Information to help us through the upcoming time period.




Yesterday I sat with the Equinox energies and felt this overwhelming need to journey. The purpose of my journey was to obtain information on what was needed to get us through the upcoming time period. I found some great drumming music, gave myself a full hour and let myself go.

I found myself walking to my familiar spot and I saw the woman I am familiar with that told me to simply call her grandmother, sitting around a huge fire. I sat on a rock around the fire and just then a warrior appeared and began dancing. He was dressed in full gear including leg wrappings. His performance was incredible and hypnotizing. He comes up to me and smears black on my face and tells me that I need to be a warrior. I protested and said “I don’t want to fight! I don’t like to fight!” he smiled and said that a true warrior does not need to resort to violence.

He told me that a true warrior is also a leader. That they listen to all sides and often choose not to respond, but simply observe. Warriors also trust their team. He looked at me and said “Do you trust your team?” The team he was referring to are my guides, the ones here in form on earth and the ones in the etheric. He was asking can I trust that I will always be provided for, cared for?  Can I trust my team regardless of what appears to be chaos all around me? He told me that this trust is vital to maintain my energy and vibration.

He also told me that warriors also have to have thick skin. That there will be those that want a reaction for the reaction sake and those that will judge when no reaction is given. That to be a warrior means being strong in your own conviction, your own strength and path.  Can I be my own warrior? Can I consistently do what it takes to honor who I am and my path?

He then had me stand and placed a hand on my solar plexus and said you have to be the eagle. Just then an eagle flew from my 3rd chakra, high into the air. I saw the eagle soaring, landing on a tree which held a nest so high above. He told me that eagles spend most of their time high above, only swooping down when it is necessary. They raise their young high in the sky because it is safer, in this realm they are protected. I then saw an eagle flying down to pick up food and it was hit by a car. He then explained that when an eagle go towards the ground, it is at its most vulnerable. That the safety is staying above. That I needed to be the eagle.

I then saw another guide walking up and he asked me if I was ready to be shown more. I said yes and followed him out of my familiar area into a clearing in a meadow. Before me was a ship. I looked at him and he asked if I was ready. I said yes and entered the ship and seated at a table was a beautiful blue being. She looked at me with so much love. She said “To move through the upcoming energies, all that people need to do is love.” She explained that while this sounds simple it is not always. I saw a news feed and saw article after article of riots, looting, shootings, and humans harming one another. That we need to look upon each person and simply say “I love you” no buts. Not “I love you, but I don’t like what you did”, just simply “I love you”.   No, not always easy to stay objective, non-judgmental, but it can be done. We can be the eagle and stay above.

She went on to explain that there are souls that have chosen to help with the mass awakening. That often as the catalyst they will participate in events that shock the human, impacting them in such a way that it alters perception, makes people question. She explained that it is both the perpetrator and the victim who are in service and both deserve to be told “I love you”. With emotions so high in my country with police brutality, racism and inequality it is easy to see why I would need to have thick skin. To say I love you to the officer that shot and I love you to the person gunned down is not going to be popular. To some this will look like I don’t care. Yet, I can see how these situations are making it so that emotions and fears that led to this state of affairs cannot longer be denied and for that they both deserve an ‘I love you’.  That each person needs to do their best to see the bigger picture and send love and gratitude. She also explained that a person’s heart cannot be changed by showing them where they are lacking. Instead, showing love without judgement, invites the person through a door way to self.

She asked that I share this message as it was not just for me.

I hope this message finds you well and flying high in the trees. Sending all of us lots of love! Thank you to all who share this work! It is so greatly appreciated. ❤ ❤ ❤



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  1. This message really struck me as last night in my dream state i found myself observing 2 young men when they went to sleep. One behind the other and then the one in back slid down and rubbed himself on the other man. The other man jumped up angry and went to get his clothes. The perpetrader jumped out in share panic filled with grief and guilt in total panick mode as he was grabbing for his own clothes. I went to the perpetator and put my arms around him and he was finally able to calm down and fell asleep in my arms. As i was there cradeling him my thoughts were that i also needed to get to the victim also but i knew i had to calm the other man first. Then i woke up. There is only LOVE and there cannot be any judgement.


