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The energies that have been streaming in since the third week of December are really doing some serious work within us. They are pulling up long hidden, deep fears and anxieties. Here is an energy update explaining what is happening followed by a channeling from the Venusian Council.

I hope that you all are doing well and managing in these higher energies.  Sending love and the intention that we transverse these waves with ease and grace. Thank you to all who share this work, it is greatly appreciated.



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Channeling text:

We are the Venusian Council. We come to you to give information on what is taking place within your planet. The energies have changed, there is an ebb and flow to them that does not match anything that you have previously received.  Understand that you have been here before, many of you.  Those who have lived during the Atlantean times cellularly remember this space. You know deep within that you have been here before, for some of you this brings about fear and discord. For others, it brings excitement. We want you to understand that you are not your cellular memory and while it has been beneficial throughout your many lives to keep this recording, it is no longer so. For those who feel fear, who fear that there is doom and that there is imminent demise currently taking place, it is simply because you have been here before. There have been many attempts, some successful, for the human to ascend, to walk the narrow path that lead to other dimensions, other frequencies. There are those who have felt these energies before and were not able to complete the task. For them, these energies are painful reminders. However, you must know that this time, there will be no mistakes. While there will be changes that are the result of the elevated frequency on your planet, know that humanity will not be done for. There will not be a reset.
So we ask you to see our energies, to feel them as a sign that you are on your way. That as a whole, humanity is changing.  You will come to a point where you will feel within a shift, and the fear will leave, for your cells will not have a reference point for anything beyond. This point is where you will walk into the shoes of the creator. For this point it will be your choice, how you feel, how you act and how you receive. We recommend that you speak to your cells, your form. Explain that you understand where the feelings are coming from, but that the form is safe. For some of you who are feeling anger, guilt, remorse, and frustration, we ask you to tap into these energies and release them. Know that at the time of Atlantis there was much discord, there was much frustration, similar to how many of you have also felt in this time. However, things have been put into place to not allow annihilation of the human race.
So you must trust that this time will be different. You have a choice as these energies flood into your planet more and more, as your children are born carrying these frequencies, you have a choice to embrace the love that is being offered. The hope that is being offered or should you choose you may allow yourself to sink into what was.  Allow your heart to open, allow it to be full. Allow your eyes to see the new possibilities, for they are all around you. It is important to anchor the energies in through you, this can be done very easily with intention. Intend to bring these energies through your form, deep into the foundation of the earth, without fear, but with joy and gratitude. For this marks a very important phase in the development of the ascending human. For as these frequencies surround your planet and as they anchor in and change all that is, it creates a greater ability for your soul to descend upon you. Consider it a meeting ground, for as you rise to match these frequencies, your soul is able to lower to match them as well. This is a blessed union and this is what changes everything.
We call on you to open your hearts, to feel the frequencies and to tap into the joy that surrounds you that is yours.
Until we meet again.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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  1. Last night I was suddenly inspired to start writing Fiction. I am on Chapter 3 of the draft, but do not need to rush things. Today I finished the First and Second Chapter after writing the beginning of the First and the Introduction letter yesterday. It is so late you must be sleeping. Sleep well.


  2. Hi Jenny ! Regarding the thing with the stomach and lungs and throat – please read the book Karma and Reincarnation” by Hiroshi Motoyama – it will receive a great use in someone’s hands like yourself !


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  7. Hi Jenny,

    2 days ago I’ve listened to your video. Last night, at 3am I had a weird, weird sensation that my soul is leaving the body and my breath will stop or go away. My body shaking, feeling a lot of energy like waves, my 6th chakra spining and spining again and again (I had many days and moments when it spined). I felt very scared and had a panic attack, I’ve had to take a cold shower to begin to breathe again. Today I’m feeling without energy and vitality and cannot stop thinking about last night experience. But I try to relax and let this go.

    What do you think about this experience?


  8. Thank you Jenny for sharing this. I did listen to the Venusian recording, as well. I just had to hear it with my own ears. I believe very much with what was said. Me, I feel I have been in these shoes before, I would say I don’t feel fear that I’m aware of. I feel it was good to elaborate on this, as you did, as well as talking to yourself to promote healing. Anyway, love, light, peace, joy, abundance, appreciation to all.😊


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  10. I am so glad that you don’t feel fear. Neither do I, I feel unbridled excitement, but I get why people do. Thank you for taking a moment and letting me know!


  11. I feel fear and recognize I’ve been here before. Through ACIM, I have learned to give my fear to God. My ego seems very determined though. I find I need this kind of assurance you give more and more often. I’m excited at the same time because I can imagine what “living” without fear, pain, sorrow feels like and get impatient. Forgiving and loving myself seems a very hard thing for me. But I am grateful for every day and for all the blessings I have and that Jesus walks with me everywhere I go (along with tons of other guides). Thank you for sharing our brother/sisterhood.