Energy Update ~ Quan Yin ~ 5-9-16


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Greetings! We come to you today to discuss what is happening currently with your ascension process. Things are progressing as they should and have sped up in some areas. Each person is experiencing their own path in these moments, no two experiences are alike. For this reason it is very important to stay in your truth and what fills your heart regardless of what is taking place around you.

While the energies are very intense and many feel battered, there has been great progress.  Each of you are in the process of integrating aspects of self and realizing just who you are and also learning who you are not. This is a never ending process as each soul makes their way back to the moment of creation. You may be exploring your past lives, lives lived on other planets, parallel worlds and timelines. Many are having vivid dreams as they process and bring to light this information. While much of what you receive may appear jumbled and without purpose, the soul understands and knows that subtle shifts in your reality are taking place. These shifts allow for density to leave and for the soul to ground further in the body.

These changes in your perception may bring forth great emotion that must be worked through and released. This is especially important as duality is playing out on your planet and coming to an end for those willing to take that leap. We say leap because it takes great risk to no longer see fault in another, within yourself, or in situations.  In order to completely leave duality behind you must see that all are simply playing roles and not all roles are viewed positively. Yet, it is often this dichotomy that allows people to see what they prefer in their life. It is not about right or wrong, but rather about choosing which frequency to reside in. Likewise, it is often the ones that are deemed the villain, the perpetrators that help to see where you hold judgment within. Understand that judgement towards another is also judgment towards self. We are asking you to take a look behind the curtain and see the soul within each person. When you do, you will find a bit of yourself in them.

As one integrates more and more of their true self, they may feel as if they are disconnected or lost. For many this is not actually the case, but rather it is one adjusting to their new location, new vibration, and new understanding. We recommend grounding your energy and also spending time in nature to help your form return to its natural balance. You may find that excessive noise and electronics increase the unwanted feeling. Allow yourself all the time that you need to feel secure in yourself again.

Some may also be experiencing a feeling of disconnection as if their guides, angels and team of helping beings have left them. Rest assured that they have not left, but rather have backed off to allow you to settle fully into the feeling of your own being. It is the removal of outside energy during a time when one must come to feel and know their own soul.  The most important relationship you will have is with your own soul. It feels foreign and many do not trust this feeling nor the guidance given. Therefore, your team may leave so that you are forced to rely on self, on your own innate knowledge. Once the integration has taken place, the relationship with your highest aspect clearly established, your team will return. Some will choose not to have them return, to only rely on the innate knowledge, as part of their experience.  Understand that even with that choice, your helping team is still available and you are not alone.

The crystalline process is continuing and many are feeling the effects within the body. As the physical form changes to accommodate the light codes coming in, many are experiencing joint pain, exhaustion and body aches. Bloating is common as well as the gasses within the body are released as each layer of your being is changed: your cells and DNA.  Many are finding that what use to work for them in terms of nutrition, exercise, and sleep no longer do. Allow yourself the flexibility to change without going into worry that something is wrong. Listen to and communicate with your body. It needs great love at this time as it is your vehicle that allows your soul to come onto this plane and manifest your new reality.

With great love and respect,

Quan Yin


Personal Questions:

Me: I have noticed that my root chakra has been blocked off and on the past few weeks. I would check it with a pendulum when I would feel all bottled up, on the verge of anger, tears, or some type of explosion and saw that it was closed. I would then ask that the chakra open, feel it opening and spinning and then a giant release would come over me. I could even feel the energy moving down the body. Is chakra’s getting blocked, spinning improperly normal at this time?

Quan Yin: Yes, it is normal. At times the chakras may become unbalanced while you are in transition from one frequency to another. It is also an indicator of what may be taking place emotionally as you integrate all of your aspects. As you do this review on a subconscious level, it is not uncommon for fears to rise, it is this density that must be released. Being aware of your chakras and seeing it as a channel for energy to flow will help you greatly during this time.

Me:  I was thinking on the power that we have and how we must use it consciously. We have the capacity to give love far and wide shifting the frequency. We also can do the opposite by thinking things like “they will get what they deserve” “Karma will get them” etc. It is these thoughts with the intention that another feel pain or divine retribution that shift the frequency to one we don’t like.  It was then that I realized that I must send love to all, regardless of the situation because it is the only way to change things. It was an epiphany that hit me hard, I felt things shifting and releasing. Within moments my stomach acted up and I was in the bathroom. Why does that happen?

Quan Yin: Understanding your power and using it with the greatest intention is a very important lesson. It is realizing your importance, your role and embracing it with maturity. Once such great understanding is reached, density is released. For some density is released through the bowels for others it is through tears, sweat or the need for movement.

Me:  I seem to be having moments where I just feel like I’m a zombie. Not only is it exhaustion, but just this feeling of needing to be still. I find myself wanting to be quiet and just observe instead of interacting. There are also times when my joints really ache, particularly my knees.  What can I do to ease this?

