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Creating the New Earth ~ Lady Nada




Greetings, I am honored to be able to reach so many in this way. We come with the message that you are in a very important time. It is a time that will require much focus and dedication on your part. You are in the time of creation. You are in fact creating the new earth in every moment, in every thought, with every action. It is with this knowledge that we ask you – What are you creating?

The new earth is here now, it is completely accessible to all who choose to maintain a higher vibratory frequency. There are many who believe that in one singular moment you will find yourself transported to a new location, one without negativity and darkness. Is this possible? Absolutely, but you see the new earth is being created by you. So again we ask: What are you creating?

There has been much information about the new earth and many are not completely understanding that while it is fully accessible, tangible and anchored into the now, the actual hologram of personal existence is being created by each person individually. Think on this as your graduation present from leaving the lower density, you now are able to create and manifest what it is that you desire. A being who is able to remove all of their filters, beliefs and programming will be able to manifest an easier smoother life, one that flows with source and all of her creations. While another being who is still reacting and thinking from the place of conditioning will create a life that reflects that conditioning and beliefs. Understand that it is only you who can set yourself free. While you are receiving all the help allowed there is still free will, even on the new earth.

Some are feeling tired, over worked and are bitterly hating their existence on this planet, yet these ones are creating the new as well. Some are so consumed by the last minute attempts to keep people in fear, anger, and betrayal that all of their energy goes into fighting against what they do not want instead of creating the new. Some are so beaten by the system of slavery set up on your planet that they feel defeated within, yet they too are creating their new from this point of reference.  How is it possible to awake in a different world, without negativity and fear when it is still within you?

Each of you must take responsibility for your creation. Each of you must clear out all that hinders you from creating the world you desire. Understand that there are those on the new earth now in your midst. You think, how can that be? It I simple, they created it from within themselves, they created a life that flows and is connected with source. Yet, even these beings often doubt because all around them are others holograms that do not match the vibration that they carry. When they look outward they still see chaos. However, the task is to look inward and create from there. The new earth is created person by person and until the majority of the collective is able to create from the place of love, there will be distortions in the collective creation.

Many of you have heard that on the new earth you will be able to heal yourself of all that ails. This is true, yet if you doubt this, it will not happen. If your conditioning is such that it is normal for people to get cancer and become debilitated with age, then this is what you in fact will create, even on the new earth. Each person must see their own fallacies and work to remove them from their reality. If you doubt that a life of harmony is actual, you will then create exactly what you believe.

We are calling on you masters and the awakening masters to understand and realize your power of creation. You are being called on to show the way, not through sacrifice, but through demonstration. Be the calm in the storm, allow others to find shelter within your vibration and show through your works and thinking that you understand the enormous gift that is being given. You are now able to create freely, without hindrance from outside forces, without manipulation. Create wisely, create from your center, and create from love, as you do all will fall into place.

It is with great pleasure that this message was delivered today.

Lady Nada


Personal Discussion with Lady Nada:

Me: I feel as if manifestation is faster. I am seeing where I think of something and then within no time it comes my way or the information on why it’s not a good idea shows itself.

Lady Nada: You see this is the time of the blank slate. You are able to create and explore all that you want and also all that you do not want. Creation is meant to be fun, enjoyable and at times messy. Yet a creator know that at any point what was created can be undone and changed completely simply by manifesting from the heart.

Me: I have also noticed that any negative thoughts I have seem to be more powerful, instead of a fleeting thought, it seems to sit and then nothing flows.

Lady Nada: Understand that the powers of creation, of manifestation do not care if it is creating negative or positive, it just is. What you create is up to you. Filters softening manifestation have been removed. This is part of the accelerated timeline, each of you have been given more responsibility for your own creations.

Me: Many are really suffering physically. So many have been hit with a stomach virus or a chest cold. People are also experiencing body aches, headaches, and tooth pain.

Lady Nada: All that is holding one back is being released. Understand that density has been stored within the form. Just as one can create their outer hologram with thoughts so too can it create what is happening within the body. Lifetimes of not reaching ones energetic potential (Atlantis comes to mind), of exploring density and darkness have left their cellular mark. These are now being removed and the trauma released as each elevate the frequency within.  There are also implants that helped to keep humanity locked into one version of reality. Understand that all that is not able to with stand the higher frequencies are leaving.

