Energy Update: Facing the Fears Hidden Deep Within




One of my clients described the energy perfectly, it’s like we are in the boxing ring in the dark and we don’t know when the next hit is coming. Some of the energy blasts may affect you and some may not. Days you feel OK, your friends might be a mess. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this, but in the grand scheme, things are progressing perfectly.  It’s not uncommon for the guides to tell me they feel that someone is doing great only for the client to tell me that it’s been a horrible week. Their perspective is that sometimes our darkest moments, when we feel like quitting is when we are often releasing the most density and expanding our capacity to hold our soul.  It does not matter if you are just beginning or if you are bringing in additional layers to your soul, we are all continuing to clear our stuff. What changes is the speed in which we clear and our perception as we grow.

The magnetic field went down over the weekend and it is going to have moments of continued weakness. This lessening of the magnetic field will allow more to come into our personal energy field, it is the game changer, as it will speed up the crystalline process.  As this process continues, we will be clearing more and more. Think on the crystals as your personal projector. They magnify and send out all that you are, your frequency, your love, and your soul wishes. The more we become crystalline, the more we are able to send out. Our density is like mud on the projector and it changes what we put out. The more we clear the layers and density, the more we project with purity. It is each one of us, projecting our frequency and love clearly that will help to change all those around us.

Physically this will bring exhaustion that seems to hit out of nowhere and joint pain as more of our crystalline nature is activated. With this you will find major blasts to the heart chakra. These can be quite uncomfortable, breathe through them. If you feel that you need to cry, cry. Just get it all out.  All chakras are going to expand or open with these energies. The well of dreams chakra at the back of the neck, the higher heart or thymus chakra and the ones at your temples may begin to open or expand.  Talk to your angels, ask them to help you by clearing, opening and expanding all your chakras.

The energy is pulling up anything that keeps us from walking in our power. At the same time we are working on balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within. These can bring up waves of anger that come bursting out and may feel uncharacteristic. Look deeper then what is on the surface. Ask to be shown exactly what is coming up. It’s important to dig it up, what we don’t acknowledge will come up in other ways to lead you back to the core issue. Anything that keeps you from your true self must go.

Over the weekend I had a spat with my husband, a silly disagreement over who would clean the kitchen and cook dinner when we were both exhausted. He made a comment to me that I had been tired a lot lately. For some reason this just nailed me to my core. It felt like judgement, like he didn’t see all that I do. The anger that burst forth from me was tremendous and he looked at me with wide eyes and told me to leave the kitchen he would do it.  The inner pain I felt was so deep and at first I looked at the surface level and my ego was just screaming that if he couldn’t see my worth, then I didn’t need to be in this relationship. At the same time my higher self was saying, don’t be silly, he has stood by your side, been your best friend and champion since you met him 24 years ago.  So I got quiet and said “Ok, what is this really about, what do I need to see?”

I was instantly transported back to a scene where my parents were fighting. There method of fighting was brutal. They knew each other’s weakness and went for it, tearing each other down. This wasn’t a rarity in my home. I saw myself as a sensitive child taking it all in, silently praying they would divorce so that there could be peace.  Then it hit me… I have been waiting for my own relationship to turn into this. That scared child believed it was inevitable and has been waiting for the other shoe to drop. It didn’t matter that I have been married for 22 years and he has never torn me down. To the child, time doesn’t exist. I sobbed like a baby at the realization that after all these years I was holding a piece of me back. There was a piece of me that didn’t fully trust.  This had to come to light, to be dug up and acknowledged. When I had done inner child work previous, this had not come up. I wasn’t ready, now I am. You can’t walk in your power if you are unable to trust fully.  I asked how to heal this and was told “you already are.”

The next day I explained to my husband what I had learned, that it had nothing to do with him, but with my traumatized child within. He looked at me and said “The entire time we have been together the only one to tear you down has been you. You’ve been waiting for it to happen from me or someone else and the whole time you have done it to yourself.”  OMG, he was right.  I have been talking bad to myself before anyone else could do it to me.  I sat there and cried… not in sadness but in gratitude. I was grateful that all this came to light. I finally got it, saw the pattern and now I can heal it. I can talk to that little girl and let her know it is safe now, that what she saw wasn’t normal and it isn’t how love really is. She is safe.

