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  1. Hi Jenny….Thank you so much for sharing….Your story is lovely, and your journey could not have been easy, but you made it anyway! Angel hugs to you for that! Ultimately, you found YOU, and THAT is the best!
    Success scared me too, but I also realised that we personally judge ourselves, and I knew that if I was to pass on information with others, then I do have a responsibility to do so with integrity. To not do so, means I am not fulfilling my highest purpose to be of service to others with my whole heart. I always feel when You share, that you do so with your whole heart and I thank you and I do appreciate all you share with all of us. I love what you said in a roundabout way….”Love one another AS you love yourself, NOT INSTEAD OF!” Thanks again, Many Blessings to you, Barbara xxxxx


    • Thank you! I finally have found me 🙂 The years where I denied who I was, when I am were painful not only physically but mentally. I am happy to share my soul, my triumphs and my pain if it helps another through. Thank you again!


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