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While the Eclipse & New Moon are over we are still being bathed in their energies.

What people are experiencing is really all over the place. The week I have found myself quite sad, sadder than I have been in a long time. So much came up, even the loss of my father 15 years prior and other things I thought I had made peace with. The thoughts would rise unbidden and bubble out in such a tremendous rush. With each thought and subsequent release I felt like a path was being dusted off, one I laid for myself so long ago. With each thought that came up for my attention, deeper connections and understanding came into focus. So many ah ha moments. It was the rare glimpse of the bigger picture.

Yet in between those moments I felt lost, uninterested and a flat effect emotionally. Sitting back and observing this was just mind boggling. The only time I felt perfectly fine was when I was working with clients, it put me back in the space of connection with source. It also highlighted that when I was not working, I was not in alignment with source and my highest purpose.

Yesterday in conversation with my highest aspect I shared that I felt off, uncertain of my direction, and next steps. She explained to me that many are feeling this way. The eclipse energies are designed to pull up much to be cleared but when combined with New Moon energies it helps to push us forward. Leaps as large as we can handle in this moment. When this happens we may think that we are all on board and are completely excited, but that there can be resistance. For each of us, regardless of where we are in this process it is a leap into the unknown. We can think we know what is coming by talking with others and comparing notes, but the truth is – this journey is ours and ours alone. We instinctively know this and there can be anxiety about the next step.

The more I sat with this I realized that through all my personal changes, my relationship with my spouse and children have remained steady. That even though I had major health and financial issues that were the catalyst for my awakening; I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. My undoing was my becoming and a part of me feared what was going to happen when I take this next leap to become more. Pure and simple I had fear which is the opposite of trust.  As I breathed and cried through this epiphany, I knew that the knowledge of the fear was its undoing. It was this fear that kept me out of alignment, feeling sad and quite lost. So I chose to trust, to remember how spirit has always, always, always had my back. I chose to see how even the things that were hard and terrible on the surface were in fact in my highest good. I even venture to say they were the best things that ever happened in terms of soul growth and deep lasting change.

If you have been feeling as I have, then take some time and ask yourself what fears are you holding deep inside. Where is there resistance against the changes that are taking place in our mind, body and spirit? Fear has been ingrained in us from the moment we entered into the 3D experience. It’s so normal that we often don’t see it for what it is. It takes deep introspection and observation to see it. Sometimes I can see the fear I have held modeled for me by others. By observing I can see how far I have come and also work that still needs done on my beliefs and thoughts.  The awareness of fear within, is its undoing as once we are aware we can change.

Physically, I and many others have required so much sleep. I have been putting myself to bed right after I get my youngest down. Dreams are very active right now and it’s a way to receive great information on what you need to be aware of or to let go.  Massive upgrades are taking place during the day and night. These can wear the body out and make it ache all over. Some are experiencing the lower limb pain, hips, lower back and knees. Others are feeling it in the upper shoulders and neck. Many are feeling pressure in the sinus, temples, teeth, and jaws. With the cranium expansion there can be earaches and sinus drainage as things shift within. I’m also hearing that quite a few are experiencing colds that settle in the lungs. The lungs are where we hold emotions, particularly grief. Allow yourself to feel all that needs to be felt, honor it and let it go. Rest, clean water, vitamin D (I was guided to take 10,000 IUC a day), and magnesium are needed. I found that the pill form of magnesium just didn’t cut it, I wasn’t absorbing properly. I am now using CALM, but heard that liquid magnesium is great as well.

Eclipse energies can continue to work for days prior and days after the actual event. From here we are heading into the Spring Solstice and a Lunar eclipse. All of these are pushing us to dig up all that no longer serves and start new. It really is an intense month. Be very aware of your self talk, don’t beat yourself up for how you feel physically or mentally.

The veil is very, very thin and many are feeling the presence of other dimensions and realities. Visual flashes are common as timelines blend and merge. An example would be seeing a bird fly briefly in front of you but then seemingly disappear. It can get quite interesting!