I share this personal story because I know that I am not alone in discovering wounds and to show you how we have a choice when we are triggered. We can stay on the surface and see it from this level or we can go deeper and see the truth.  We have to stare our fears in the eye.

I was talking to my team about fears and they brought to mind one of the scariest movies I have ever seen “Open Water” a movie about a couple scuba diving with a group. They were left behind and were eaten by sharks.  I saw myself in the water and saw myself dipping below the water, opening my eyes to see if any sharks were coming.  They explained that so often people don’t face their fears and those fears become sharks coming from seemingly out of nowhere to bite off our legs.  That it is our job to name our fears, bring them to the light of day and deal with them. Really see them, even go into the worst case scenario if need be, to take away the fear of the unknown.  We have to see them, dig them out and take away the hold they have on us.  All that keeps us from our truest aspect must go.

I hope that all of you are doing well and doing the deep, necessary work as we progress full steam ahead.  This is a time when we are integrating all our aspects, timelines, and merging with our soul moment by moment.  Sending you and I all the love and blessings we can handle. ❤



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  2. Once again, Perfect timing. Many deep wounds of abandonment from my sister’s passing and the “checking out” of my parents have repeated over and over as I leave relationships before they have a chance to leave me. Just had these realizations this week. Now I can begin to heal. Thanks for all you do. ❤


  3. Hi Jenny. I want to thank you for giving a specific situation rather than just generalizing. This is soooo helpful. Puts into perspective our own seemingly mundane experiences.


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  5. Jenny, thank you for sharing your story! Blessings to you also, Ellen❤️

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  6. Thank you for this message and sharing your story. This has been a difficult week to my core, but I too saw the deeper wound from my guides and I am grateful. Glad to know I am not alone in it. Blessings and Love, Leigh


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  8. I have ? about how you said we need to call out our fears,name them to release their hold. Even our darkest! I frequently have catastrophic thoughts and try really hard not to focus or give them energy. Would you say to give them attention?


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  10. Yes I would. What are the fears you experience when having those thoughts. I use to dream that a huge tsunami would swamp the east coast. That wave I saw was not literal but a huge energy wave. I also went down a pretty dark road for a year with thoughts about, financial collapse, not enough food, revolution. I was miserable. Many of the blog posts you see today about all the bad stuff were out in 2012, I began to see through it. What I realized that underneath is a pure feeling of not trusting in the universe, in self. I was miserable and had to go deep into the fears before i chose to release them. Hope this helps.


  11. Thank you! Once again came at the perfect time for me. I keep getting clobbered by these waves despite knowing deep inside all will be well. They hit me extremely hard. Thank you for sharing and reminding me to dig deeper ask for clarification of the fear. And ask for help. Blessings,


  12. Thank you! Your specific story is the same as what I grew up living as a small child. It was just brought up yesterday, actually, when I was debating an article with a FB friend. My fear, of being left, is the same. I’ve assumed my spouse will stop loving me or cheat on me, when in reality, he is not that type of man.

    I also fear that I will inflict the same pain onto my children if my husband and I fight in front of them, or the pain that is created when I’ve yelled at them. (I’m thankful that this journey has made me more peaceful and the yell on my part is coming to an end.)

    I thank you deeply for your words! Sending you much love!


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  14. HI Jenny! I really like reading your posts! They are so informative and helpful! Gosh, what is going on in the past few days? I feel like I have been run over by a giant truck! I am trying not to have major anxiety about how I feel physically but it is hard. I am just wondering if anyone else is feeling this? I hope you are feeling well. Looking forward to your next channeling! Linda

    On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 10:58 AM, ~ Channeling the Masters ~ wrote:

    > Jenny Schiltz posted: ” One of my clients described the energy > perfectly, it’s like we are in the boxing ring in the dark and we don’t > know when the next hit is coming. Some of the energy blasts may affect you > and some may not. Days you feel OK, your friends might be a” >


  15. Hey Linda, I just posted a update that helps explain some of what is happening. So many are feeling the anxiety and it can be quite crushing. Do your best to stay grounded, hydrated, and calm


  16. I have had the same fear about inflicting my parents insanity on them as well. I’ve had to do lots of work forgiving myself especialy when I recreated the drama. We get through it day by day, opening our hearts and loving and forgiving more.