Solar Eclipse is Turning Point for many- Sananda




I come to you today to discuss the recent energy shifts and what is coming in the near future. You are in an amazing time of rebirth and every man, woman and child is being given the opportunity to move beyond all that has held them in place. Since the galactic alignment codes have been coming into earth that are helping you to enact deep changes within all of your being. Your physical being is becoming more crystalline so that you are able to be the light. This is accomplished slowly because as you are accepting more light into your form, you are simultaneously clearing density.

These codes coming in act as a magnifier of all that is not in service to your purpose on earth; as well as to show you all that is serving your higher purpose. Things in your physical reality will become glaringly obvious when they are not in alignment. Likewise, these energetic frequencies assist you by revealing all that is hidden within the layers, deep in the cellular memory. If you see yourself as a giant recorder, learning from all things in this and previous incarnations you can begin to see how much is needing to be integrated. You have learned much from your experience, now it is time to let it go and return to your natural state of unconditional love, joy and gratitude.

We understand this process is not easy and many struggle with resistance from the ego and body. This can leave a person in physical, mental and emotional pain. Many are praying that this time will end and that they no longer are consumed by this process. The more light codes that stream to earth, the more the magnetic field of earth is lessoned and the more the world is polarized, the more some suffer. There is a way to help ease this transformational process. Find your joy. Joy is your natural state and the more you embody your soul, the more the absence of joy is magnified.

Think of a loved one returning after a long, difficult experience. You would not expect this person to feel joy in every moment as the difficult experience is still very real to them and you would love them unconditionally. When they feel moments of laughter, hope and inner peace you will also be there giving gratitude for each moment no matter how fleeting.  Now we are asking you to give this to yourself. Love yourself unconditionally, be patient and kind with all that arises within. When you do feel the moments of joy, realize that it is you in alignment with your soul and give deep gratitude for the experience. As with all energy, the more you give gratitude for the joy you feel, the more you align with the frequency of joy. Each time you enter this state you will be able to remain in it for longer periods.

The upcoming solar eclipse will be a turning point for many. Each person will step further into their authentic self. For some it will mean having the courage and strength to make changes that no longer are in the highest good. Some will begin to walk fully in their power, not allowing ego to hinder their process any longer. For others, they will begin to merge with the next layer of their soul, their solar aspect.

Each of these requires that you are able to allow light to flow through every particle of your being. This is why the deep inner work taking place is critical at this time. To facilitate this process we ask you to actively seek what brings you joy. This transformation taking place on your planet and within each of you is breathtaking.

We hold you in the highest regard.


Personal conversation with Sananda:

 Me: Matt Kahn had jokingly referred to those on this path as angels with PTSD. I feel there is truth in that.

Sananda: Yes, this is why we ask each of you to be gentle with yourselves and find joy.

Me: Many on this process find that they go into a deep depression as they sort through their layers and beliefs and what use to bring them joy no longer does. This leaves many feeling lost and confused.

Sananda: This is an opportunity to explore what matches your soul. Instead of seeing that something is wrong it can be seen as a blank slate to find what brings joy, just as you did as a child. Each time you expand your horizon it opens doors and pathways for your soul to find what resonates.

Me: Many are complaining that they are experiencing weight gain and bloating again. Why do we gain during intense energetic times?

Sananda: Not all do, but it is the bodies attempt to accommodate more light. As one undergoes deep cellular changes, the body often swells, feels depleted and dehydrated. Many vital nutrients are missing and this causes the body to be stressed.

 Me: What is missing and why?

 Sananda: Your soil is depleted and is unable to provide the nutrients it once did. Your bodies are also experiencing stress from the chemical bombardment.

 Me: What is missing?

 Sananda: Vitamin D and magnesium are key ingredients as is alkalized water. This process when combined with the chemicals in the body causes many to be acidotic.

 Me: Even organic?

Sananda: Yes, while you receive more nutrients in organic food, it is still not in the purest form as was intended.

I hope my questions and answers have helped you as they have me. I am holding all of you in the highest light and with the deepest love. May you all be blessed. Thank all of you who have shared and supported this work. It means more than you will ever know.



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  1. Siri,

    I find this to be true. PTSD…referred to that before. Bloating…cannot eat some of the foods I used to enjoy…cheese and processed meats. Hardly a surprise.

    The Reiki drummed up some interesting dreams. Hal tried to come back one more time in his late stage health. We were all amazed at that man’s tenacity. I was relieved it was a dream because the healing is under way for me again, and this time I want it to stick!