Me: Does this help explain the sheer amount of dreaming that is taking place?

Lady Nada: Yes, it is how one may process all that is being released. It is best to look at all that is occurring symbolically and not to attach great meaning to it, particularly if the dreams bring up unpleasant emotions.

Me: Is there anything that you want people to know?

Lady Nada: That there are no limitations, whatever you desire can be created, but first you must be in the frequency of trust and belief. First you believe, then you see.

Me: Thank you!

Thank you to all who share this work. It means the world. ❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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Update on the energies 11:11 2-29-16



This is a very important energetic time. The light codes coming into earth are at the highest vibrational level I have experienced. It is literally changing everything even though it can seem so painfully slow.  Many are feeling like they are being put through the wringer and in some ways you are. So much is being shown to us right now if we are present and aware. This takes practice as it requires that we slow down the swirling thoughts and emotions. From the place of presence we can allow spirit to come in and give us signs and synchronicities.

Right now what people are experiencing is dependent on where they are in this process. Many are seeing a resurgence of “old” thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. This can cause deep frustration and often the ego will come in and tell you that all the work you did previous was for nothing. Stop, breathe, and really look at what you are shown. Can you see how it is from a different perspective or angle so that you can heal it from this new level? Can you see how it is an opportunity to see it differently and then forgive self and others more deeply? Our thoughts, patterns, and behaviors are held on a cellular level. Clearing density from our form is a process, it is not done in one single moment, so it is normal for issues to arise. For some reoccurring thoughts just observe and see it drift away from you. For others, it may come up but show you a whole new side.

While it may feel as if you are out of control with this energy, that you have been thrown to the wind, know that it is a co-creation process. You have a blue print, a general plan for your life, lessons that are to be learned, but you also have free will and that can take us on quite the wild ride. We do not have to be passive in these times, we can be proactive and look deep within to see all that we need to. Ask your team (angels and guides) to show you in dreams, meditation and in human interactions what you need to know. Ask to be shown what is holding you back or what is no longer in your highest good. Ask to be shown how you are being inflexible or too flexible while on this path. Ask to be shown where you are resisting the changes or where you have created blocks.  Once you ask, be aware of all that comes. Look at your interactions, the synchronicities, and how your body feels. Our interactions with others can act as a mirror for what is going on if we just allow ourselves to observe without judgment. Write down your dreams and that incredible insight that we often wake with but then fades as our brain switches back on.

Many are feeling frustration as they know their soul path but they are not seeing how it is supported in the physical world we live in. Asking to be shown exactly what needs work and changing within will help with this. While on an intellectual level we may know what needs changing and we may feel that we have done the work involved, there may be something hidden within the cellular memory that needs releasing. This can have the person reexamining the same issue again and again, lost in deep frustration. Working with your team, being open to all they can show you will help you to see things from a deeper perspective.

Also, I had a reading recently with a woman who is a talented reader and healer. She has been working on honing her abilities and clearing her layers.  This is not easy work and the changes within can be astounding. Her biggest problem is that those around her (friends and family) did not see the growth nor truly understand the world she is stepping into. Her issue is not uncommon. As we go through the process of raising our vibration and embodying more of our soul we expand our personal hologram and how we view the world. However, this deep change within us does not mean that those around us acknowledge the change. They are still seeing us from their personal hologram which did not expand.  This can be quite upsetting as we often want validation and support from our family and friends. This is why many have to find new support systems and step out on their own so that they build the confidence they need.  For some this is an essential part of stepping into their power and any feelings of guilt for moving on only hinders the process.

Not feeling supported by family and friends can also lead you to examine the filters and layers within. How are you not validating and supporting yourself? What doubts do you have about the changes and the acceptance of the world at large? What abundance issues are wrapped into these beliefs? Allow everything to be an opportunity for you to grow and expand.