I have received phone calls and emails from people who are concerned because spiritual activity has really picked up in their house. Here are some techniques to help you take control of your space:

  • When you feel, hear or see beings in your home call on Archangel Michael if you are worried or uncomfortable. Visualize white light, the brightest you can imagine covering every inch of your home, into every corner and declare that all beings that are not helpful and compassionate spirits leave.
  • Smudge your home with white sage while opening the windows in each room and declaring that all beings that are not helpful and compassionate leave.
  • Put sea salt all the way around your house, creating a circle, making sure that where you started meets with where you end. Visualize a protective bubble coming up from the salt ring and surrounding your home. Declare that only helpful and compassionate beings may enter this protective shield. Doing this on a full moon magnifies the power.
  • Understand that if we do this and we still feel, see or hear a presence it could be there to help awaken you to abilities. Don’t go into fear, trust that it is all in your highest good. Realize what filters you have and how they affect everything you do. My nephew was seeing his guide, but to him it looked like the girl off the movie Grudge. I worked with him and he was able to see past this fear and see her for the shinning soul she was. If you feel fear, stop, take a deep breath and ask that your heart chakra open fully and that all filters you have move aside. Then reassess the situation. Could the one you have been sensing be a guide to help you grow and open?

I am sending you much love as we go through this amazing time! Thank you to all who share this work. It is very appreciated.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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  1. how do you do the salt circle if your house is the middle one of 3 please??  stuff getting in all the time atmthanks susie

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  2. Dear Jenny, first pls let me share that I, & my friends, so appreciate your posts! I’m wondering if you could share your insights on this question: lately I’ve been seeing many healers speak of negative energies/entities/ aliens, etc. So if we have to ask our angels & guides for help because we have “free will” and they are not supposed to intervene without our asking … where’s the free will in negative energies interfering with us & doing as they please ? it’s just been bothering me.

    Thank you again, you posts have helped so many of us relax about what has been happening to us. Aloha, Diana


  3. Thank you! I was able to open my heart chakra in a safe way that allowed many resistant and grief emotions to surface and leave. This happened as I was reading this, and while I did cry, it was a with full joy at the end. Much is changing for me and for my students, and I am grateful for this guidance.


  4. As trust became a tangibe reality for me after years of Family Constellations Therapy my world expanded in ways I could not have imagined. I beleive Trust is the main componant of this expansion. I find it interesting as well to read about your experience during the last few days of intense universal energies.In my experience of it there was a purging of old ballast, a painful letting go and now a clarity of deep love and light. And then I did spring cleaning, Ahh!


  5. feeling so much of this lately.. yes.. some fears.. of unknown….thank you so much for all the info resonate.. and so helpful ..beyond measure.. love to you and yours..always..


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  7. Hello Jenny ! Your nephew’s “ugly” guide reminded me of one of my son’s dreams:
    My 7 ye old son dreamt few weeks ago that an ugly monster opened the bedroom door one night and my son asked him: “Are you a bad monster ?” and the monster shook his head that he was not. And my son – who is usually having very vivid dreams and many nightmares and who is, despite these, a courageous little man – asked him “Why are you here ?” and the monster “explained” him (actually telepathically, as my son explained me that he was “feeling” his thoughts) that he came to show him all his dreams since he was born, as he wanted him to understand that, if he takes away fear, the nightmares were in fact funny dreams and it was his fear that transformed the dreams into nightmares. My son told me that they “travelled” together and saw all of his dreams and some he did not remember (“you were a baby at that time” – the monster conveyed him) and that he did not feel any fear, anymore. The monster kept staying behind him and my son said “I would know when we were about to change the dream when I was seeing a blue arrow of light at the corner of my eye.”. I really loved this dream of my little boy and I felt that there was a lesson in it even for us, the “adults”.