    Heading for Portland on the train in the morning for two nights and a good visit with brother John and sis-in-law Jean. Planned well for this excursion so it will be fun and relaxing. Uber will take me to King Street Station. Adventures!

    ‘Be well’ as my sister Zenda likes to say.




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  3. Hi Jenny !
    I’m also one of those experiencing weight gain and bloating. You mentioned the “Budha belly” in the last post – this is exactly how I feel. I look as if I’m pregnant in the 7th mo. I even dreamt last night that I was pregnant… I’m experiencing muscles ‘twitches’ that sometimes become very annoying. I’m also experiencing a severe hair loss that started about 2 mo. ago – even if I’m perfectly sane – (I’m really wondering that I still have hair on my head 🙂 ) and I have to cut my nails very short – has anyone else had this problem ? (I mean NOT the usual spring “cleaning” the body performs, but something much more aggressive…)
    Thank you a lot for sharing with us !
    Love and Gratitude,
    PS – yesterday I made this meditation from Sandra Walter: it is called “Divine neutrality” and it had an amazing effect upon me, so I allow myself to insert a link here ( If due to some protocol (I don’t know, I’m just saying) I should not have put here this link, dear beloved Jenny, please feel free to erase this entire comment – I will understand. Love you.


  4. Hello Jenny…..Totally awesome information….Loved it all…Thanks Sananda….and thank you…love your wisdom….Blessings, Barbara xxxxx


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  6. I’m a relatively new reader, but have read channeled books, etc almost exclusively for years. In college, about 25 years ago, I had a channeling experience. Jenny, your posts always feel accurate, real, timely.

    Still, I laughed so hard at the end of your post. I hadn’t taken any supplements all winter, until a couple of weeks. Out of my 50ish bottles of things I keep on hand, I began taking vitamin D and magnesium. 🙂


  7. Well in a way I guess we are birthing our new selves… but man… I hate the body bloating especially when I am doing my best to eat clean and healthy. I love that you posted the meditation and I think I will try it today. Thank you!


  8. I felt an huge amount of energy come into me as I read, I think Sananda is sending this energy, it’s amazing, it feel’s like a ungrade or something. The message in this channeling was so true, thank your for posting Jenny!


  9. Hello, and thanks for the post. I justwant to tip you about taking Magnesium. There are a brand named Ancient Minerals, that puts Magnesium right into the bloodstream, wich is the best way. Oraly, magnesium might loosen the stomach too much into dhiarea. This prevent body to take up the nutrients. Ive used it for a long time, and it is superb.It is in Bathsalt and lotion, oil and so on. Recomends it , and it is safe for children too. Google it, and you find it I guess. Kind Regards Tove.

    Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 02:48:51 +0000 To:


  10. When he and I begin I ask that he embed the words with frequency that helps people expand and activate. Thank you for confirming that it is indeed happening to those that are ready!


  11. I’ve taken CALM also. It does work wonders. It’s a synthetic form of mag combined with citric acid.

    My favorite form of magnesium is Magnesium Chloride taken in my drinking water made by a company called Concentrace. It’s made from solar evaporated water from the Great Salt lake which has had its sodium removed.

    MgChloride is the easiest to absorb, readily-ionizing, most widespread form of magnesium in nature. Each cubic kilometer of sea water contains in excess of 1.3 million metric tons of magnesium in the form of MgCL.

    When I first began taking magnesium a few years ago, I didn’t realize how deficient I was. My heart palpitations stopped happening immediately. My heart rhythm smoothed alot. I noticed in bed one night that I felt this magnetic orb around my heart. I believe I was feeiling my heart’s magnetic field / the opening of my heart chakra.


  12. Dear Jenny, first my warmest thanks for all your supportive messages here and on Facebook, much needed and appreciated!! I sooo much want to feel joy again! I used to enjoy life and be Miss Sunshine but this Ascension process deprived me in the last seven years of everything that gave me joy. My ability to work and study, my income and independence, my own house (living with my parents again, tough!), my social life (2 friends left), my ability to travel around in Europe (love culture like in Italy), to visit musea, listen to music and even to make walks on the beach/in nature. These high energies have been effecting my health so bad, above all having a constantly overstressed nervous system/electric head and tired body full of vibrations. This makes it impossible to even drive much longer then 10 minutes and make trips and has made my world soo small. I really am in a cocoon, hoping to become the butterfly soon.
    I have managed to stay mostly positive until these last months. Since end of December it’s been too heavy with these constantly incoming, pushing high energies that I’m at the bottom physically (lost a lot of weight, no buddha belly for me!) and in optimism. Taking all supplements I can afford to maintain some of my health. I sincerely doubt how I will ever be able to function again in the world, feel full of life and joy with the frequencies constantly rising which my nervous system obviously cannot handle. How will this ever stabilize? Do you expect it will? I know my soul choose this spiritual path and I should trust the process, but I really feel like a victim now with only minor insights and changes in awareness. Just hanging on to the small hope and that in April things will lighten up a little. Thanks from a Dutch follower for reading and much love to all struggling souls out there. X