Physically, we are all over the place! For me I have had the Buddha belly as my body swelled to process the higher vibrating codes. For some they also experience digestive upset as the codes have triggered density to leave. This can leave us achy and quite uncomfortable. For some this same energy can trigger low back, hip, knee, and ankle pain as the body grounds. For others they are experiencing neck and upper shoulder pain as the body integrates these energies. Likewise headaches, particularly in the temples and third eye are also very common.  So much is expanding!

Pay attention to your world, be present, much is changing. People are awakening and the animals, crystals, and the environment are acknowledging it. I was in a crystal shop on Sunday and two girls were in there and were amazed that the crystal they picked up vibrated in their hands. It’s beautiful confirmation that the world is indeed changing.

Love and blessing to you all. ❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


Trust is essential – Lady Nada




We want to talk to you today about trust. Trust is the most important thing you can have at this time. So many of you are going through this ascension process, doing the intense work, opening your hearts and yet you are lacking in trust. This simple thing creates much of your suffering.

When you trust you understand that all that is taking place is not only in your highest good but amazingly beautiful. Without trust you sabotage the progress that you are making. You open your hearts and begin to see the connection of all things and the beauty of the learning, then over shadow it with doubt and fear. Knowledge is not always the easiest path. There are those that have awoken  without the knowledge of this process, the intricate details, who have sailed through the process because for them there is nothing to mistrust, it all just is. If you are reading this transmission, you have chosen to awaken while being fully aware, this was the path chosen by your soul.  This is not an easy path as you are bombarded with much disinformation. Not all information is wrong, but it may be wrong for you. Understand that you each create your own reality while at the same time contributing to the whole. None of you will have the same experience and none of you have created the same story line from which you are learning. The only thing that is the same is that all of you are to work on returning to self. Not all will return fully, but most of you will.

It is for this very reason that your purpose is to simply open your heart, choose love and work on clearing all that stands in the way of accessing your true self. It is through this action that you will be able to discern what knowledge is accurate for you by what resonates deeply within.  Each of you is only able to understand what is perfect for you in these moments. As you rise in vibration, more will be made available to you because you are then able to see clearer, without the filters life on earth has left upon you. It is for this reason that we ask you not to defend your truth to yourself or others as you are still evolving and so is your truth. As each of you are different so are your truths. It does not make another wrong if they are experiencing a different reality for they have simply chosen a different timeline or scenario.

Trust is more important now than it has ever been. With each wave of energy getting progressively larger, more intense leading up to Wave-X, you will be bombarded with much information. It is up to you to choose what you allow and accept into your reality. If what you are learning brings you fear, then it is your highest aspect’s way of telling you that it is not your path, it is not your reality. Allowing what does not feel good, what creates fear into your being will not alter or change your path, but it will slow down your progress as it shows a complete lack of trust. We ask that you counteract anything that does not resonate by simply stating, “That is not my reality and I trust that all is happening for a reason and in my highest good”. This simple statement reaffirms not only that you trust your inner guidance and your path, but that another’s beliefs and thoughts can not affect you.

Now more than ever it is you who must be in control of what you allow into your field. You must connect to what feels good within the body and causes expansion. By simply expanding you release all that no longer resonates allowing for deep clearing to take place.  Trust is essential to this process. You must trust that you are being divinely guided, that all is happening in your highest good and for the highest purpose; your soul growth.

With deep respect,

Lady Nada



Personal conversation with Lady Nada:

Me: What is the difference between being awake and being aware?

Lady Nada: When one is awake, they think, react and create from their heart center and are in alignment with their highest aspect. When one is aware, they have knowledge of the underlying process taking place, of the energies, and the purpose of it all. Not all who are aware are awake and in their heart center, it is more important to be inline with your highest aspect then to fully understand the inner workings.

Me: I think there is a belief where one feels that each person must be aware of this process to transition. 

Lady Nada: Yes, some may hold this belief, but it is not accurate. Look at the young children, who have not yet lost the sense of self, are they not awake? Yet, they have no knowledge of the process. It is after being disconnected that as you return to self that knowledge is sought.  For some it just simply is and they go through the same process but with a simple trust and joy.

Me: Are all children coming in now eventually disconnected from source?