  2. This is so affirming. I’ve had a similar experience. About a year ago one of my guides took me to a mountain next to a reservoir where there was a Bald Eagle nest with the female on eggs. “you are Bald Eagle,” he said, ” you will carry graces between heaven and earth. And the blessing is unconditional love.” It has been a challenging time in body, mind, and spirit, but I can see miracles of chane for the better all around me even in the midst of chaos. Thank you. I have no web site. I’m just a grandma who prays a lot and tries to stay spiritually awake.


  3. Thank you SO much Jenny for sharing this, I get it!!

    Love and Peaceful High Flying, I’m with ya!! 💚🌺💚


  4. Right on! Was aware of what was going on on the planet but you have summed it up beautifully in a way that I can read in the “the physical” thanks Jenny


  5. Beautifully said and so helpful! Yes, “I love you’s” to both “perpetrators” and “victims” playing powerful roles. Also helpful viewpoint re: current presidential race! (USA) Thank you!


  6. Hi Jenny,

    I understand the need to be in vibrational alignment through the chaos (change) but i was given the guidance that us first wavers need to stop paying attention to what’s out there; that we are in a phase of not service anymore but of exploring ourselves as creator beings. Play time, essentially. Of course personally clearing out the old till its necessary, but letting it roll off and continue in the 5d and up vibration. To pay attention to the chaos only makes it more real or more apart of our personal reality i was shown. We just need to clear our* pain, our vibrational charge, towards the disharmony that we see. That way we can come into alignment for ourselves*. It’s not about service anymore for us but just allowing ourselves to be who we are on the inside, exploring what that even means as layers of us have been inaccessible for so long. Creating what we need for our wellbeing and letting ourselves be ok receiving what we need and want. Letting go of service to ground new realities of higher frequencies that we are now creating as firsties, knowing that us BEing who we are greatly affects the grid without thinking about it or thinking about what might not* happen for the betterment of our planet (lack). Allowing others to come up without our attachment to any of it. To try to service the world can be lack-based if it is out of “need”. But to inspire just by being who we really are and allowing others to come to the higher ways of being *for themselves* is what is in alignment at this time. Otherwise we cant ground the higher realities of magic and miracles. Which we need to ground because that is the next step for our planet. The second wave is entering their service agreements now. But for us it’s a wrap. Hope this makes sense, wording can be so polarized sometimes. Just thought id share, not to “fix” or “change your mind” but simply to show what ive been shown. Its important to validate our feelings of attachment to service and our pain at the collective but also to let it flow into the new alignments. It may take a few rounds because as first wavers most of us were so service-oriented and tied to the pain of the collective. But it is safe to let it go now. Which will allow us to be more whole as Beings, and to ground the next planetary and personal step. Good job to all of us as this step was predicted to not even take place till future generations..!


  7. I think we are saying the same thing but with different words. In order to do the alchemy and full embodiment that is asked of us now we must fly high above like the eagle. I don’t see telling everyone that comes into my reality ‘I love you’ as service, but as a way to heal the me that helped create the distortions within the collective consciousness. Truth is, we can’t really heal or change anyone else… not even the earth. All we can do is heal ourselves and as we do all around us change. Yes, good job to all as we have really done massive work. ❤


  8. “He looked at me and said “Do you trust your team?” The team he was referring to are my guides, the ones here in form on earth and the ones in the etheric. He was asking can I trust that I will always be provided for, cared for?  Can I trust my team regardless of what appears to be chaos all around me? He told me that this trust is vital to maintain my energy and vibration.” – THAT proved to be pure gold to me. It never occurred to me like that. Thank you, dear sister. ❤


  9. Thank u for the amazing article! My spiritual guides really do a great job by showing me your article in the right moment! I needed a courage and here it is! I will try to follow the advices. I still ask a question to God – why he sending me new trials again and again… Love&light!


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  11. It is how we learn. It is not that God has sent these trials as a punishment, rather that you decided on a soul level what you needed to learn from this incarnation. I’m happy the article helped 🙂

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