Energy Update, Vasovagal Nerve Activation 2-16-16



The energy is still very high and so much is coming up to be moved through. Depending on where you are in this process you could be experiencing really big changes in your life that cause you to question everything. For others, it can be a resurgence of old patterns, thoughts, and feelings. Either way, it is the opportunity for us to see what it is holding us back, what it is within that does not resonate and CHOOSE Different.

When the old thoughts, fears, and patterns arise we can choose to rewrite them by reacting differently then we have before. It can be very frustrating to see what we thought we healed prior resurface. In these moments we can either look at ourselves like we have failed, like we have gone backwards, done something wrong OR we can see that we have reached a new level, a new understanding and are to heal from this new place. Can you feel how different the energy (vibration) in the different options? Realize that each time our themes arise it is an opportunity to view it differently, to walk in our power and choose different.

Look at the thoughts that keep resurfacing (doubt, lack, fear, self-worth issues etc.) as a computer program running constantly in the background. There are light codes coming in that help to bring this background program to the front so that you can see it still exists. It is at that moment that you can hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE, by choosing to react differently then you have before. Look at your patterns. How do you normal react when these ego-driven thoughts arise? Do you beat yourself up? Do you get angry and cranky? Do you act out onto others because you are not able to verbalize and process your emotions? Do you withdraw and shrink inside? Look and be brutally honest with yourself.  Once you see how you normally react, you are in the beautiful position to choose different.

Understand that these programs run deep in our psyche, in our layers and we must rewrite the tapes through all of them. Often the universe (our highest aspect) brings the same feeling within us but in different situations so that we can see just how deep and multi-faceted the programming runs. It is also the universe’s way of asking “Are you sure you are ready to let it go? How about in this situation or with this person?”

The most important things is how you talk to yourself during this process. Often we talk to and treat ourselves in ways that we would never talk to another. You have a loving, big heart – it is time to use it to love yourself completely, ALL of you. This goes for the parts you don’t like too, the parts that are anxious, scared, sad, lonely, angry and just plain confused. Honor that part, let it have its say. Talk to it like it is a good friend going through a rough time, hear it, honor it, and give it comfort. If you belittle or suppress it, it will get louder and louder. Once you honor these aspects of yourself, you create space for spirit to come in.  As you do this you allow the light codes to rewrite your programs. This is a process and what we must have patience for ourselves.

This is a very important time. This energy, though uncomfortable is here to help us heal and move BEYOND. It is here to help us stand in our power, to embody our highest aspect and potential.


Physically, so many are really feeling these waves quite intently. If you are having a re occurrence of thoughts and patterns needing healing, the chakras that correspond can give you trouble. It is our thoughts that cause an imbalance in the chakras. If you are dealing with lack issues of all forms, the root chakra may be causing you problems creating low back and tail bone pain. If you are having problems speaking your truth you may feel that the throat chakra feel tight, swollen and in some cases you may have a sore throat.

We are also experiencing cranial expansion & crown chakra upgrades which can cause our temples to throb and our jaw and teeth to ache. Our Vasovagal nerve is also being activated. It is expanding to allow greater blood flow throughout the body so that we can handle more light and so that our body can increase in its crystalline nature with greater ease. This can cause the back of the head, neck and  upper shoulders to ache and throb.  For some this may be the first time for this expansion, for others it is part of the next level in the light body process. This nerve is said to help connect our brain with our heart.

Neuroscientist Stephen W. Porges of the University of Illinois at Chicago argued that the vagus nerve is the nerve of compassion as it is thought to stimulate certain muscles in the vocal chamber, enabling communication. It reduces our heart rate. Very new science suggests that it may be closely connected to receptor networks for oxytocin, a neurotransmitter involved in trust and maternal bonding

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body that goes from our neck to the digestive system, liver, spleen, pancreas, heart & lungs. This is not a small thing in our body. It is responsible for our entire autonomic nervous system. When it activates, we can experience stomach upset, dizzy spells, migraines, and just general unease. It can be quite confusing and make us worry that we are falling apart.

There are ways to help your vagus nerve along. Deep diaphragm breathing and visualizing the nerve expanding and filling with light.  Singing and OM’ing can help as well. Deep grounding and earthing also helps to improve your vagal tone. Other options are seeing a chiropractor to ensure that the neck bones are in alignment. An acupuncturist is also able to help regulate the flow of this nerve. My oldest sees an acupuncturist who is helping to ease her migraines by stimulating the Vagus Nerve. The doctor has been out of town for a month and with the current energies, my daughter is seeing just how beneficial acupuncture has been. She is experiencing migraines and intense nausea.