Lady Nada: No, only if they choose to experience such. Even with the disconnection, children entering your planet are vibrating at a higher level which leads to sensitives to foods, chemicals, and electronics.

Me: Will these children help raise the vibration of society as a whole?

Lady Nada: With each generation that comes in the effects upon others will be stronger and stronger. This path was paved by the waves of sensitives that came before them, the ones going through the ascension process now.

Me: Does trust come in stages?

Lady Nada: It can if that is what you choose, or it simply just is, once you believe.

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle. May you be blessed.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


Shamanic Portal/Bridge has been opened – Conversation with Lady Nada – 6-20-15



I woke in the middle of the night with the thought on my brain about a shamanic opening, I didn’t understand and I was so tired that I immediately fell back asleep. When I woke again in the morning with the sun shinning, it all became very clear. I heard the words “The shamanic portal is now open”. I felt this insane need to get outside into the sun so I went out and meditated as the sun shone and I talked with my highest self and a group of beings that had amassed in a celebration of sorts. I was remembering bits and pieces of the night and wanted clarification.  It brought me such joy and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Me: So a portal opened last night?

Lady Nada: It is so much more than that child, is a call to all those with the shamanic roots to build more bridges so that the worlds won’t be divided again, though understand this will take much time.

Me: What does it bridge?

Lady Nada: It is a bridge for the ones unseen in your world.

Me: Like the elementals? Not ghosts etc.

Lady Nada: Yes, elementals, so that more will see clearly what is being done in their environment. It is hard to ignore groups of beings needing assistance once you can see them

Me: I always thought shamanic was spirits?

Lady Nada: That is a very small part of it. It is in fact the understanding of the connectedness of all around you.

Me: So more will see fairies and see what they do?

Lady Nada: Yes, fairies and many other beings that help the earth work as it should and keep her healthy.

Me: Does this have anything to do with the solstice?

Lady Nada: No, this is the direct result of the number of people who have moved into the 5D and connected to the unity grid.

Me: How will people know this happened?

Lady Nada: More will come forward with dream time knowledge and the sightings of fairies and other once thought mythical beings will increase slowly

Me: Like unicorns?

Lady Nada: No, they live in other worlds, they may be visited, but they will not return to earth.

Me: So it is the fairies and all other beings who work closely with the earth?

Lady Nada: Yes, and if people listen closely they will be taught how to heal her.

Me: This is so exciting!

Lady Nada: Yes, it is an incredible benchmark for this process.

Me: So all those with shamanic roots will feel called?

Lady Nada: Yes, those with them in this life and in the past. There is quite an army assembled (smiling – she showed me many, many children, even a little one in a diaper pulling their parents to show them something – the world “army” was not meant to invoke fear or worry. It was brought to my attention that it did. There is nothing but love, joy and even humor that I have felt from these ascended masters) It is these people who will show the others the way, who will show others what their unconscious acts have done. They will do this with love, knowledge and sheer devotion. Much will be done by the children and they in turn will lead their parents by the hand.

Me: Should I share this?

Lady Nada: Yes, it gives people permission to bring what they see forward without fear.

I hope you enjoyed the conversation and that it is resonating with you. I can’t explain the joy I feel today 🙂 Much love to you all. Enjoy the Solstice!

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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****



Keeping your focus – Lady Nada 5-27-15



We are asking that at this important time that you keep your focus on what is happening within. In your world right now, great change is taking place. This is manifesting physically on the earth as well as within people. All around you are many distractions that can pull you back into fear and duality if you allow it. Never before has it been as important as it is now for you to trust that the highest good is always being done and is directed completely by your higher self. We understand how this may cause some of you great anxiety to hear these words as you look at what has transpired in your life and what is transpiring around you in the world. It can be hard to understand that some of the tragedies, heart breaks and trauma taking place on your planet and even within your own personal life can be in your highest good. From a limited perspective, we agree that it makes little sense to go through such adversity. However, your higher self understands completely that you are a limitless, endless, eternal being. This life you life on earth in this moment is but one small piece that makes up your existence.

