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So many are wanting to know when this energy is going to let up. I wish I had an easy answer but the truth is that it is not.  What will change is how it makes you feel. Your body will adjust to these higher frequencies as soon as it is able. Solar flares use to knock me down causing serious headaches and nausea but now I can feel them, but no longer suffer the adverse side effects. My body now knows how to assimilate the codes at a much faster and efficient rate.

The energies at this moment are what some are calling “Resurrection” energies because they are designed to help you bring forth your absolute highest self in this Now. None of this is finite because we don’t stop changing and evolving. We will continue to move through our layers, beliefs and thoughts that are simply not in alignment with who we are. Who you are now, is not who you were and it is not who you are becoming.

The frequency and intensity of the energies coming into earth are simply astounding. We have never experienced such a rush of light that is helping us undo all the programing and filters that comes with life on earth. So much is changing and rapidly that many are finding themselves cocooning, needing quiet and meditation as this process goes even deeper.

This is a time of rebirth, of letting go of all that no longer serves you. It is the time of choice, do you continue to do what you have always done or do you let go and step into the new?  What this rebirth looks and feels like is different depending on where you are in this process.

For some they are at a crossroads. They are being shown their patterns and are being asked to choose consciously a different reaction, a different way of being. This can be confusing because to continue as you have before may look to be the easiest path with the doors wide open; while the new path does not seem as clear and is defiantly harder. This is the universe making sure you are really ready for change and that you have learned all you can from the previous patterns. Choosing a new, unfamiliar path can be scary and unsettling yet it is your way of telling your higher self you are ready for different outcomes.   Once you take the steps to change, the universe will open doors for you that you never thought possible.

Others are undergoing the integration of their highest aspect in these moments. In order to do this, all that keeps you trapped (ego) in the lower emotions of fear, worry, doubt, anger and suffering must be released. Every time you see the purpose, your growth and are able to forgive self and others, the ego’s control is lessened.  There is much density that is released during this process and you may feel emotions rise up that you are unable to place. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is coming up and for however long it takes to work through it. It is ok to feel sad, angry, or just plain miserable. Understand that there is a reason behind it (we do not need to know what it is) and that as soon as it is time for it to leave it will. It is our wanting control of the situation that creates resistance within and it causes the situation or feeling to stay even longer. Just let go and allow.

Some of the first wavers and way showers are working on the integration of their SOLAR aspect. Many of the grid keepers are moving into this phase, but not all will choose this level of integration. The Solar integration allows one to merge with source and receive codes that activate all around him/her changing everything around them. This is completely stepping into the unknown as it a huge leap of faith. All within you that keeps you from stepping into your full power must leave. You can no longer doubt your self-worth or your place in the universe.

Each of these phases are challenging mentally, emotionally & physically. Through all of this we are working on healing timelines and past lives. You may experience this in dreams or in a lucid state. I can tell when I am integrating a timeline when upon waking I see thousands of faces and places spin past my third eye. Dreams are particularly vivid right now as well. You may be experiencing dreams with known people in your life, but in situations that don’t match who they are too you. For example, you could dream of being a child in school feeling humiliated by the teacher who looks like your Uncle Bob. Don’t place as much emphasis on the “who” in the dream but rather the feelings evoked and how it affects you now.  Some are having dreams of meeting their tribe and helping team in astral and getting glimpses of who they truly are. These are wonderful confirmations that help you to remember and reconnect with your soul.

The physical impact of this stage cannot be denied. The exhaustion is a sign that your body is doing deep work on a cellular level as you clear density and integrate more light into your form. Many are experiencing cold and flu symptoms. Density and old cellular memory can be found throughout our bodies and the clearing of this might look like the stomach flu, chest colds, and sinus problems. Some are experiencing a resurgence of chronic health issues such as autoimmune flair ups.  Allow yourself all the rest that you need and trust that all is happening in your highest good. Making sure you are eating as pure as possible and getting enough water will help you through this process. Now is the time to listen to the body and not force anything upon it. One day you may find that you are excessively hungry and the next day the thought of anything but pineapple juice makes you ill. There are no right or wrong answers here.  When you feel that you cannot possibly go on or that you keep revisiting the same issue again and again… give it over to God. Surrender and ask for help to work through a particular issue. Ask that your perception be changed, the lesson clarified, and that you feel peace even in situations that cannot be changed.

