Lion’s Gate Energy Lifting the Veils.




So much is happening energetically at this time. The incredibly powerful Lions Gate energies are building. For some this energy is knocking them down. Lots of sleep as the body is processing these upgrades. Some are finding themselves in full blown detox mode with stomach upset, nausea, headaches and all over body aches. Some, like myself are finding themselves grounded so that we are still. I fell off my bike and the subsequent knee injury has slowed me down considerably. While annoying, it allows me the “excuse” to rest and integrate, something I don’t do enough. It can’t be said enough that sometimes pain helps us to ground in the body. It keeps us from floating too far above by keeping our focus on/in the body. When we are completely grounded in the body, integration of the codes is much easier.

There is an action component to this energy. A stepping into your power.  It is pushing us to DO. For some this push will give them the courage to release all that stuff carried that simply doesn’t match the soul’s vibration. For other’s they find the ideas and inspiration flowing and opening (finally!). For some the action is simply the desire to play, to laugh, to be pure joy.

This energy is also blasting the veils that keep us steeped in this reality. Contact is being made on so many levels. Some is really obvious but for most it is subtle and we have to be aware to get the messages. Even though I have the ability to hear and see guides and angels I don’t get answers to things unless I ask. To tell me everything I want to know without my asking violates my free will and since I don’t want to spend my time asking non-stop questions they send me messages and clues in other ways too. My job is to be present and aware enough to see them.

I’ve been shown that often the guides feel as if they are on a boat on top of the water and we are below the surface attached to a tube. What they send us often gets garbled and misunderstood. As we rise to the surface (clearing our density) the information gets clearer and clearer. Therefore, they use many techniques to send us information.

Angel Numbers

These are referred to as the Awakening codes because a person starts to see the 111’s 222’s etc. Once a person starts paying attention to the numbers the fun begins. The angels will start sending numbers in different sequences that have specific messages. I even heard in a dream one night “angel number 225” repeated many times to make sure I remembered upon waking.  Simply google “Angel number ___” and sites that give detailed messages pop up.

Animal messages

Animals give us so many messages if we are just observant. Often passed loved ones will send birds and butterflies, but your Ascension team uses this method too.  You may receive dreams of certain animals and though they seem bizarre it is a clue to look up the animal to receive a message. Google “spirit animal _______”. Many sites will come up. I recommend reading a few as they each have different little nuggets of info. Read until you find the one that makes you understand the message.

Last October I was working and this fly wouldn’t leave me alone. I don’t get many flies where we are in Colorado and my office was in the basement. At first I was annoyed, but then I realized how persistent this little bugger was. It landed on my computer screen, my typing hands, even my nose. Finally I said “OK! I’ll look it up”. Fly’s message was that things were changing quickly within the next two weeks as that is how long it takes to mature from a maggot to a fly.  I didn’t know what questions to ask as so much could have been changing, so I didn’t bother to pelt my guides with questions. Instead I decided to be aware and wait. I didn’t have to wait long. Less than 24 hours later I was told my grandmother had to be hospitalized. She passed within 15 days of the fly visiting me. Fly gave me the heads up and I was able to book a flight and see her in her final days.  What was also interesting is that after I looked it up, the fly went away.


Water is simply amazing. Not only will it help to clear your aura but it helps us receive messages so much clearer. It’s not uncommon for people to get a message or an idea while in the shower. This may feel like just another thought, but it’s not. I often recommend that when you are feeling rough that you take a bath with sea salt and crystals. These help to clear the aura and magnify the connection. It’s a wonderful place to meditate and hear within your heart the answers you need.

Deep Breaths

Deep Breathing is really important. Often when we are stressed we take shallow breaths, blocking the flow of communication. Some choose to do this through medication but it can also be achieved through exercise. Opening the lungs, taking the big deep breaths opens up the channel of communication. This is one of the reasons when a person finishes exercising they may have come to a conclusion regarding something bothering them or simply feel peace where before there was none. You received guidance that you understood and processed on a subconscious level. The endorphins released when exercising is awesome too.


This is such a powerful tool. These appear as things working out perfectly, a person saying exactly what we needed to hear (passed loved ones use this pathway too.) or hearing an idea or suggestion multiple times from different sources. There are no coincidences, everything is designed to assist us to grow and move forward on our journey. We just have to connect the dots, like one big scavenger hunt.


Sound is simply vibration that can help to raise our frequency and pull out things that need acknowledging and releasing. The type of music you listen to doesn’t matter, even instrumental pieces can hit you in the right spot. For me, I find that it isn’t generally the whole song but a particular lyric that gets me.  It gives me clues to what it is that I am releasing and also clues to where I am heading. For example:

Rhianna came out with a song entitled FourFiveSeconds, there is a lyric that says “Cause all of my kindness is taken for weakness”. This was during a time when I was releasing all the pain caused by my need to give and give regardless of cost to self

Right before the X-wave in September the song by Sean Mendes Stitches came out and the line “Got a feeling that I’m going under, but I know I’ll make it alive”  It was letting me know that I would be doing deep integration, deep clearing.