Quan Yin: You need more water. As your body is becoming crystalline your organs are having to work harder to flush impurities from your body. This requires rest and more fluids, particularly clean water. It is very important to get in touch and communicate with your body, to understand the normal rhythm so that when changes come about you can infer if it is a problem needing attention or a momentary event.  Listening to your body in these moments will help ease your symptoms.  When your knees ache, your root chakra may not be functioning to move the energy through as it should. Understand that you receive energy from above and below. Any blocks to this flow will manifest as pain in the body. Tune in and listen.

Me: Thank you for all your help and guidance

Quan Yin: It is with great love that it is my pleasure to do so.

I hope that my questions have helped you as they have helped me. Sending us all the love and blessings that we can handle. ❤  THANK YOU to all who share this work! It means the world.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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  2. Part of me wants to comment that this shift is taking FOREVER! I slept so much last night. My productiveness seem to have gone to zero today. I did originally have plans for today. Maybe I need to get on the bus to somewhere.


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  4. Hi Jenny:
    This is a timely blog as I am on the precipice of trying to end relationships that I am no longer aligned with. Challenge is how to do this while leaving others with grace, dignity, and love…..not burning any bridges….but effectively ending the relationship. Any ideas?


  5. Keep your heart chakra open and your inner voice aligned with your highest self. This will tame the ego and hopefully allow you to leave with grace. You can’t change how another perceives what is happening so just do what feels right inside. Good luck!


  6. Thank-you! 🙂 So happy to get this info…I’ve been having strange sleep patterns, extreme bloating at times, also extremes in hunger and how much rest I need. Exhausted but can’t seem to sleep deeply, then fall into a comatose-like sleep. LOL. Very strange indeed! The other day I felt “high”, kind of spacey and/or dizzy…and I needed to lie down. Almost like I took a sleeping pill or something. I konked out for an hour and a half…though I would have sworn I couldn’t even fall asleep. I think I need to remember to drink more water as well. Sometimes I can’t seem to drink much, and at other times, very thirsty. Roller coaster fun! 🙂 Thanks again for the great messages.


  7. I’m glad that it helped. The bloating for me has been quite intense this past week. It’s my least favorite symptom! lol Laying down when the dizziness starts is key, its not hard to fall when you don’t feel attached to the earth 🙂

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  8. I know I just keep repeating myself, but what can I possibly do ?!?: you are amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you !!! yes I felt/feel disconnected and lost, but I struggle to hold tight on to Love and Hope – eventually, it works 🙂


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  10. Around 4am I woke up to the sound of crystal singing bowls, well very similar. I though I was going crazy but other people heard it too! As if the earth was singing through the early morning sky. All today I have felt very disconnected. Like I don’t know who I really am. Its a weird feeling Not particularly comfortable. I tried grounding myself today by exercising but still felt bizzare.


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  12. Spot on as usual. This is quite a process and I find myself apologizing to family all the time about my lack of energy and/or pain. If I don’t say anything and keep it to myself then certain family members feel as though I’m avoiding being around them and an uncomfortableness sets in. If I do mention my fatigue or discomfort, they think I’m complaining. It’s becoming a vicious circle and I don’t know what to do about it.


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  14. It is very hard. You can’t change how others see you, but you can change how you see it. It is ok not to feel good and ok to not want to be around people and their energy. Once you see it as loving yourself and absolutely necessary for your growth to rest and care for yourself, then their opinions will not hold as much weight. What if you had Fibro or MS? It’s not visible to others but very real. Just stay true to you and what you need. Sending you love.


  15. That is very cool! There is nothing quite like the sound of crystal bowls 🙂 You need to ground into your body. Literally say “I ground my soul into my body from my head to my toes” feel yourself settle in. From this place you can ground into the earth. I hope it helps!


  16. Thank you so much for this !! I am really feeling…lost and alone..and after reading all of this..and all the sharing..symptoms..ect..I am feeling more at ease. I have been experiencing many emotions..and some anger…along with days of crying…again…am glad for this blog! I am so grateful to you! I must say…this is Amazing..really…we are all here at this most awesome shift…as it truly is a ride!…Roller Coaster Indeed!


  17. Jenny, I Do have both MS AND fibro. And RA. Lol.
    I’m a psychic Medium and my family understands me for the most part but it’s hard to explain when my body is adjusting to changes as opposed to experiencing symptoms from the above diagnosis. They all want to do something as a family and more often then not I won’t join them. Crowds and me don’t mix well…. For obvious reasons. I understand how they feel and hold no judgement but when those weepy times creep up, this stuff adds to it. Does that make sense?
    In any event, I appreciate what you do and am grateful for all the ove and assistance you offer so many people!


  18. Thank you. It defiantly does. I have always been told to ground myself by numerous light workers but the Aries in me gets impatient Haha. I will do this now though as with these energies I tend to feel more “off the planet” Haha ❤


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