Update on the energies 11:11 2-29-16



This is a very important energetic time. The light codes coming into earth are at the highest vibrational level I have experienced. It is literally changing everything even though it can seem so painfully slow.  Many are feeling like they are being put through the wringer and in some ways you are. So much is being shown to us right now if we are present and aware. This takes practice as it requires that we slow down the swirling thoughts and emotions. From the place of presence we can allow spirit to come in and give us signs and synchronicities.

Right now what people are experiencing is dependent on where they are in this process. Many are seeing a resurgence of “old” thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. This can cause deep frustration and often the ego will come in and tell you that all the work you did previous was for nothing. Stop, breathe, and really look at what you are shown. Can you see how it is from a different perspective or angle so that you can heal it from this new level? Can you see how it is an opportunity to see it differently and then forgive self and others more deeply? Our thoughts, patterns, and behaviors are held on a cellular level. Clearing density from our form is a process, it is not done in one single moment, so it is normal for issues to arise. For some reoccurring thoughts just observe and see it drift away from you. For others, it may come up but show you a whole new side.

While it may feel as if you are out of control with this energy, that you have been thrown to the wind, know that it is a co-creation process. You have a blue print, a general plan for your life, lessons that are to be learned, but you also have free will and that can take us on quite the wild ride. We do not have to be passive in these times, we can be proactive and look deep within to see all that we need to. Ask your team (angels and guides) to show you in dreams, meditation and in human interactions what you need to know. Ask to be shown what is holding you back or what is no longer in your highest good. Ask to be shown how you are being inflexible or too flexible while on this path. Ask to be shown where you are resisting the changes or where you have created blocks.  Once you ask, be aware of all that comes. Look at your interactions, the synchronicities, and how your body feels. Our interactions with others can act as a mirror for what is going on if we just allow ourselves to observe without judgment. Write down your dreams and that incredible insight that we often wake with but then fades as our brain switches back on.

Many are feeling frustration as they know their soul path but they are not seeing how it is supported in the physical world we live in. Asking to be shown exactly what needs work and changing within will help with this. While on an intellectual level we may know what needs changing and we may feel that we have done the work involved, there may be something hidden within the cellular memory that needs releasing. This can have the person reexamining the same issue again and again, lost in deep frustration. Working with your team, being open to all they can show you will help you to see things from a deeper perspective.

Also, I had a reading recently with a woman who is a talented reader and healer. She has been working on honing her abilities and clearing her layers.  This is not easy work and the changes within can be astounding. Her biggest problem is that those around her (friends and family) did not see the growth nor truly understand the world she is stepping into. Her issue is not uncommon. As we go through the process of raising our vibration and embodying more of our soul we expand our personal hologram and how we view the world. However, this deep change within us does not mean that those around us acknowledge the change. They are still seeing us from their personal hologram which did not expand.  This can be quite upsetting as we often want validation and support from our family and friends. This is why many have to find new support systems and step out on their own so that they build the confidence they need.  For some this is an essential part of stepping into their power and any feelings of guilt for moving on only hinders the process.

Not feeling supported by family and friends can also lead you to examine the filters and layers within. How are you not validating and supporting yourself? What doubts do you have about the changes and the acceptance of the world at large? What abundance issues are wrapped into these beliefs? Allow everything to be an opportunity for you to grow and expand.

Physically, we are all over the place! For me I have had the Buddha belly as my body swelled to process the higher vibrating codes. For some they also experience digestive upset as the codes have triggered density to leave. This can leave us achy and quite uncomfortable. For some this same energy can trigger low back, hip, knee, and ankle pain as the body grounds. For others they are experiencing neck and upper shoulder pain as the body integrates these energies. Likewise headaches, particularly in the temples and third eye are also very common.  So much is expanding!

Pay attention to your world, be present, much is changing. People are awakening and the animals, crystals, and the environment are acknowledging it. I was in a crystal shop on Sunday and two girls were in there and were amazed that the crystal they picked up vibrated in their hands. It’s beautiful confirmation that the world is indeed changing.

Love and blessing to you all. ❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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  1. Thank you for this update. It was especially helpful to read about the physical effects. I’ve been gaining weight slowly since the fall without a change in habits. I was okay with it because it felt like it had to do with the energy, but I’ve been struggling with it the last few days because my pants are tight enough that I have to buy the next size up. I notice my change in size whenever I wear them (especially in my upper thighs). Perfect timing, as always!

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  2. wow everything is spot on. been having major belly issues as well as head and neck pain. Also before reading this i was totally questioning things because of old patterns and thoughts coming up. your post today confirmed that its not the same, which makes my choices more thoughtful. Thank you so much for your messages.


  3. My God, Jenny, I love you so, so much !!! How can it be possible that you live thousands of km away from me, split up by continents and waters and still, you should guide me as if you were near me or in my head/soul ?!?! Love you, thank you !