The next one that got me was the song Unsteady by x-ambassadors. The lyrics “hold onto me, cause I’m a little unsteady…. If you love me, don’t let go” really hit what I was feeling. unsteady, a little insecure and the lyrics helped me to realize that I need to open up to my husband, explain what was happening within me. So glad I did.

Another time, I had been working with the Galactic Federation, bringing up my vibration so that I could properly channel their messages. I was doing better and better each time I reached toward the goal. One day I felt knocked down by the energies and went to lay down. I dreamed that the main being I was working with pulled up in my car to where I was standing and was blasting the radio. The song playing was Andy Grammer’s song Good to be Alive “I think I found my hallelujah, I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, Now all my dreams are coming true, ya I’ve been waiting for this moment It’s good to be alive right about now” He then turned off the radio and told me congratulations, I had achieved my goal.

These are just a few ways your team utilizes to contact you, whatever it is for you, is perfect. The most important component is having and expressing gratitude for the messages. Send a shout out to your team “Message received! Thank you”. This lets them know that the method worked and it is a good avenue to send you a message. The more you do this, the channels of communication will strengthen and you will naturally become more observant.

Allow these energies to help you with your own personal connection. Sending you all lots of love, blessings and healing.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all who share this work, especially those honoring the contribution by keeping the links intact. ❤


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21 responses

  1. Talk about synchronicity with your post today! Last night I had a dream with multiple lions in it. I have no obvious or timely reason to be dreaming of lions (such as just having watched a movie or television about lions, etc.) and in fact, rarely dream of animals. The interesting thing was, the lions were near my (weird dream not actual) home, in my front and back yard, not chasing or threatening me. However, I did not want them to come into the house, so I was making sure doors/windows were closed while they were around. Then two lions (a male/female pair) appeared to be dead, but were in fact injured and still alive and allowed me to approach them to check on them. A final third lion then charged right past me, through the house (despite my efforts to keep doors closed) to attack the injured couple. I yelled out for it to halt or stop to no avail, and woke up at that moment.

    Thank you for the reminder to look up the lion as my spirit animal, which I’ve done, and see what lessons and messages might be here for me.


  2. wow, that was quite a dream! Interesting what the interpretation will be. You had a pair that were injured, though trying to come in and one that just busted through regardless of your fear. hmmmm


  3. As always….what a great post and so needed. I LOVE the scavenger hunt description…it really does make all things matter and know that every thought and action is part of your plan. Much love to you always, Marlena 💗💗


  4. Weeelll . . . so many possible interpretations Jenny, but a pretty obvious one is this: I am finally divorced after a 24 year marriage that was, in its final years, absolutely on life support! After two years of transition through separation, the actual process of divorce, and the attendant all-too-common “crazy” period of trying out different new relationships post-separation, I am now uninvolved with anyone, celibate, single, healing, and investing much-needed time in getting to know myself, growing and becoming whole. It’s long overdue – like – 24 years overdue. So has there been a rebirth? You bet. Has my higher self come charging in to put the old, dead and dying out of its misery? No doubt 🙂


  5. (combine with other reply please). Have I at long last stepped into my power and become free of co-dependence? Yes. Has my ego died in service (finally) to essence? It feels that way. That’s about all the interpretation I need but as I mentioned, always welcome to more perspectives 🙂


  6. Thanks so much Jenny for this article! You come out with such important information, which we desperately need right now! I can’t tell you how many times the angels send music to me in my dreams. Sometimes I wake up with a song booming in my head that makes me feel so relaxed and peaceful and happy. I’ve had this happen so many times now, I even tell the angels to do it more often since it can really transform my whole day for the better. Also, a few times I’ve woken up with angelic music or a chorus of 1000’s of angel’s singing some type of amazing opera or something like that so sometimes they give me I guess “music of the sphere’s” where I just feel like floating away. It’s amazing how many different ways they send messages to us and let us know they love us! Thanks for the tips in this article!


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  10. Hi Jenny,
    Quite amazed reading your article and coming across you falling of your bike and injuring your knee…..the exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Know i need to slow down but have been struggling to surrender….on which i’m experincing headaches that made me realize last night that there is actually a fear to be in my body…..and i do a lot to be stay ‘out of it’. And then this morning i read your post about grounding and slowing down. Thank you, it helps me to give in and listen more conciously to my body and the signals aroud me.


  11. Yeah it is quite a lesson to learn. I also think with these intense energies I have a tendency to ungrounded very quickly. Pain in the body helps keep me on too.


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  13. Hi, Jenny!

    This afternoon sitting outside in the sunshine to gather some vitamin D, a beautiful Monarch butterfly flew over my head, literally. I have not seen a beautiful butterfly since being in Texas for my Mom’s funeral in June. It was really surreal and cool!!! ALL of her live flowers had a butterfly on the raffia ribbon, so every time I see a butterfly I think of my Mom. It is truly a cool and beautiful presence. Love to you ❤ Excited for the future!!!


  14. Thanks so much Jenny! This was a timely reminder for me to notice more around me! I am aware of animal guides and angel numbers, but have not really listened to music….I might try it out! Thanks for everything you share! Love it all! Angel hugs and blessings, Barbara xxxxx


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