reading your posts. Sorry about face book difficulties. Much love and blessings to you🙏🏼


  11. Jenny, I have no idea why FB would block you but I see the truth trying to be blocked a lot in these days of change and transformation. You have no idea how many times I share your messages. I’m very in touch with my Spirit and intuition. If I didn’t know to my core that your words are truth, I would in no way she them with those that are already enlightened let alone those that aren’t. I honor you honoring your true nature and not allowing fear or adversity to silence you.
    This are heady times. I grew up during the ” dawning” of the Aquarians Age and feel so blessed to be living in the actual AGE of Aquarius now. My heart and Spirit sings to see the eyes and hearts of so many souls world wide awakening to all that is. You are a blessed messenger for these times. Please continue as you have. The universe always finds a way to let light shine through the darkness. Let your light shine and the rest of us will point it toward the darkness?
    Jeannie Rae


  12. Do you know what the facebook mess that has taught me? That I am surrounded by the most amazing, giving, loving people out there who have my back. People that will stand up for me, who believe in me, who see the good in what I’m doing. I can’t be upset about the Facebook thing because the outcome is just… the best thing that could have happened to me.


  13. Absolutely !!! Everything carries a lesson!! Didn’t one of your recent posts discuss ” doubt”.
    We’re all in this together love and you are an important piece of the tapestry.
    ( please pardon my typos in my first post? The last sentence was most certainly a statement and not a question. Lol)
    I’ve learned that whenever there’s a roadblock, it’s a sign sonething big is headed your way. So watch for it dear one!! Ah what amazing times!!!! Loving it!!!!


  14. Jenny, Very Timely Msg for me. I am eternally I am the one behind the scenes..the nature and buggy lady…so aware , and rescue the buggies and critters..often thinking I am so off my path and must do more…as of present..this is my joy and gives me great peace..and belonging. Love and Light to you and yours.


  15. Beautiful sharing ❤

    Thank you for keeping the inspiration flowing, the reminder of the power of love and value of openly sharing with the world.

    I am one of the hosts and producers for the Muse Broadcast. I would love to help share your message with listeners, I am curious if you would be interested in being a guest for a New Moon or Full Moon show?

    There is more on the Muse Broadcast here:

    I look forward to further connecting,

    Thank you and warm loving blessings, Sincerely, Katsura


  16. Please keep sending all these words and insights to us all! Regardless of who blocks us, we all appreciate your words of encouragement as we journey through the maze toward the light!! Blessings always!! Namaste


  17. Thank you for another wonderful message. The energies have been a challenge and I have felt that I am being left behind sometimes. Then, like you, I remember I am taking care of an elderly sick father, rescue animals, I save bugs, don’t eat meat, and try to be nice and send light and love into the world. Some of us are doing the grunt work and trying to make the world a better place. Your messages help us all. Thanks again and keep them coming!! Love and light to you.


  18. If you follow your heart and live from that space, then you are doing just fine! No one will be left behind who wants to move forward, though many share that fear. Have faith. ❤ Love to you!


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