Earth is a very special place where a soul can go and experience all the ranges of emotion and all aspects of life. No other place offers such a unique opportunity. Earth is for souls that want to accelerate their soul growth and become truly compassionate, heart centered beings. It is a place where you have experienced duality and limiting beliefs in this lifetime and in others. It is a place where you have experienced both ends of the swinging pendulum. This allows you to understand, love, and have compassion for all around you as you have experienced so many of these aspects yourself.

Now is the time for you to take all that learning, all that understanding gathered through the lifetimes and no longer swing to either side of the pendulum, but rather stay grounded in the center. It is by being this grounded, centered being that you will be the calm in the eye of the storm. You are being called upon to be a beacon to others by showing love and compassion for all around you. All beings are worthy of love for they are experiencing all the aspects of being in form just as you have done. To condemn one, is to condemn yourself. To be this beacon, this safe harbor in the storm is not an easy feat and will require your focus to be inward and not on the outward events that are testing you to leave your position of love and non-judgement.

In this time, it is important to draw near you those who will help you maintain this center. This process while very individual, can not be completed alone. It is time to rely on others of similar vibration to help you maintain what you have worked so hard to achieve. Leaving duality and limitations behind is not an easy process and one will need to draw strength on those who share your perspective when you become filled with anxiety, fear and condemnation for your fellow man. Likewise, it is important to leave behind those who remain steadfast in beliefs that feed the chaos that exists on your planet. Send them love and welcome them when they too have reached the end of the lessons provided by duality. To look upon one who is still in the learning process as inferior will only hinder your own growth. Each one will complete the lessons that earth is designed to provide when they have completely learned the lessons offered and then put it into practice. Understand that to maintain your center in the swirling storm is a test and lesson as well. There is no failure with these tests as you will be provided as many opportunities and the time needed to complete them and to move to the next level.

For those who are beginning to awaken or who are in the midst of the storm that is designed to purge you of all that is not in your highest good and reflective of your natural truth, we ask you to continue on. Keep your focus on love, most importantly love of self. Heal the aspects within as they are reflected in the world at large, as you heal, so does the world. This is why ascension is a collective effort and each soul will join in when they are ready. Each person that changes within will help to change all those around them.

It is important for all to understand that all that is taking place in the outer world is simply souls experiencing or playing out the duality that earth provided. Though the changes taking place may induce fear, know that at all times, the roles being played have been agreed upon and is in the highest good of the soul. Each of you has agreed in your lifetime to help people learn specific lessons and emotions, just as others have agreed to help you. Know deeply that all is taking place to help your soul growth and is in your highest good.

Again, we are calling on you to be the calm in the eye of the storm and to work collectively to help one another maintain balance.

We have great love for you,

Lady Nada

Personal Conversation with Lady Nada:

Me: What I find so interesting is that I have felt myself being pulled off center lately in regards to female equality. There is a song on the radio that my teens listen to that literally says “Yes you be the boss and yes I be respecting
Whatever that you tell me cause it’s game you be spitting”. As a mom of girls, this made me so mad and I was thinking that maybe with the rise of the Divine Feminine that the flip side is getting stronger as well”

Lady Nada: It is only a distraction that means nothing unless you give it attention. However, if you choose to give it attention, make it an opportunity to speak to your children about such limiting beliefs, then let it go. I ask you how does it feel to be angry at a song that you can not change?

Me: It doesn’t feel good, my heart chakra hurt and my shoulders ached. I know that I could change the station but that my kids would hear it anyway. It made me feel helpless in a way. 

Lady Nada: That feeling is you leaving your center. You can use this as an opportunity to rage or as a chance to teach your children. They are both opportunities, to rage shows that the lesson of duality is not complete, to teach your children shows that you are ready to be the calm that people will seek. 

Me: I understand that. Is duality getting more blatant? more outrageous?

Lady Nada: If you are asking me if you are being tested, the answer is yes. 

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Sending you and myself all the love we can handle.


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Lady Nada on Abundance – 3-27-15



I want to share an experience I had and what I learned. I think it will help others as it has helped me.

