The Accelerated Timeline has been Chosen




We come with the exciting news that indeed the accelerated timeline has been chosen. Each of your higher selves were questioned and the consensus was that as a whole, humanity is ready for this big step. The higher energies have begun already and those most sensitive among you are already feeling the shift.  It is important that each of you bring forth the highest possible reality within your own personal being. To consciously make sure that all of your being, your thoughts, words and deeds reflect the highest timeline, one of full embodiment.

The greatest concern at this time is the amount of fear based information that is circulating. Understand that this information can be helpful in that it triggers within you what needs to be healed and changed. However, it can also serve to keep your vibration lower as the feelings of powerlessness will keep you locked into a pattern of victimhood. You must know that nothing can harm you as there are none that have dominion over an embodied soul. Your task is to embody all that you are. In the moments that you are presented with information regarding imminent doom whether it is financial, political, or environmental realize that you are safe and all is happening as it should. Throughout earth’s history there have always been rises and falls in cultures, economics, and great changes within the earth’s form and yet man has always persevered. As a fully embodied soul, you will do more than simply survive. You will find that while things still happen around you, you are able to maintain a calm knowing that all is fine and you will be provided for in each moment.

The acceleration will put all through tests to see who can lead by example. Who can maintain their vibration when all around seems to become more extreme?  Who will be able to alter another’s frequency by simply being the calm in the storm? These are the skills that will be tested and are greatly needed as all of humanity is now on an accelerated awakening course. This more intensive course does not mean that awakening will happen in an instant. It simply means that the energy will be increasing steadily and in turn it will pull forth all that cannot survive in the higher light at a rate faster than the previous collective timeline.  There will be those who choose to leave the planet and there will be those who will receive walk-ins (other souls) to continue the journey. This will be a welcome reprieve for those who have become utterly exhausted, yet their form is still strong.  For some the walk-in will simply assimilate the life and memories of the previous soul and it will look as if the person has had a new burst of energy and outlook on all around. For others the walk-ins will come in completely aware that they are a transplant and will use this to help awaken others.

An accelerated timeline also means that restrictions that were in place regarding assistance from the higher realms will be slowly lifted. However, at any moment you can supersede these restrictions and speed up assistance by simply connecting within yourself to the guidance that is available. When one goes within and strengthens the channel of communication, it allows for more aid to be given. It is not a higher being imposing their will on yours but you seeking help from your soul and giving the permission to be helped accordingly. The key is you walking in your power and understanding what is at your fingertips. It is understanding that you are the creator of your hologram and as a creator, you ensured that there would be those that will assist you on your mission.

Many more things will be uncovered within your world that have the potential to bring you sorrow. Do not let it. Instead, send forgiveness and love to those involved for the role they played within duality and send gratitude that all is coming to light. This is a much different frequency then anger and betrayal. One allows the discordant energy to simply leave your field and the other attaches you to what you find horrendous.  As that which is not a frequency match will become obvious, new technologies will become known that do resonate with the highest possible frequency. As more and more of you shift into embodiment, more of this information will flow.

It is imperative that all who are able, help to stabilize the energies that are coming to your earth at a greater pace and velocity than ever before. This can be done by simply envisioning your earth and its people accepting the energies freely, with little resistance and it altering all in existence.

We have looked forward to this time and your embodiment,

The Galactic Council of Light


Personal Note:

About 5 days ago as I was getting ready for bed I felt their presence (The Council) and their need for my attention. I found myself in a meeting where I was being asked questions regarding the acceleration, not only personally but my opinion on the collective.  The biggest question was if humanity was ready to let go of right vs wrong and to be able to see things from all sides. Could we begin to forgive what we may deem unforgivable? Can we begin to understand that we are indeed all one and that to forgive another is in fact forgiving ourselves? Can we release the fear of the unknown and step boldly into the realm of full embodiment?  Can we handle the acceleration of the energies in our form?

Two days ago, I was told that the Accelerated timeline has been chosen in the collective. However, just as there were those on an accelerated timeline while the collective was on a slower pace, there will be those who will opt for the slower growth in their personal timeline. Each soul knows exactly what they can handle. My hope is that as higher and higher energies stream into the planet that it becomes a more comfortable place for those that vibrate high, like the children.

I did ask to be shown the way through the energies and they showed me a life raft in the ocean during a huge storm. Our job is to stay on the raft (which represents maintaining calm and in our center) and that if we did fall off to quickly return to the safety of the raft. To stay out of the raft for too long could cause us to be injured by the rocks below or to be caught in the waves and pulled further and further from the raft.  As the world gets louder and louder so that the things needing changing can be heard clearly we need to stay stable and anchored within ourselves. What I did find very interesting is that the raft was not out in the middle of the ocean but close to the shore where there are rocks, breakers and under currents that threaten to pull one out to sea. We are almost there and the most tenuous part of the journey is at hand.

For many they will find that things they thought were coming will come faster and for others what they felt was around the corner has shifted and is no longer in the highest interest. The more work you do within to clear the beliefs, the more you will resonate in the higher frequencies and call forth the highest possible timeline within your life. They have also showed me that when each person is ready the original DNA will be restored and the crystalline body will be activated even stronger.

It can’t be said enough that self-care is very, very important. The biggest hurdle to self-care is really connecting and listening to the body. Can we listen to the nuances of what it needs as far as nutrition, rest, exercise, supplements, and most importantly love. We can talk all about what the body physically needs to get through this process, but where we tend to neglect ourselves is in the mental and emotional categories. This component cannot be ignored.