Dizzy spells and vertigo are common as we assimilate the higher energetics. Dehydration and low blood sugar make this much worse. Honor the body when it feels unstable and make sure you keep yourself safe from falls.  Another huge aspect of this transition is the brain fog feeling. It forces us to focus on one thing at a time in order to accomplish it properly. As you find yourself having to focus and be present completely you will see that the time for multi-tasking is over. There is much greater efficiency in being fully present, engaged and focused. As our society has reduced its attention span over the years, this feels foreign but also very freeing. It is ok to slow down and not do everything or be everything for everyone.  You will find that your interactions with others in a fully aware state are much more fulfilling, even healing.

This is not an easy process and I’m told the integration will last a few more weeks. Then we begin the task of understanding and utilizing all that has changed within.  Take the time to pamper yourself. Many find relief in hot baths, energy work, acupuncture, chiropractic care and massage.  Spending time in nature and doing whatever makes you happy are important ways to move through this energy without feeling like you are drowning.  Take care to clean and protect your aura and energy field, particularly upon waking. Ask the angels to assist you in this, they will gladly help.  Part of walking in your power is being able to manage your energy field.

I hope this message finds you well and learning in all moments. Sending you all the love and blessings you can handle.



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  2. It is with so much appreciation that I read your very comforting words,Thank you,I have totally been feeling like an Alien it seems nothing is the same,I have been feeling very alone so this helps,Love and Light to you,Marielle NB Canada

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    I’ve been having ringing ears, and waves of tiredness. I have had ringing ears for years, but it was louder yesterday. To the point that my ears felt energy entering into them.


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  5. Thanks Jenny! That’s really helpful. I’m feeling many of these things. Emotional stuff I thought I had dealt with is coming up at this time. Good to know it’s “normal” at this point.

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  7. Thank you! I’ve been exhausted both physically and mentally as of late. My awareness is expanding so rapidly as I deal with every emotion I have through the my days. I often think about the pupa in the cocoon and how it must be such a confusing time. I also worry about the newly formed butterfly drying its wings as it is easily caught by a predator as it adjusts. I guess that I am feeling vulnerable at leaving my heart so wide open and not protecting myself with fear and anxiety which I have released. Thank you for this encouraging post as I shed my 3D life for a 5D existence. xx

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  8. Thanks Jenny… your work….your insight makes this process SO much easier to understand….look forward to receiving your postings…..

    Blessings to you, Beverly

    On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 6:30 PM, ~ Channeling the Masters ~ wrote:

    > Jenny Schiltz posted: ” So many are wanting to know when this energy is > going to let up. I wish I had an easy answer but the truth is that it is > not. What will change is how it makes you feel. Your body will adjust to > these higher frequencies as soon as it is able. So” >

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  10. wow, thank you. I have had a recurrence of shingles, kidney issues and a static migraine induced seizure. All of this since February 11. The flu like symptoms and extreme fatigue have heightened this week with the shingles. Your insight makes so much sense. I have not been resisting anything but rather letting everything happen at Godspeed. I know I am finally healing wounds from several lifetimes. Thank you again for your post.



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  15. Sat Nam Anne… Hope you are enjoying your day! More info… Enjoy and lots of love, Rose >


  16. There is no words to tell you how much I appreciate all that you give of yourself Jenny. Your messages always clarify and support my process of integration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  17. Thank you so much for your messages! Knowing there is no such thing as coincidences, I was led to this article and it hit deep home. I tried to take other explanations, but they only scratched the surface. Yes, I had a lot going on and yes, it was a week of feeling uncertainty and insecurity. But nothing to shake me so tremendously. I feel dizzy, the tones in my ears are increasing and louder. Feeling tired and needy of sleep yet with a tension I am not able to let go of. My knowing is dimmed and foggy.
    With love and appreciation, Natascha


  18. Thank you, I was needing to read this. Last year it was bad I was sick to my stomach with headaches. I again started having the same feelings after a visit two days ago. Its not as bad this time. I was wondering if this was normal. So thank you.

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  19. I am glad it helped! This process is really something and it does shake us to our core. Looking forward to my body adjusting to these higher frequencies.


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  21. Thank you. That first sentence was all I needed to see going by on Facebook. We’ve got this, folks! hugs all over rough seas lol


  22. I went through this process starting in 2004. I used to get severe headaches, sinus infections and nausea and dizziness. I learned that when I spoke to my body with loving reassurance about what was happening the symptoms moved on relatively quickly. After explaining to the body that it could assimilate new energies easily and effortlessly I now only have the conscious awareness of the changes happening…and for large shifts a little bit of tiredness. Try it…remember your cells hear your every thought intent and word and are always seeking perfect health. Your body will love you for loving it explaining to it and encouraging it. Love and easy assimilation to you all 😊😊💚💚