Integration of Self Meditation



We are experiencing massive energies that are designed to help us integrate all of our parts: our shadow, our inner child, past lives, and even galactic lives. These pieces are all coming home so that you can embody more of your soul.

Here is a brief meditative exercise to help with integration. Thank you to all who share this work. Have a beautiful day and holiday season! ❤


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  1. Thank you Jenny! Wow. This was powerful and so gentle… are you. ❤ You and your work are just brilliant. Thanks again for our session this week & all our work together! You're such a beautiful light for me and for so many, helping guide us back into ourselves and back into the Loving we all are! I love you!


  2. Hi Jenny

    This post is quite timely as I just discovered what all my lessons were about in this lifetime and past lifetimes. I understand now the reasons for my sufferings. I have repaid my karmic debt and now realize how enormous this realization is in this lifetime.

    I am enjoying this expansive energy and am using it to ride out, like a wave, this new found knowledge. All in knowing that this will serve to help the collective consciousness.

    Thank you for the meditation which I will do to enjoy the fruits of my work during these past 4 years, of which you were a part of.

    With gratitude for all the work you do, Love Norma

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  3. Hi, Jenny!

    Thank you for this, but I don’t see a meditation…

    Is something missing?


    Martina 🙂