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It has been a while since I blogged an energy update because I have been so deep in the changes myself. It really is an extraordinary time of not only physical changes but profound changes in how we think of the world and ourselves. It has been said many times that this time period is the time in which truth comes to light. Most of the time when I have seen this reference it is followed by upcoming revelations within the government, pharmaceuticals, and corruption throughout the world. Yet, that negates what is truly happening with the energies. We are being shown the truth deep within ourselves. We are being exposed completely. All that we thought we understood, our very foundation is being rattled. Our shadow, our inner child will no longer stay in the back ground, it is rising up to show us our patterns, where we have limited ourselves and where we still hold deep pain. No longer can we minimize our experiences because they have had such a huge impact. This is not to say that we need to rehash them or relive them, it is to simply say – it is time the truth arises.

When I say the words, the shadow must come to light, I almost want to roll my own eyes and say “I’ve done shadow work, I have embraced myself.” Yet, through all the work, I know in my heart that I am now exploring another level. When we first begin this journey we start to look at who we are, our light and our dark sides and at times the mood swings seem to take us to either end of the spectrum. Each swing is showing us how light we can be and also just how much is hidden.


As we look into both sides of the spectrum, we begin to accept our light and also our darkness. We begin to heal.  It is not that the light overcomes the shadow, it is simply that we learn to love all parts of ourselves. What was hidden, is now being loved and accepted and integrated into the whole.


As we merge more with our light and our shadow, the mood swings become fewer. Yet when they do occur, we seem to go deeper and deeper. Exploring the deepest recesses of our subconscious and where the beliefs, pattering and programming were created.


What arises does not come up just for you to know it is there but for you to see where it has affected you, conditioned you, and held you back. “The truth shall set you free” has so much meaning right now. Our job is to look at what we are being shown, see not the event (s) but to see what beliefs we created or adopted and how it has impacts us in this now.  Once it is realized, we can then overwrite it.

Healing ourselves, making ourselves whole is a process and we are only shown what we are ready to heal now. It is not a one shot deal.   The goal is to heal ourselves, integrate the shadow and the light; love each part of ourselves completely so that we are the walking embodiment of our soul essence.


With the accelerated timeline now anchored in, there is a push for us to see our shadow, love it, and embrace it. Then we can begin to rewrite the patterns by choosing different, by seeing the faulty logic that created them.

For many during these energy blasts there are moments of pure bliss, of feeling connected. We get a taste of that higher light and where we are headed and it feels wonderful. As you progress on this journey the times and duration in which you flow in that frequency get much longer. What is difficult is dealing with the crash, the fall down into feeling sadness, despair or disconnection. I asked my highest aspect why we experience these dips and she explained that with each increase in light (frequency) all that cannot be sustained in that light must go.  All of our shadow, our deep wounds come up, louder and louder, so that it can be resolved and balanced within.

Understand that for us to be our pure soul essence, completely embodied, all of our parts must merge back into our whole. Our shadow, inner child, soul pieces left behind and aspects of self. They must all be healed, reconciled and merged within. This is no small task and it takes tremendous time and effort to bring all of ourselves home. When we don’t take the time to do the inner child work, to dive into the recesses of our shadow or to find the soul pieces left behind it will become evident in our reality. We will be shown time and time again, in our relationships and inner dialog what our patterns and wounds are until you put all the pieces together.

Using sleep intentions have been a huge help for me. Each night I check in as I am going to sleep and let my guides know how I am doing physically, emotionally, mentally and what I need assistance with. It does not matter if you are able to hear them, know that they hear you.  I began asking for assistance with bringing all my parts home, to be shown the pieces of the shadow that were buried deep, and what patterning and beliefs needed to go. It has been quite a journey, but one where I am actually understanding what needs to heal and how to heal it.

As you experience the beautiful energy coming in, allow it to you a world full of possibilities. As you then experience the dips, allow it to show you where you have created limitations and let them go.  This energy is changing everything, not overnight, not in a blink of an eye, but moment by moment. You are coming home, home to you, your full essence, allow yourself to see what is not sustainable within you any longer.

I recently was led to see a childhood experience from a new light.  I always suspected there was more to an invasive, inappropriate bath given to me by my uncle, but I did not allow myself to look deeper. When I did look deeper the more I was shown and understood. I realized that though the incident were out of my control, my 6 year old self felt quite differently. The child felt deep guilt, shame and a lack of trust. During a shamanic journey, I was shown that this child still lived feeling this profound pain and did not think it was worthy of being part of me now. The guide I call ‘grandmother’ brought this child to me during a journey and when I looked into her large brown eyes, her pain was palatable. She hung her head in shame. I grabbed and held her, stroked her hair and told her the truth – the truth was that she had no reason to feel shame, nor guilt and that she could trust me, us.  That I forgave her for whatever she felt she needed forgiven for, but that she didn’t have anything to be forgiven for. She was loved and had done nothing wrong. She looked into my eyes and sensing that I meant it, gave me a smile. I saw her then meld into my heart chakra becoming part of me again.  The grandmother told me that it was my job to make sure the child felt save, loved and secure. I decided to write on my bathroom mirror as a reminder “You are loved, you are safe, and you can trust you”.  I say it out loud every time I see it, allowing it to sink to my core and comfort the child. The other day I woke and saw so clearly within my mind a little blonde haired girl happily jump roping while singing “Miss Mary Black, Black, Black, All dressed in black…” I smiled and thought… I’m home.

