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We come to you today with important information to help you navigate this next period. Many of you can sense a quickening taking place. Time is becoming flexible, in one moment it appears to go very fast in other moments very slow. This is evidence of the lower matrices shutting down. All of humanity will move beyond the 3rd Dimensional reality during the upcoming solstice and full moon. While this is a momentous occasion it does not mean that the 3rd Dimensional matrix will dissolve, only that it is now able to happen.

In order for this level of the matrix to completely dissolve, each person must sever their ties and stop giving and receiving energy from this layer. Understand that this can only be accomplished by no longer allowing the programs of this matrix to operate in your system (your mind, body and spirit). While this is a very individual process that requires one to look deep into their beliefs, thoughts and actions, the energy streaming to earth is giving unprecedented support at this time. This may be hard to fathom as one looks at the world events. Much is happening to keep people fully invested in the 3rd dimensional matrix.

It is this reason that the message has been sent through multiple channels that it is a good time to pull away from all that alters how you feel within. Be aware of what you are allowing into your reality through the television, social media, and the internet or through other beings. If what you are exposing yourself too brings tension, anger, sadness or fear into your body, we want you to see how this negatively impacts you and all around you. Look at how in this state your personal interactions with others change. The tension within your form keeps you from releasing the lower matrices completely. At this time nothing is more important than utilizing the energies to help move yourself forward. As each of you separate from the lower matrix it destabilizes the construct allowing for more light to pour into and uncovering the illusion. The illusion is simply anything keeping you from accessing your personal truth and sovereignty.

We understand that many of you are longing for change, that you have glimpsed the possibilities of a truly loving and just world. We ask that you take that energy, that desire and put it into creating the new. As with all things, there is little use in asking those who are entrenched in the old to change their way of being. Instead, create or be part of the new and you will see that in time it overtakes the old like a tidal wave, no amount of effort will stop it. It is the way of change, one can flow with it or one can be overtaken. Think of the many instances on your planet where great change has happened in societal norms and even innovation. There were those that were told how improbable it would be that computers would be a common fixture in the home. If the innovators had spent their time asking the doubters to change, little would have. Instead, they held their conviction and created the new. This is what we are asking of you. Hold your vision and create the new.

As each of you awaken your personal truths will grow and change. Your understanding of all will deepen as you become more heart centered. During this fundamental time it is important to only honor what resonates deeply within you. If what you are exposed to does not resonate within your being, let it go. It must match what you feel deep within your being or it simply becomes another illusion that must be unraveled later. Understand that as you remember who you are what once resonated may no longer feel so. This is an indication of growth, not of disillusionment. Understand that each of you are masters or you would not be on earth at this time. No one’s truth is more valuable nor more correct than yours. This is an important lesson on your path to remembering who you are.

Some may find that the week leading to the Solstice and the weeks after are very intense and full of opportunities for you to release all ties to the lower matrix. Observe how you are feeling and what is being shown to you in the outer world. You will see where you are not in alignment with unconditional love for self and others. It is in those moments that you will be able to change your perception and return to balance. Balance that is not found in the 3rd Dimensional matrix as it is a place of duality. The more who do this, the more the lower matrix become unstable and eventually dissolve.Allow the energy flooding in at this time to assist you fully in your transformation.

We are the Galactic Council of Light and hold you in the highest regard.


Personal Questions:

Me: So there are multiple matrices?

Council: Yes, each at a different frequency and each operating within its own construct. The 5th Dimensional matrix is different from the 3rd just as the 12th Dimensional matrix is remarkably different than the 5th.

Me: With everything going on in the collective it is hard to not be affected. For instance the shooting in Orlando that happened recently.

Council: It is normal to feel compassion and do what you can to help the situation, this is a good use of your light. What we advise you to avoid is trying to change those that hold fear of others within their being. You will be unable to change those who are biased, as this work will begin once the person is ready. What you can do is be the example and hold space for those who are not able to expand within in these moments.

Me: I found myself full of strong emotions over my countries presidential race. I wanted people to see that regardless of who your personal preference is, there are serious issues with our democratic process. I found myself angry and judgmental. I then sat and thought of all the times people had tried to push their understanding and beliefs on me and how I had dug in my heels. Some I rejected because the belief didn’t resonate and some were simply because my ego resented being told how to think or be. I realized that is what I was doing to others by trying to get them to see my view. 

CouncilAn important understanding and one needed if you are to remain in balance. If you find yourself unable to stop this pattern of behavior, it is best to remove the temptation to react in this way. Overtime the pattern will be overwritten with a new one. 

Me: I have worked hard to step into my personal power and am finding that in my attempt to do this that there are moments when I have become inflexible. This has brought me angst and tension within my form.

