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We come today with a very important message. The next phase as you move towards the solstice will be one of deep growth and revelation. The energies will be pushing all of humanity forward and changing each of you deeply should you allow. You are being purged of all that is not in alignment, of all that stands in the way of merging with your soul.

Never before has it been more important to love yourself completely to undo all the years of conditioning and beliefs that you have accumulated throughout your lifetimes. Your soul can not merge fully with a vessel full of self-doubt and self-hate. You must look at all the ways you do not honor yourself, the ways in which you sabotage or hold yourself back and the reasons you give to support this decision. What are the fears that surface when you think of putting yourself first? Of loving yourself completely without exception? What do you fear when you think of loving yourself in all the ways that you have wished to be loved throughout your life? Is it possible that you have a fear of what you will become? A fear of the power and connection that you sense deep within you? Understand that only through loving yourself is your full potential able to be unleashed.

It is you who must determine what loving yourself completely looks like. For some the honoring of self will include exercise and a cleaner diet for others it will be allowing one’s self the rest needed to complete this transition with ease.  For some it will be allowing yourself to take steps towards a dream, for others it can be drastic changes such as leaving employment or relationships that hinder your growth. What all must achieve on the journey towards self-love is the mastering of thoughts, of the quiet ways that one sabotages, berates, and belittles themselves. These must come to light, made fully conscious so that they can be changed moment by moment.

Many fear that to put themselves first would be selfish. To this we say – Good! Be selfish!  We know that once you allow yourself to be filled completely by self-love that you will also be filled with Source energy. For you see to love yourself completely is to love yourself as Source loves you. From this place of wonderful healing you will find yourself able to do and give more than you ever have before.  Yet, you will also be filled with the gift of knowing that not all are ready to be helped and that to take on another’s burden may interfere with the intended lesson it was meant to teach. No longer will you feel taken for granted or taken advantage of, for your deep love of self will not allow it. You will also understand that by simply loving one’s self completely you become the example for others to do the same, helping to bring about radical shifts.  When you fear that doing what is best for you and your growth is selfish, we ask: Where did you learned such a thing? Find the origin, unravel the truth and set yourself free.

Allow yourself the freedom to grow and experience all this life has to offer without judging yourself or circumstances as good or bad. Trust and know that all is happening as it should, for your highest good at all times. See this all as a treasure hunt to find the most valuable prize, your true self. Know that we see you as perfect, whole and healed, we see your soul. It is time for you to see this as well.

With deep love and admiration,

Quan Yin

Personal Questions:

Me: I feel that on this journey I have been in this place before, where I have learned to love myself, but now I am seeing clearly ways that I am still not honoring myself.

Quan Yin: Yes, you will find that as with all things of such magnitude that it happens in layers. In each moment you uncover more about yourself, your patterns, your conditioning, and the fears you carry. To revisit an issue previously thought healed is not an indication of failure, but of growth. Each of you will only be able to access what is ready to be seen and released.

Me:  My thoughts and perceptions of things are really becoming obvious. I was driving down the road when a rock flew up and cracked my windshield. My first thought was “Crap! I must have gotten out of the flow for this to happen.” But that didn’t feel right even as I was thinking it. Later that night I meditated and met with my team of guides and expressed my concern and was told “Being in the flow does not mean that things do not happen in your life. It is your reaction to these events that determines if you stay in the flow or not.” They went on to say that blame oneself for events deemed as unpleasant does more to remove you from the flow than anything. That to see error is to not understand that events happen as they should and all are intended to move you forward. So though I can’t “see” it, this inconvenience is helping me – maybe it was designed to show me where I was beating myself up.

Quan Yin: Yes, this speaks to the thoughts that must be recognized and unraveled. It speaks to the deep trust that is needed to move through this process. Your soul is always working to provide you with opportunities to grow and reach your potential. To see all things in this light will help you to feel that you or another is to blame when things appear to go wrong. 

Me:  This process seems to be speeding up, requiring more sleep and times of quiet. I have also had this interesting contradiction of feeling more connected yet moments of disconnection at the same time.

Quan Yin: The disconnect you feel is simply the moments when you have moved forward, changed your frequency and the need to establish new footing. Grounding into the new reality helps to ease this transition. Purposeful connection with source energy, flooding your being with this will help as well.

I hope that my questions have helped you as they have helped me. Sending us all the love and blessings that we can handle.  THANK YOU to all who share this work! It means the world.



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  3. Recently my husband decided to go on a 100 km (64 mile) “race” on bicycle. There was a fair amount of preparation ie training and upgrading the bike. On his way down the day before, he not only was rear-ended (not his fault) but let his blood sugar get low and had another incident (not serious but could have been) related to his truck that could have been avoided. I found myself here at home getting annoyed initially because it seemed that all our hope for a good ride was going down the drain. Then I had a change of heart/mind! I told him that ,despite all the goof-ups, he didn’t need to lose confidence or assume that it was a foreshadowing of the race ahead. As it turned out, it went fine and I realized that I had the “power” to not allow circumstances to dictate how I felt things were going. To bolster him up (and myself/others) by holding on to the “goal” which in this case was having a good first time ever tour! Later he told me it made a difference. I’m not sure how this relates to this particular message but it does indicate that our inner reality does not have to always be so affected by the outer and I am applying this to a friend whose daughter just got a cancer diagnosis- I am telling the mom to hang on to the picture of her daughter as healthy in her mind/heart.
    Thank you- I know it’s been a long reply!-Heidi T.


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  5. Hi Jenny! Thanks for all the wonderful insights! Thanks Quan Yin as well! We are all perfect imperfections. This is what makes us unique. Just recognising incidents as possible indicators of potentials instead of taking things to heart is a huge step forward for all of us. Be connected to your heart at all times, it will not steer you wrong….huge hugs, and Blessings to you, Barbara xxxxx


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  7. As always, life is a journey. One wishes for a rescue of having more money then one can spend. I am a little unsure of my path. My Doctor turned around and refused my medication decrease. I will not be able to see a new one until August. Yet, I have to be completely transparent with everyone. So I am afraid it would take an open minded Doctor to listen to me. I just know I have to try.


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