New Energies and Contact being made from Venus



This really is an exciting time, Ascension is in full swing. The energies are increasing to levels we have never experienced before. We are now receiving energy being sent directly to us from Venus. This energy is pure love and it is helping us to see even more clearly all the areas in our personal and collective world that do not resonate with this frequency. Once we see it we can than heal it and change it.

A being from Venus began contact with me on 12/23 in the dream state. The being that came to me had symbols on his burgundy robes that glowed. I tried to access them outside of dream state but was unable just yet. It seems that we must go through a calibration period so that we can accept and understand the frequencies being given.

On Christmas Day my little one was drawing with her new water-color pens and she shows me a picture she completed. She said that it was for me and immediately I noticed the symbols and they matched what I saw in the dreams. She requested that I put them on facebook because she said my friends needed to see them. I questioned her on how she knew to draw these symbols and she told me she just knew she had too. I have posted the symbols here:




My next experience with this being came in meditation. This is where he explained that he is from Venus and is considered part of the Angelic Realm, just from “a different house” then we have accessed before. He told me I could call him Lord Tolin. He explained that he and his grouping are now able to access earth and give assistance in the ascension process.

Below please find a brief video that gives a greater explanation and suggestions on how to make contact with this group.  I hope that all of you are well and are finding peace and balance in the energies.  Thank you to all who share this work, it does mean the world. Here is a link to Steven North’s blog that gives more information on this recent development as well:

Jenny ❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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  2. Hi Jenny!

    Have just read this post from you, love it! I also feel very compelled to share something with you, regarding the symbols your little one drew. Shortly after speaking with you on Skype for the first time, you had suggested automatic writing. The next day I sat down, closed my eyes, and drew the attached symbols. I somehow felt that at the time, they were part of some type of language. When I saw this post and the symbols your child had drawn, I immediately went back to my journal and found the entry of my own drawings. I’m personally amazed at how similar some of them feel and look. Fascinating, for whatever it’s worth!

    Lots of love, Derron



  3. Thank you, Jenny, …….I put the picture as background on my computer screen. Charlie Benedetti  


  4. Even with the energies contact with Spirit takes a bit more effort. I have had listen to Shamanic Drums and really shift my focus in order to get any communication. However, the communication lately seems to be “Hello, I am here. I am waiting.” At which point I tend to get tired enough that I just go to bed.


  5. Dearest Jenny,

    Wow wow wow!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

    For your posts and more. Blessings!!!

    Sharing some of my images taken on 03 December 2016 of Venus. Images taken with my Samsung S6 mobile.

    I trust that you will receive these images.

    A sense that Venus expanded in the moment I became aware of the Moon and Venus conjunction and it felt as if Venus opened up to reveal more.

    Cosmic ({})

    *Peace, Harmony and Unity*


    On 10 January 2017 at 02:32, ~ Channeling the Masters ~ wrote:

    > Jenny Schiltz posted: ” This really is an exciting time, Ascension is in > full swing. The energies are increasing to levels we have never experienced > before. We are now receiving energy being sent directly to us from Venus. > This energy is pure love and it is helping us to” >


  6. Jenny hI can you tell me does the energy feel like electric shock in different parts of the body. Thanking you


  7. Hi Jenny,if one of the beings was close to you or tucked you do you think you would get get a feeling of like electric shock. Can you tell me is this the energy that I am feeling when sleeping. Or trying to get to sleep. Thanks fondest love Jane.


  8. Hey Jenny!

    Your emails are golden! I erased the one you sent before this one by mistake that had a link to an hour long talk I think. Can you resend it to me please?

    Thank you! Love you! Michal



  9. Great, thanks for sharing. I think i’m having my own detox now and did that “newer energies intention” you advise very spontaneously today. It all makes sense.


  10. I don’t feel an electric shock. For me when I get the electric shocks and it is usually when I am in bed trying to sleep, it is body/DNA upgrades. If you think of us as having an electric grid in our form, changes can feel like little shocks.


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