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We are most excited about the current amount of light that you and your planet are now holding. This intensity of light will continue from this point forward and the body will adjust in increments.  While this has been a tumultuous time, much density has been and is being cleared from the collective and the personal form.  All that does not serve the light is being brought to the surface within you and in the collective as a whole. Patterns of behavior and thoughts are coming to the forefront now to be addressed and released.

For some these are patterns that are deeply rooted in all layers of the being and are not easily recognized. It is this reason that the energy seeks to highlight this pattern by making it more obvious and exaggerated. While uncomfortable it is necessary for the individual and the collective to experience a resurgence of all behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that are not in alignment. It is in this way that they become recognizable and undeniable. From the point of seeing a pattern one can then make a conscious choice to do different. The repeating of the patterns is how one’s power is given away. These beliefs, thoughts and actions must be changed in order to reach your full potential.

While you may feel that you are caught in a loop of undesired emotions, thoughts and behaviors, understand that each moment you choose to react differently you are then rewriting the programs that are running and in some cases you are creating new ones. This must happen in order for your original template to be restored to allow for your highest aspect to be completely embodied. In each moment, you have a choice on how you respond to what you are being shown. For some this is a theme that has been present throughout your entire life and has presented itself in all areas of your life. Are you able to see where this pattern has impacted you and how it has hindered your development? This is showing you where you have given your personal power away. Some may recognize the repeated response ingrained deep within, yet feel that they are unable to make the change. Understand that the effects of the pattern will only continue to intensify as the light on your planet and within you does the same.  We ask that upon recognizing that which is not in alignment that you examine where it has impacted every area of your life, this will allow you to see where you can make different choices, rewriting the programming within.

While your soul has learned much from this experience, it is time to move beyond. Now is the time that each of you needs to step into your power, into your divinity, remembering who you are. Each of you that embodies a heart centered existence helps to transform all around you. It is through your heart that you will see the change that you so wish to see.

We are excited and encouraged by the great changes taking place.

Quan Yin


Personal Conversation with Quan Yin:

Me: My biggest pattern is self-sabotage in the form of not taking care of my physical body, though not eating right and not exercising and with that comes the really negative self talk.

Quan Yin: All patterns are a form of self-sabotage. It is through your actions or inaction that you give your power away.

Me: So if I decide to eat poorly, neglect the physical body, gain weight etc. continuing a lifelong pattern, is that in my highest good?

Quan Yin: Yes

Me: Wait. If I exercise, treat my body well, eat well and control the inner dialog is that in my highest good?

Quan Yin: Yes…. You seem surprised. If you need to experience the repercussions of neglecting your body, of not embodying your highest self in these moments, then there is still growth and experience that your soul is needing. However, it is your choice and at any moment you can choose a new path, new actions.

Me: So it’s a question of can I love myself enough to stop sabotaging my health and well-being. 

Quan Yin: Yes. Are you ready to embody all that you are? To love yourself completely?

Me: Yes, though I feel it’s like climbing a mountain.

Quan Yin: All mountains are climbed one step at a time.

I share this dialog with you because I know that each of you have your own forms of self-sabotage and there is no shame in this. It’s what we choose as our challenge to overcome as we return to self. For me, the pattern is obvious. I know what to eat and how to exercise so that my body feels good. I know what not to do because of how it feels when I do it. I will start a program or eat as I should for a time and my body will sing in relief. Yet, something will come up to break the routine (small thing really) and I will simply stop doing what makes me feel good.I will tell myself all sorts of stuff to justify why I stopped. However, the truth is I sabotage myself. This is my challenge to love myself enough to care for myself so that I feel good and like I can take on the world and any circumstance.

These patterns can take so many forms. Some may cripple themselves with doubt, some may sabotage their opportunities by not acting on them, and some put themselves last in all ways: relationships, employment, parenthood etc. Others may repeat the pattern of not seeing their worth or attracting to themselves people who damage their sense of self.  My point is that WE ALL have something we are working through. It is not easy to rewrite a pattern that has existed for so long in all our layers. So we need to be gentle with ourselves, celebrate the victories and not beat ourselves up for the missteps. This is a marathon, not a sprint and we do this one step at a time by being brutally honest with ourselves and owning all of our stuff. Bring it out into the light.

Much love and blessings to you all. Thank you to all who share these messages, it means the world.



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  1. This is so spot on…again! Thanks so much for all you do, Jenny, for me personally and for all of us collectively. Much love 💖


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  3. Jenny!!!!! Wow all so true!!!! Fabulous and just what we all need to hear and have reinforced in our brains! Too bad we don’t see ourselves as others see us, we would give ourselves so much more credit!
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us!!
    Love you 💜



  4. Thank you Jenny!!!! Fabulous post, we’ve all been feeling it!!!
    So grateful for all you do!!!!

    Love you!!



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    Absolutely where I am, aware that I am now making new choices that feel wonderful with my body responding beautifully after having gifted myself with the needed time out of alignment with all that I am 😉 LIFE is beginning to make more sense! Thanks for sharing Jenny 🙂


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  8. Hi Jenny….Thanks for sharing as you do from your heart to ours….You are loved and appreciated for all you do….Believe it or not, you were sent by the Angels to give me this message…I have a need to drop some emotional weight and this was spot on….I realise that life does not get better by chance….it gets better by change….and by choice….but it can be one thing for your brain to realise that and another thing for me to get up and go for a jog! However, I also know that life has no remote….so I do need to get up and change it for myself! Thanks for the inspiration….you are wonderful! Thanks to Quan Yin as well….Hugs, Barbara xxxxx


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