  13. I’m sorry you are having such a hard time and you are not alone. My understanding is that these energies will continue to come in at this intensity and more and it is us who stabilize. I use to be affected terribly by solar flares and now I don’t feel them at all. If anything they give a nice burst of energy. So we are the ones changing and getting use to the energy. Its like when you first start to work out and your whole body aches but after a while you up the workout because your body has gotten use to the first one.

    Sending you much love and healing.


  14. Thanks for your feedback Jenny. That’s what I meant, will my body/nervous system ever get used to the growing frequencies of energy. I feel somehow they must, otherwise my soul wouldn’t have been put on this path with a destined outcome to spread love and light. But some days I can’t imagine this ever happening after such a continuing, intense struggle. So thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me more optimism and trust again! As I all I want to do, is shine, love and feel joy and in this way inspire the world around me!


  15. Thank you so much Jenny!…I am riding the waves best I can.!! I am so happy to read others’ comments… sure helps keep riding….albeit..challenging.. as the saying goes, it is why we are here..Feeling so supported.. and loved.. Sending all my love and joy..whatever is needed I send in love and appreciation.. to you and yours… and those on this blog.. Hang in there!!


  16. What is a solar aspect? I have been getting signs about “sun” and “solar” for the past 3-4 days (including driving past a billboard with Uncle Sam pointing and saying “I want YOU to go solar!” LOL). I feel like I was meant to see this, but I don’t know what a solar aspect is!

    (P.S. This solar eclipse/new moon will be happening less than two degrees away from my natal Sun–woohoo!)


  17. Dear Jenny,

    Thank you and Sananda so much for this brilliant insight into what happens in the body due to Light integration.

    I work as a colonic hydrotherapy practitioner and, especially over the last few weeks, hardly anyone is managing to stay hydrated…including me.

    I wonder if Sananda can tell us what is happening to the prodigious amounts of water I consume? It’s not pouring out of my skin, my bladder function is no more active than it’s ever been and I’m not gaining weight or experiencing water-retention. I have a theory that it’s etherising!

    Love to you and every blessing,


    On 3 March 2016 at 02:48, ~ Channeling the Masters ~ wrote:

    > Jenny Schiltz posted: ” I come to you today to discuss the recent energy > shifts and what is coming in the near future. You are in an amazing time of > rebirth and every man, woman and child is being given the opportunity to > move beyond all that has held them in place. Si” >


  18. Hi, Jenny! Thank you so much for this post! I just happened to see your post on FB and was intrigued by the title, so here I am! Wow, things are coming in quickly today and I am very thankful I am watching, listening and following! I also just went outside with my dogs and thought, “Wow, your belly sure is big today.” LOL! I can tell that something is about to happen as I can feel the energy and vibration. It is exciting and scary (sort of) all at the same time! I know I need to lose the things that are not serving me any longer and find the new Joy that is awaiting. This has even been said in some of my card readings as well as daily horoscope readings. Guess I better prepare to move onward! Also, I recently read that one reason most are not getting enough Vitamin D is that we are told to slather on the chemical-ridden sunscreen daily! I read that this is causing a lot of the skin cancers we see in the Western world. So GLAD I found you and this website! You are suppose to be a part of my new Journey. How exciting! Light and Love, Jana ❤


  19. It really is exciting! Yes I stopped wearing sunscreen and just limit sun time and put on olive oil which has an SPF of 8 while moisturizing the skin!


  20. It’s the next phase of the light body. First we merge with our highest aspect, think of that as level 1. This is level 2. Same soul, just the next layer because now you can handle it 🙂


  21. When I spoke with him about this he showed me where the light is heating up our cells. It creates friction. This friction helps density to leave and it simply dehydrates us. It’s like the body thinks it has run a marathon. Make sense?