Higher Dimensional Access through the Chakras




I woke this morning, returning to my body with incredible clarity of the night’s lessons. As this does not happen often, I knew that this was information that needed to be shared widely and understood.

Our chakras are literally our access to higher dimensions. Think of them as radio dials, each one tuning into a particular station based on our thoughts. This means that at any time you have the power to move your frequency higher and higher.  The frequency/dimension we find ourselves in at any moment is not stagnate, we are constantly moving and shifting. When your chakras are aligned, opened and balanced you are turning all the dials (chakras) to the highest frequency that you can hold in this now. Since we are constantly clearing the amount of light and the frequency we vibrate at changes and accelerates.

Without a doubt, our thoughts, beliefs and patterns are reflected in our chakras and this also determines what reality or dimension we find ourselves in.  Fears of our safety, security, and finances keeps our root chakra from opening fully. When we look at world events we can see how so much surrounding us is designed to keep this chakra working improperly.  Not accessing our creative powers, honoring our divinity and our beliefs regarding sexuality impact the sacral chakra. The solar plexus chakra becomes unbalanced when we have deep insecurities, lack of self love and fear regarding stepping into our personal power.  These are the lower chakras, the ones that need to be “tamed” as we go on this journey.

The heart chakra is where we hold our heartache, our grief and deep childhood pain. As we let go of these emotions and learn to trust our heart, this chakra opens greater than we ever thought possible.  The throat chakra is an issue for many on this path as this is where we  hold deep fear about speaking our truth and stepping into our power. The third eye  and crown are undergoing major transformations with the incoming codes and our spiritual growth. Through this process the pineal gland will elongate and become much more sensitive and the crown opens wider creating a funnel for information to flow. As this happens we have to release all fears of trusting our deep intuition, all fears that we are not on the right path and allow ourselves to connect to the universe and Galactic Core.

This is a basic overview of the 7 chakras and their affects and as we grow our 12 chakra system activates. However, there are literally hundreds of chakras creating a channel from Source to you. Don’t get lost in the details, just know that there is a beautiful channel of chakras connecting you to source where energy flows. When all your chakras are opened, cleared and aligned you will be able to flow with the highest possible frequency that you can hold.

Try the following exercise to bring yourself into alignment.

Relax your body, begin deep breathing, holding your breathe for a few seconds at the top. When you feel your body sink into itself, the anxieties leave, say the following:

I ask that all of my chakras open, clear, and align with my highest aspect from where they begin to where they end. 

Visualize a line of chakras from Source coming down to you, lighting up as they are energized and activated, forming a channel leading straight to your crown. It’s ok if you are unable to visualize source or see where they truly begin, just see chakras coming down to you, bright like runway lights.

As the light hits your crown see it opening and clearing each chakra in your body. Feel them spinning and connecting to the chakra above and below. Feel the Source energy flowing through you.  See it going through all your chakras, down into the earth. Connecting you to all above and below. 

FEEL the joy that flows through you as you release and clear the charkras creating a channel for energy to flow.  

Every time you clear, balance and align your charkras you are creating a channel for information to flow. You are familiarizing yourself with the feeling of complete openness, of clarity, of joy, and oneness. The more you do this, the more you will feel when things are “off” with your chakras. When this happens (and it will, have patience with yourself), observe what is taking place: your thoughts, the events around you and how your body feels.   This is your opportunity to work on changing the thought patterns that created the imbalance.  Feel which chakra is out of alignment.  Put your hands over that chakra and ask the angels to help you clear, open, and align the particular chakra. Feel it come back into resonance.

Chakra maintenance will help you to align so that you can access the higher dimensions, hold the higher frequencies until just like muscle memory, it becomes natural. 

Thank you so much to all who share this work. It is deeply appreciated. Much love and blessings to you all ❤ ❤ ❤




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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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  1. Thanks Jenny for posting, lots changes taking place at great speed, your words are so helpful at these times of opportunity for great growth.


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  3. Thanks Jenny! Your messages are always very helpful for all…..I would like you to know (if you do not already), when visualising of the chakras and their colours…red for the base, orange for the sacral, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, pink for the higher heart at the thymus, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye and purple for the crown…..that these are the colours we are used to being and using….BUT, the new starchildren who are here now and still arriving, have different coloured chakras, some have two or more at the heart level! This is fascinating to me, but I mention it so you can ask your guides for more information or so you can work with the young ones more easily. I thank you for listening and I wish you well! Angel hugs, Barbara xxxxx


  4. I tend not to use the colors… because as we vibrate higher our chakras literally change, we can call them the same names but they are different frequencies and colors. So for this I tell people to go with whatever color they see in meditation. For me, my heart charka is a pink/gold and my higher heart is a a turquoise blue. The new ones arriving are coming in at a higher vibration and their charkras are different, but i see the issues are the same, just at a higher level if that makes sense.