Exciting News! Channeling the Masters is getting a new home!





Greetings to you all, it is so wonderful to connect with you all in this way and I have super exciting news to finally say.

It is with great enthusiasm that after spending months on the new website. It’s finally OPEN!!!!

What does this mean? It means that the new website comes with a new URL which is www.jennyschiltz.com and you should all check it out.

Along with a new design, it comes with new offerings!!! Classes, Meditations, Healing Music, Aura & Healing Sprays, blog posts, my video announcements and SO MUCH MORE!

The existing site, www.channelingthemasters.org will no longer be updated. If you’re subscribed, we will update your subscription right away.



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  1. Sorry, you can delete my comment from when I had insomnia if you want. I was tired and not thinking well. The new site is taking a long time to load on my computer, so I will try it again another time.

    Seems the energies have offered me another sickness. Nose/top throat. Had to cancel my Meetup (I was hosting today) because I wanted no one to get sick from me.