For those who are doing well through these energies with joy and excitement, share it with others. It helps those who are not in that space to believe that it DOES get better; much better.

I am sending you all the brightest light full of love, joy, hope and blessings. May you all be blessed. ❤



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  1. I have been having the neck pain, jaw pain, shoulder pain ect for a couple years now. It actually starts with intermittent ear pains, I had it when i was a teenager, and it went away. Acted up again when I moved out to arizona for the first year then went away. Now for the past two years I have been seeing a chiro and put on fmla because its horrible. Thought it was barometric pressure changes. I have been dealing with it a lot lately though. Twice this week (at the moment im writing this is one of them). It sure is irritating! I dont think the degeneration in my neck helps either!


  2. Dear Jenny, I love your postings but would love them more if you’d use adverbs when necessary; you use them about 1/2 the time & that’s annoying to a perfectionist. Nevertheless, perfectionist or not, you’re addressing the world the world & you should have pride that what you’re putting out there is well spelled, grammatically correct & well punctuated! Think about it & you can Skype me @: AmbrosiaSAP to speak your mind & give me hell!!! Kindest regards,

    In Joy, Light, Love & Peace, Avec Joie, Lumiere, Amour & Paix, Raymond A. Gagnon


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  5. Would you like to edit the postings? I run them through word and correct what it shows me. I am not a perfectionist and frankly am not that worried about it. However if you are offering to edit the postings and return them quickly as the information does not wait, then that would be great.


  6. Thanks again Jenny. I appreciate your words – even though they may not be perfect – I don’t know and it does not matter to me. I love your messages as they seem real and from the heart. My father is terminally ill and I either spend time with him or do not dare to make an appointment – until he has passed and the I would like to make an appointment with you. I too have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Did opening up help you with this? I would love to hear! Sending love and light to you and your family. Jeannette


  7. Hi Jenny,
    Love your post! The Vagus Nerve is really important….As a native American Shaman Healer, I repair this in those who have had caesareans, or open heart surgery or other incisions where the midline of the body is cut through. The reason this is done to help is that when cut, this disconnects us from our feelings and emotions. We often do not realise what is happening however, until we start to react physically once this has been done to us. People feel so much more together once they are re-connected. I am sure there are lots of others doing the same work that will be of benefit to you and your family….and I know acupuncture is helpful too. Your daughter with the migraines and nausea….this is easy to fix if she sees a Homeopath….perhaps some Natrum Muriaticum would help…I wonder if she also experiences period problems? Just a query….I have been a Homeopathic practitioner for almost 30 years now and I know she can be helped. Healing always takes place from above, down and out (so head stuff is the first thing fixed)….from within out (So that your insides get better before your skin), and in reverse order that things have occurred to you….this is so your system can get rid of all the layers of ill health that may have accumulated over time….anyway, I just wished to share with you Jenny as you share so many valuable insights with us all and I really appreciate it! Thanks again, hope this info is helpful! Angel hugs, Barbara xxxxx


  8. I’m so sorry about your dad. It is really hard to go through that. I was lucky and with my dad it was 21 days from diagnosis till he passed. I don’t know if I could have taken longer. So I am sending you all the love and strength that you body can handle. Yes, the chronic fatigue and fibro got much better after I owned who I was. Diet also played a big factor. When I gave up meat the Fibro got better. I think I was reacting to all the chemicals and hormones in the meat and it sent my body into massive inflammation.


  9. That is so interesting about how surgery impacted the vagus nerve! I had 3 back surgeries and when I worked with a theta healer she could see the issues it caused, even as far as what the body continues to hear while under anesthesia. My oldest was diagnosed with POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome, which seem totally vagus nerve related. She is now seeing a chiropractor as well because it turns out her cranial bones are misaligned. I am hoping this helps. I don’t know a homeopathic doctor here, but I should find one. My acupuncturist does Chinese herbs as well though. It just boggles my mind that all that I find works is not covered by insurance… so I pay tons in insurance and then out of pocket for the stuff that helps. Hopefully this changes soon. Thank you so much for your information!


  10. Thanks for the reply and prayers. I have been a vegetarian since 1985. Just wanted to say too, I listened to your Acoustic Healing – The Empowered Human – almost EVERY question seemed to pertain to me right now – it was so cool. That and your story that many pieces seem similar to me – I WILL contact you for a reading when things with my Dad are done. I look forward to it!! No need to reply – I just want to say THANK YOU again!!!!!


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