Last Sunday I was coming home from the softball field, it had been a long day and I was tired. I wasn’t driving so I allowed myself to drift off. Just as I felt myself sink into a sleep like state, I saw myself in a round room, much like an amphitheater. There were many beings surrounding me and I was getting pegged with questions from Lady Nada. I felt this had been going on for a while but I had just now tuned into it. I understood immediately that it was an initiation ceremony.

One of the things that she wanted to discuss was abundance and the drive to have more in my life. She asked me if I were to stop growing, achieving at this moment, would it be enough? My immediate thought was No! I’m not done, I’m just beginning but I didn’t want to seem ungrateful for all that I had grown and been given previously. She picked up on it immediately and looked at me with a smile and said “You can still want more for yourself and be grateful for where you are in this moment.”  I told her that I had been struggling with abundance. She said that many people, especially spiritual people have a misunderstanding of abundance, which is nothing more than energy.

She told me to look at myself as a bucket of energy, a bucket that receives and gives. She said that in order to do more, to be more you must be able to receive more. She explained that if the bucket is not full then we are not able to give as much or achieve as much as we could.  She said that many do not fill their bucket even when we are given opportunities by the universe.

I immediately thought of a situation that had happened the day before. I was on the softball field and hungry because I didn’t pack enough food and the concession stand is not too helpful to a gluten free vegetarian. I passed by one of the team mom’s and she had a quinoa dish that she was eating with gluten free crackers. It looked delicious and she told me it was made with olive oil, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bits of kale. She asked me if I wanted to try some and I said no. I didn’t want to be a bother. This was the universe providing for me, giving me healthy sustenance to help keep my bucket full and I said no.

Lady Nada then explained that one of the biggest problems with those who are not as abundant as they want or able to do the endeavors they dream of is that they are unable to receive.  I explained to her that I do spiritual readings, guidance sessions, and channelings because I enjoy it and receive monetary compensation for most of that work. I told her that I thought that would be enough to fill my bucket. She then explained that while money is a form of abundance, it is not the only form and that I give more than I receive in monetary compensation. I told her that I thought that I would have to give more in order to do more of my spiritual work and she said that this is a fundamental misunderstanding. We must be able to receive more for the universe, take and be grateful for all that is offered so that our bucket is full and we can then actually DO more,  BE more, HELP more.  She explained that so many are running around with their bucket half full and don’t understand why they are unable to realize their dreams. She also said that too many of us view abundance as financial only and that is really missing the point that it is all energy and all connected.  That someone giving you a coupon at the grocery store is abundance, that someone picking up your trash can where it blew into the street is abundance or posting a problem on facebook and being given the solution is abundance. We just need to receive it with gratitude and not feel guilt or like we are taking from another.

I left the conversation and have been pondering it for the last week.  There is a part of many of us that have issues receiving. It is either because we feel that then we will owe someone, that we are not deserving, or maybe were were given things in our lives and then had them held against us. It is part of our culture to be strong, independent and self sufficient. Receiving is seen as weak or even greedy. It is this very mindset that holds us back.

I was in bed last night, being loved on by my dog when it finally all clicked. Pheobe, our little 7 year old pom-a-poo has always been a distant dog. She has acted like she was traumatized or abused even though I got her at 10 weeks and knew she had always been treated kind with us. If you called her name, she would run and go hide under the bed. In fact, three years ago, I contemplated finding her a new home. I wanted her to be happy and I couldn’t imagine she was happy spending 90% of her day under my bed.  As I awakened and my vibration changed, Pheobe started to slowly come out of her shell.  So last night here I was with this dog who kept nudging my hand for me to pet her more and more, I of course complied. Before, she could not receive attention, she didn’t allow herself too. Now she allows herself to RECEIVE and is GIVEN all she can handle before its too much and she retreats back under the bed.

We too have to learn to receive in order to be given all that the universe has for us. It’s not selfish, in fact I seriously doubt that is an issue of many on the spiritual path. We tend to be overly giving and empty our buckets. That needs to change. We must learn to receive not only to obtain the life we want, but so that we can do more, be more, and help more.

Just in case you are wondering, I passed the initiation. We’ll see what wonderful things the universe has in store now.  Much love to you all ❤