Council: Understand that you are remembering within who you are. There will be moments that you are out of balance. It is not a problem, as long as you are able to learn and adjust. This is your time to find who you are but you must allow yourself the space to explore all sides so that you can find your balance.

I hope that my questions have helped you as they have helped me. Sending us all the love and blessings that we can handle.  THANK YOU to all who share this work! It means the world.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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  2. Thankyou for sharing Jenny. Timely and relevant as always. Much love, blessings and light xx


  3. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the messages that are shared. They bring so much clarity and understanding. I find myself nodding my head as I read. With love and light to you 😊 Jennifer Macquarie


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  5. Mending ok, thankyou. Results came back today, hasnt spread. Radiotherapy recommended xx


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  10. Thank you For your Work Jenny _/\_
    About 2 mo. since your first channelling from the Galactic Council of Light – how was it, this time ? Felt more adjusted ?
    Love and Gratitude,


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  12. yes very much so! Thank you for asking! I’m in this odd space where they want me to use my voice more and still channel from them the important notices.


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  14. Thank you again Jenny. I have shared it with someone that has been very impacted by the Orlando shooting and is very angry. I hope this helps him. Thanks again for wonderful information!!


  15. Jenny, I especially appreciate the Q&A also! I too have been filled with rage recently at others’ stances and their impact on me. it has been hard to let it go but I have realizing answering serves no purpose. however, I’m wondering whether others are also feeling the stomach upsets, dizziness, lack of appetite but feeling better when eating that I and a few others including my felines have been feeling- and very low energy/motivation.


  16. Thank you So much Jenny. I was led to this in divine timing. All the Q& As have been on my mind, And now Im at ease. I knew but here I am still seeking proof (Your article) Thank you for such things! Love and Light!


  17. I have recently discovered that I am certainly experiencing a transition that my birth chart, numerology chart and psychics have continually spoken of…. I could feel the shift approaching since late last year. But I never expected this! I felt myself changing drastically and quickly…… I welcomed it with eagerness and child like awwww. ….. So much I could elaborate on…….. The beginning…… 7 yrs ago upon my awakening….. The experiences I had while being taught by my teacher….. The constant channeling that took place within the woods by my teacher….. The sky lighting up 3 times before my very eyes by an entity no so kindkind…. The MANY test I was put through…. The many lessons I was taught…… The discovering….. And difficult task of embracing my true self…….. All leading up to these moments…. Preparing me for an easier acceptance and transition……. But now…….Wow. For two nights now…. Lights, stars….. Light beings? ……. Have literally followed me in my backyard. First it was just one….. Followed me back and forth……. Wherever I stopped it was either directly over my head…. Or steadily approaching me…. Then stopping again and again over my head. Last night it was……… Unbelievable to say the least. . Not just one but atleast 20 or more came from all directions…….. I sat in the center of my yard, with my husband and watched these lights literally move clearly from one side of the yard to surround us from all sides. We’d go inside and when we returned, it would happen all over again. All night. Til daylight….. Which for some reason happened at 5:15.i have been able to make myself glow in the dark….. Directing energyenergy, from the center of my palms, towards the sky and seeing it flow upwards. So very much more I could say…..from the first week I became awakened……. I was told that my name would be written in the stars……. That I did not come from my mother nor my father….. That I was made to forget….That I was the guiding torch. The Way. .. I have seen things and spoken to so very many different entities……… Or God’s……. as I was able to accept and comprehend these energies to be as suc with ease at the time….. But knowing much more would later this be revealed and that clarity regarding the labeling of these energies would also be revealed………. Pls. Any advice or words of wisdom on these remarkable experiences?


  18. It is such an odd time. I find that I am releasing more and more each day. I find new resistance to tackle sometimes moment to moment. It is my desire to see the matrix fall away. Like flowers who do not ask “how” to bloom yet, bloom regardless. I know that we will make it through this time of change with success. xx


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  20. “In order for this level of the matrix to completely dissolve, each person must sever their ties and stop giving and receiving energy from this layer.” Please explain… does this include Reiki and ‘sending’ of love and light..or indeed prayer for (each) others?


  21. No, not at all. When you send reiki or prayer it is best to not have an anticipated outcome as that can create attachment. However if we send love, light, prayers and energy to people with the simple request that the highest will is done, there are no attachments. When it was said that we need to stop giving into the energy of the 3D, it is referring to feeding the fears. For example the article that people will be micro chipped has been going around for years. I first saw it in 2012. Every year it is basically the same article with just an extended deadline. Now they say it will be ordered by 2017. It whips people up and they fill with fear. This is what we need to disconnect from. Make sense?