    It is amazing that yesterday – on the 29th – during daily meditation my message was that the main cause of some people’s rude attitude towards me was the very pour opinion, love and respect I am used to having for myself. And I’m not saying this in a hypocrite way, but with all my heart and compassion. I practically provoke them to despise me, as I started from some point in my life to distrust myself. I’m set on working on that 🙂 It helped me a lot understanding that it is not a point of “deserving” (appreciation, love, respect etc.) in accordance with ones inner qualities, but in accordance with the very simple fact that WE ARE children of God, in the most intimate and practical way. So I (you) deserve EVERY love and appreciation and support in the world for the simple fact that we are divine children of God – fullstop.

    For the woman you are mentioning in your posting, please remind her what I instantly remembered while reading your words: “For Jesus himself testified, that a prophet hath no honour in his own country.” (Holly Bible of John, Chapter 4, verse 44 – what numbers, right ?!? :-)))).

    Love, Gratitude,


  4. wow! that bilble verse… very accurate! I heard somewhere that he couldn’t perform miracles in his home town because people did not see him as changed. Really something huh? I am so glad that my words and interpretation resonate so deeply with you. I find it amazing the contacts we make and oceans apart mean so very little. I am glad you are seeing your pattern. I realized that a part of me didn’t want to physically heal from my back injury, it had become an identity, a crutch. That realization knocked me for a loop.

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  5. I’m glad they help. I have had the neck and headaches and I know that it is expansion but my mid evening I am just done. My body is needing to shut down more in these energies!


  6. I am with you…. even with limiting my calories and cutting out things like gluten I can only seem to hold the weight steady from where I gained in the fall. I am doing my best to love it and understand through all my layers that there must be a reason at this time for the weight.

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  7. Whoa – a part of me is so scared of healing from my neck and low back injury! Even though I very much wish to get back to healing work. I also love writing, have a huge family, and have been playing the role of caretaker for my granddaughter, who is five, and being primary consoles and consultant for the rest of my now grown kids (youngest is 17 – nearly grown). I love meditation so much that sometimes I don’t want to come back, but I see how important grounding the intense new energies is.

    And today I am fasting on coconut water and resting, been healing a young cat, and me at the same time, my belly got bigger too and most of my life I have been underweight despite having six babies! Thank you for sharing this helpful information, it resonates quite well with me.


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  9. WOW this was awesome, very interesting and informative. Thank you Jenny I will most definitely follow the guidance and ask to show me within my dreams as I do feel blocked and sometimes do not feel the guidance. I must admit that I CAN most definitely feel the change within me, learning from various earth angels and guides. I was out of skin happy when I came across a lady at our “flea market” selling affordable tumbled crystals, a friend at work has been going crazy buying on the internet and we got to visit a mini creation of a crystal mine, most awesome day in my life. I am open to walk the path God chose for me and are still a student embracing all that I can about the spirit, essential oils etc. Thank you Angels for your love to let me SEE this post ❤ ❤ THANK YOU


  10. Thank you Jenny! I’ve been having upper should pain, neck pain and headaches this past week or so. It totally makes sense. Sending love and positive vibes. Thank you for your guidance. 🙏


  11. To stay a little more in the Bible “domain”, I understood, at some point, that St. Paul’s taking off of the “old clothes” and putting on of the new – Christ – clothes meant exactly this: letting go of the past with absolutely everything in it and watching back at your own self as I suppose a snake would look at his old skin – perhaps that’s why the snake is seen as the symbol of wisdom in some cultures :-))) This means, actually, abandoning our old identities, cutting off attachments to our historical sufferings and joys, features of character or body a.s.o…. and even to our earthly families (“Who is my mother and who are my brothers ? You all are my mothers and my brothers and my sisters” – approximate quoting from the Bible). It is like a death… just that from a technical point of view you continue to be in the same body. You rebirth, actually, in the same body, but as a Son of God, completely de-personalised from any of your previous incarnation… which is a kind of a new incarnation :-). Perhaps that’s what St. Paul meant by saying that he dies every day…
    And yes, it is written in the Bible that Jesus could not do miracles in his origin country because of the lack of trust of his own people and just had to leave it. Now… who was at loss ?….
    Love, much love…

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  13. Thank you so much Jenny!
    There’s been and still are times of inner confusions. Even though I know what you say already, and can see it clearly at some levels… I loose myself completely in everything that is going on, and I have never felt so lonely and confused as I do now… all with faith that is all gonna change till the better, and the world and my own personal growth and spiritual path will make sense and evolve to the higher more loving frequency. But at the moment I’m staggering, I can’t hear my heart, and with that I can’t make any dissision. I talk to my guides and angels, and as long as I’m in a meditatingstate I’m calm, but as soon I come back to this physically plane I’m a complete chaos inside, and in a way it feels like I’m running out of time?
    I just had to share this with someone that understands this whole process.
    Thank you
    Love virvla


  14. I do understand. Ask that all of your layers are balanced: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. That your will is the same as divine will. Deep breathe this peace into you. Feel it permeating every part of you.

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