Energy Update ~ Huge Upgrades 


We had an M class flare today. These are big time DNA changers and the codes coming in were huge. I was with a client today when I started vibrating and freezing. Usually I can hold them off till I’m done working, not today. After the download today, my sinuses started running, detoxing themselves. Major cleanses happening. 

These can make you float out of the body, so first step is grounding into your body, getting your consciousness all the way to the tip of your toes. Feel every part of the body. From this place then ground into the crystal core of the earth if you feel called too. Not everyone does feel that grounding into the earth is right in this now. Trust you! 

Epsom salt baths and grounding crystals like tiger iron can help you stay in the body. I find caffeine can make things worse for me, but each person is different. 

Body aches, deep bone aches and teeth aches are common. Feels like you are coming down with the flu. If your body calls for rest, the best thing to do is honor it.

Dreams can be intense with these energies swirling. Do your best not to attach to what you see or experience.

Lots of love to you all!



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19 responses

  1. Thank you Jenny! I’ve been dealing with hip and low back aches. I went for acupuncture yesterday with a focus on 1st chakra. Trying to stay grounded! Your post explains it.


  2. Can you channel information about Julian Assange, the whistleblower?
    He is a key player and been missing for more than a month now.


  3. Thanks Jenny , perfect timing I felt major aches and pains yesterday and was feeling like I was sick. Then later last night after getting a massage and had my neck worked on I felt good for a while in the early evening I AGAIN by the time I went to bed felt pain and stiffness in the back of my neck slight. I woke in the early morning with a bad neck headache and sinus pain. I was super discouraged because this sinus pain and back of my neck pain on awakening has been happening off and on for weeks. My chiropractor says my first bone in my spine is out of alignment but when he adjusts the bone , it doesn’t hold the alignment So when I woke up and saw ur POST today about sinus problems a lightbulb went on!


  4. To my mind, your warning for staying grounded in our bodies is absolutely right because of the intensive frequences coming in from the universe!
    But I also want to remind that your vibrations and freezing during a session could also be a reaction of the atmosphere during this time, caused by the client (unconsciously) or somenthing in his field. I did also make similar experiences and it was no flu for me coming!
    The energies are very, very polarized right now! Take really good care for yourself, dear Jenny, & everybody outthere!


  5. So….it was the energy that was causing my low moods. Yesterday I walk up with ,uncharacteristic for me ,feeling of unpleasant resignation, then the word came in SURRENDER. Thank you Jenny.


  6. My Atlas is going in and out too. I get two adjustments a week to help with the headaches, dizziness, and all over yuck. The Atlas being out probably has to do with the cranial expansion!