The Need for Self-Empowerment during the Ascension Process


Check out this new project titled The Ascension Series and in this episode, Steven & Amy North (Incarnate/Spirit Guide), Ascended Masters and  I  have a candid discussion on the need for Self-Empowerment and Walking in your Truth & Power during the ascension process.


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In this episode Steve North and I refer to Rebecca Dawson so below you will find links to her site as well as ours. (Jenny Schiltz) (Steven North)… (Jenny Schiltz, Facebook)…. (Steven North, Facebook) (Rebecca Dawson)… (Rebecca Dawson, Facebook)

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  2. I agree with most of what you said with the exception of helping a homeless person with money. Usually one can tell if they are using it for drugs or not. It’s just so obvious most of the time. In addition, 89% of homeless people are mentally challenged so that dollar could give them something to eat or even buy a coke instead of just a water for a nice treat. Our health system in this country is so under managed that you might want to think twice next time a homeless person asks you for some change. in order to receive we have to learn to give. peace and love mj


  3. I understand what you are saying and there are times money is appropriate. I worked at an addiction center and most spoke of panhandling for drugs. They wouldn’t eat or drink, that wasn’t the primal urge. However, if someone handed them water or food they would eat it. That is my main reasoning.


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