Sending you all lots of love and support as we go through this deep work. Thank you so much to all who share this, it means the world.


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  1. Thank you SO much Jenny, this resonated deeply with me, every single word!

    Love and Big (((Hugs))) 🌺💞🌺


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  3. Jenny,What a wonderful post! I loved the visuals. So many thingshave come up to be looked at that sometimes I feel thatI didn’t make any progress, but the visuals do show thatchange is happening that I can’t put into words. And the story about talking with your inner child and letting her know she’s safe resonates with me.I feel another part of my story clicking into the wholethanks for the sharing.  Catherine Rose Stevens

    Intuitive Consultant, Energy Healer, Spiritual Coach

    Creator of the Inner Vision Guidance Energy Healing Program

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  4. Dearest Jenny,

    As usual, what a timely post. Suzanne Lie (Arcturian channel) has also been emphasizing the importance of healing the inner child as well as the adolescent and young adult. Personally, I thought I’d already done this during the Awakening process. Boy was I wrong! Apparently, there are other levels during the Ascension process. I guess I’ve been naive.

    Thanks for sharing your story: full disclosure is an important component in the now reality. Truth telling can be hard, both w/ respect to ourselves and in relation to others, but if we cannot feel safe, loved, and supported among Lightworkers & our spirit teams, where can we?

    I’d been doing so well until recently when I killed a cat (I’m a pet sitter). It wasn’t intentional, merely that I did not take the necessary steps to help the cat when I knew he wasn’t feeling well. I only left the client a note when I should have taken other steps to assure his safety. The cat disappeared a week ago and hasn’t returned. I know in my heart that he suffered to death. I was his caregiver; the person he relied on to keep him safe & I failed him. I am devastated.

    This pain has been so deep that I’ve strayed far off my path. I’ve never felt this much grief but know that the connections my selves made to suffering and responsibility are at the core of my pain. But knowing this and healing it are very different. Hurting an animal, even unintentionally, feels as though it has rendered my soul into fragments (I am awakened, anchored in 5D & embodied). I feel as though the pain I’ve caused must be balanced in some way, energetically. Karma no longer commands my soul so what else is there? The energy needs to be balanced, right? Is it not Universal law? It feels selfish to consider this experience merely as a means to an end; a way to get at the truth of pain I didn’t know I held. Why must an innocent cat have to be the means by which I get at this pain? It is unbearable.

    Until your post, I’d not spoken of this to anyone; I wouldn’t allow myself to contact you for a reading, though I knew I should, & I’ve also completely cut off my spiritual support teams. This experience and ensuing pain happened during the last energy influx at the end of September when I was supposed to be completing Gate & Grid work in support of the accelerated timeline. I wasn’t able. I’ve fallen into 3D and refuse to raise my vibrations lest some other animal be sacrificed in the name of ascension. I cannot be responsible for another death. There are so few words to express how I am feeling right now.

    Much love and blessings on your journey home. Your openness is more valuable than you imagine.

    Laura Redding



  5. I so can feel your pain when reading this. I can only offer these tidbits – It is ok to sit with it as long as you need to and to cut off your spiritual teams, sometimes we have to in order to fully explore the depths of it. Also, understand that the cat also has a journey, a contracted purpose and a time to leave. It would have left the physical regardless, but if it it’s leaving can help you to explore deep within yourself more than it becomes more meaningful. It is not that the cat left because of your actions or inaction. Feel the truth of that in your heart. Sending you lots of love and I am here when you need me.


  6. Thank you Jenny! This was really timely for me. Lately some issues have come up at work which are really pushing my buttons-buttons that were installed a really long time ago, having to do with worthiness. I’ve been able to deal with them and the people who have brought them up, more or less appropriately, which is a big step for me! I’ve been able to rip them out like weeds at the root, finally after so many years of affecting me. I can understand why I’ve had these feelings of unworthiness nearly my whole life and where the feelings came from. Anyway, it’s good to feel progress!!


  7. Jenny, that healing of your inner child self is what I did for a long time – helped guide women to do their healing. I’ve continued to do that with myself even though I’ve retired from work. I do it with my proprioceptive writing. Thanks for sharing. H

    On Thursday, 6 October 2016, ~ Channeling the Masters ~ wrote:

    > Jenny Schiltz posted: ” It has been a while since I blogged an energy > update because I have been so deep in the changes myself. It really is an > extraordinary time of not only physical changes but profound changes in how > we think of the world and ourselves. It has been ” >


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