    Your post is – as always – right on point ! I also noticed that issues that I buried about 20 ye ago and I even forgot about them, got alive this past week and I just have to deal with them again… Wow, what revelations ! Yesterday I felt very depleted and I kept receiving this message about self-trust, self-love, self-appreciate. It was as if the Light Realms “withdrew” their love and appreciation and I just had to offer to me my own love and appreciation… that was quite a challenge… as I felt nothing… At night, as I put my head on the pillow, I realise that the “support” (that sweet emotion of love) was back again – it was only a lesson for me, to understand…

    Love you, bless you, thank you,

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  8. ”I’m also hearing that quite a few are experiencing colds that settle in the lungs. The lungs are where we hold emotions, particularly grief.”
    Spot on Jenny, thanks for this confirmation! I’m totally wiped out with these eclipse energies. It started 2 few nights before with no sleep and mayor heartpaltipations, going on the next day with heavy coughing on my chest (lungs…) which continues up until today, causing a totally wrecked body, muscle pain all over. Also felt nausea many mornings, no appetite and dhiarrea due to all energies/anxiety and the ongoing dizzy, buzzing head. Plus mayor tiredness, indeed wanting just to lie down and sleep all day. This is really the deepest I’ve gone. Let’s hope these energies will settle the next few days and let my body recover. I feel so sad and depressed of all this pain I’m in while outside the spring sun in shining and I would like sooo much to fully enjoy that and run around again.
    Warm greetings.


  9. God bless you- and thank you for your wonderful read. I inspire to write back to you every time, and leave a positive message to help bless us all, and guide us into the light of happiness and wisdom. Have a great weekend Every one. Astral Child


  10. Thank you Jenny….You are so helpful….and spot on! Much love to you and your wonderful family….Blessings and hugs, Barbara PS…I am not sure how you feel about this, but I am going to suggest you set up a Donate Button on the bottom of your page…We all enjoy reading your blog, and I for one have learnt so much from the Masters….through you…and I know there are others out there who would be happy to show appreciation…it is only a button, and people can either give…or not…it just may bring something extra in for you and your family…You give so much…and you are appreciated…Thanks again Jenny…Just a thought….


  11. wow! Your son is amazing. Write these moments down for him. It may be important for him to understand in the future. Yes…. all the old issues with self love coming up to show us that we need to amp it up… give ourselves what we get.

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  12. Yes it feels to me like that time when you know you are leaving a job in a month and you work to get everything clean and organized, all the loose ends finished. It’s really interesting.

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  16. That can make it very difficult unless you feel comfortable talking to your neighbors 🙂 Create a bubble around all of the space on the outside, as if there is salt there. Ask the angels to surround your home and to take care of all that need help and to allow only caring, compassionate spirits to enter your home.


  17. That’s a very good question. My understanding is not popular, but it is that NOTHING can be done without the permission of the highest aspect. I had a young adult that would come to my house and one day she came to my home and had what we call negative beings attached. The mama bear came out in me and I wanted to rid her of them. My guides immediately cautioned me, told me that I needed to talk with them see their purpose. So I did. The “negative” beings told me that she was using and was headed down a very dark path. That their job was to get her to fall hard and fast. If I had interfered, then I would have been interfering with her growth and learning. She confessed a weak later that she was doing coke and pills and had no intention of going to rehab. Well within 18 months she was essentially homeless, hitting bottom and from there she picked herself up. Now there are no beings attached and she is doing great 🙂

    As far as negative aliens, remember this world is about experience and some want to experience that timeline (alien war & agenda). Personally, I have never met a negative “alien” though I have been blessed to meet so many races and cultures.

    I hope this helps!

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  18. Great post, thank you Jenny! Yes, major process still ongoing; slept over 12 hours last night, just exhausted! Lots of letting go, still in the void. ❤


  19. Hello Jenny !
    I also like your answer.
    I have a friend with special gifts – like you – and her speciality was to help people, during sessions, to confront the negative beings attached to them. My friend told me that at the end of EVERY session, the conclusion was all the same: negative beings prove to be our guides/masters. The conclusion of every confrontation was the same: the “negative” being was a helping guide.
    Also, it should be remembered that ALL that there is – it is FROM God. Fighting any “negative” aspect is, logically, an illusion, it is like fighting myself, it is like fighting against God.
    Love you, bless you, thank you – and your readers :-),