They have also expressed to me how important it is to COMMIT fully to this venture. When I asked for an explanation, as I feel many I know have committed everything to this journey, they explained that it is the mindset that must be changed. That we have to not only rejoice on the days when we feel good, but on the days when we feel rough. That to have in the back of the mind “I want off earth as soon as possible” is not committing fully. We have to be all in. That means being committed to connecting deep within ourselves, forgiving others and self of ALL – no matter how ugly, and in every moment expressing gratitude. It also means loving ourselves and others fully; seeing them in the highest light possible, seeing their soul. It is understanding that it is OK to not like what people do, how they hurt one another and forgive them anyway. It is having boundaries and leaving behind all that no longer serves, walking away but with forgiveness and thankfulness for their role in your growth.  Loving and forgiving another does not mean that we condone what happened nor that we need to play in the same sandbox; it is simply acknowledging that under all the layers and roles that they are a soul of pure light, just as you are.

It is also committing to leaving victim hood and all the ways we dis-empower ourselves behind. Often it is not the outside world that dis-empowers us the most, but our own inner talk. It is stepping into our power and really understanding to our core that we are the creators. It is understanding that when we find ourselves with things to be extracted (negative energy), it is because we were not whole and complete within ourselves.  Our job is to become whole and complete so that we don’t have space for anything that does not belong to us. Nature abhors a vacuum and when we have holes, it will be filled. It is thanking the things that attached for showing us that there is more work to be done within to be complete.

We are human and we have programming and filters that we have to work through and overwrite. There will be times that we are not happy, that we feel frustrated and times when we are our own worst enemy.  Commitment means that we become fully aware of it and change it as soon as possible. Commitment means actively seeking the awe and joy in each moment and understanding that our task is to fully embody our soul.

We are in for an amazing ride. The veil is thinning more and more, contact is being made in dreams, meditations, visions and through all the resources available (angel numbers, animals, songs etc.). The inner knowing within all is getting stronger and it is simply amazing. What a great time to be alive!

Sending you all love and a rope to help us get back in the raft should we become unbalanced and fall.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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35 responses

  1. ‘When the sea was calm, all boats alike; showed mastership in floating’ –
    William Shakespeare
    Scene one of ‘The Tragedy of Coriolanus’

    It says a lot to us. It’s easy to float when the sea is calm.
    Great articl!


  2. Great channeling thank you Jenny for bringing through. I have been feeling very up and down these past few days which is very unusual for me. I am having to dig deep and really trust my Soul’s journey and that I am exactly where I need to be and that all will be revealed in time. We cannot always know the big picture so we have to trust the upper hand, our soul, to guide us safely. I particularly note your words on commitment. It is true whatever we feel on whatever day, to be continually grateful and kind to ourselves and others is a real test to our commitment to ourselves and our human spiritual evolution. Sending love and calm on the chopping seas to come!


  3. Apologies, Jenny. I do see at the bottom of your post that credit to Lauri was given. Too much coffee and flying around the internet for me today. Thank you, and blessings.


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  6. What an important message. Thank you Jenny, and thanks fore the rope to the life raft! I have a wonderful image of that in my mind and plan to use it often 🙂 Much love and light to you xx


  7. Great article , definitely inspires me to stay internally focused and stop the worry and criticizing of world issues and myself and others. Love is everywhere, see it believe it and live it. Thank you again for ur info and wisdom. May we all be BLESSED!


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  9. I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. I feel these energies now. I have consistently seen the changes in people and myself as the inner work is done. My husband does not feel the energies as I do, but there are times when he experiences the physical stuff like tiredness and the need to be alone. There is not magic button, no date when it will be complete either. Each person does it on their own time frame and the speed in which they progress is dependent on how much work they do to clear all that does not match higher vibrations.


  10. Wonderful article that confirms I’m on track and a reminder of work yet to be done! Thank You so much- Love,Light & Blessings to All… ♡


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  13. Thank you for this message. I am the 6th spirit and 5th walk-in to inhabit this physical body and never had a human experience until now. I am a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve been wanting and asking to leave and then 2 days ago I had an experience that gave me, perhaps, the reason to be here…and that is COMPASSION. For me its compassion vs forgiveness. I needed to fully recommit, so THANKS!


  14. wow, what an amazing journey you have had. I am the 2nd in this body, but the walkin was at 3, so I really don’t remember any other way. I totally get why you would want to leave. It’s heavy here but with compassion and unconditional love it gets so much easier 🙂 So glad you are staying and committing.


  15. Thank you so much for this insight..
    I am having such a roller coaster of a life recently (the last 12 months) since my awakening started.. uncovering so many truths, the veil very quickly slipping away and see things as they are… it’s been very upsetting and frustrating but have realised that i cannot live in this low vibration… it is up to us the raise vibrations and help all who wish to be helped.. i can sense there is a very rocky path ahead and i dont know exactly what it entails but i am committed to be strong and calm and lead with my heart. It’s time to work internally and become strong from the inside out.
    i am learning, i am growing and i hope this makes sense at the same time.. 🙂
    namaste xx


  16. Hi Jenny, I rencelty discovered that lightworkers are being tapped by dark occultist for their energy lines. Its focused draining through intention and can it can easily be done. More can be read on the subject by visiting my blog: password: Journal