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Explanation of Incoming Light Codes — Sanat Kumara – — 5/7/15



We would like to talk with you today about light codes that are flooding your planet on a systematic basis. These codes are coming from the Lyran and the Andromeda star systems. These codes that are coming in are activating ancient DNA and are helping to obliterate DNA that no longer is useful on your planet. This is happening in intervals so that the body can adjust slowly to the changes taking place. Each of these codes will affect each person differently, for some they will feel moments of bliss and as if they are coming home, because in fact you are.  For others these changes within their structure can make them very uncomfortable. Though the codes coming in are consistent, the amount each person can receive at any one time is completely dependent on them.

Think on a computer that is receiving an upgrade. First there must be space on the hard drive to complete the function. If there is not enough space, then programs and files must be deleted, applications must be reduced so that memory and processing capacity is available. Once the minimum required space is available, the computer then downloads the new information. When this information is received in full it is then processed or assimilated into the hard drive. This may include an overwriting of previous files and/or the addition of new files so that the new program can be run completely. If this takes up every bit of accessible free space, the computer may be sluggish, temperamental, and not run as it use to. The only way to fix this is to free additional space.

In relation to your human body, when new downloads of light codes are available, the only way that you can receive this is if you have cleared enough density through all the layers of your body. If space is not available, then the universe works to show you what must change, be it your thoughts, your situations, your beliefs. After releasing enough space, you then begin to receive the light codes. Some of you feel these through your crown chakra, Once the codes have been completely downloaded, they then must be processed or assimilated into your form. For some this will cause feelings of exhaustion and activation in whatever area is targeted. Codes designed to bring unity and feelings of connectedness,  will target the heart and higher heart chakras.  This process may produce profound anxiety as your body, which has consciousness, does not understand what is happening. We recommend speaking to your body to help ease the confusion. If you had only cleared enough density to allow for the light codes to be processed, then your body will react after the upgrade by slowing down and feeling disjointed. It is important during this time to continue working on releasing all that no longer serves you and finding what brings you joy. It is through play, laughter and joy that much density is released.  If a download is processed and there is enough density cleared to allow the operating system to work at peak performance, then the upgrade leaves the person feeling joyous and connected.

These codes are coming into earth at regular intervals and are accessible to all in every moment. If information is sent to earth and the person is simply not ready to receive, the code remains until the body is cleared enough to receive. This is why when someone feels they have made significant progress in clearing density which induces feelings of lightness and joy, that they then may feel they are pushed back down. This is not the case at all. In fact, feeling intense exhaustion and anxiety shortly after a large clearing indicates that you are receiving multiple light codes at once. No one will be left out of this process and there is not a time limit on when a person must complete a certain level. This is why this process is very individualized as each person is completing each phase at their own time. Those that are able to clear density quickly from their form, through acceptance, letting go, and play will make rather large jumps in little time. Those that are clinging to the old, have fear based programs running, and are resistant to change will find that this process takes longer. Neither of these paths are wrong as there is learning that takes place with both. One can not judge another’s path as the agreements each soul made vary. Judgement of yourself or another in the process with only hinder growth.

We give you this information so that you can understand why you feel the changes taking place in waves. You are here on earth during a very exciting, but challenging time. Those of you who are part of the first wave may be feeling hopeless as the outer world does not seem to be reflecting what you wish. We ask that you do not look there for confirmation as each of you are at different stages. We ask that you look within and see the changes taking place within you and in your immediate surroundings. See how when you change, those around you change ever so slightly too. We ask that people not look upon the changes taking place within negatively, but to instead see it as confirmation of just how much growth is taking place.

That is all for now,

Sanat Kumara

Personal Conversation with Sanat:

Me: The other day I had this overwhelming urge to have a cigarette. I had not smoked in almost 10 years. Does the downloads have anything to do with that urge? It passed rather quickly but left me curious.

Sanat: That was a file being deleted or written over that no longer served you. You felt it’s presence as it was changing in your body. 

Me: If I had decided to have a cigarette, would it have stopped the writing of the file or the deletion?

Sanat: No, but it would have written that behavior into your new file. This is why it is important to choose your highest good in all moments. You have freewill and we can not change what is. 

Me: So if I am rewriting other things like areas where I felt jealousy, anger, victim hood, would I experience these emotions as a file is being rewritten or deleted.

Sanat: Yes, just observe these emotions, let them flow through you instead of reclaiming them. 

Me: My chakras have been getting a work out lately and it is uncomfortable. What can I do to ease this?

Sanat: Start by not labeling it good or bad, but instead know that what is happening is in fact changing you and helping you to reach your goal of merging back with your soul source. Talk with your body, ask that it release all resistance. See your chakras as open and spinning accepting all the energy like a funnel. Listen to your body and rest when required, most importantly drink water as this process increases dehydration. 

I hope my questions and answers help you in the same way it did me.  Much love to you!


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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

The next phase – Sanat Kumara – 4-23-15


Many of you have may have noticed the large changes taking place within your person and those who are close to you. Some may even feel that the recent changes, thoughts, and actions are you in fact back sliding, reverting to the way you once were. Do not fret, that is not the case at all. You are being shown areas of your life that either need to change or have changed through this process.

There is no better indicator of how far you have come than to revisit where you were. If you find yourself feeling and reacting as you once did before you have done intense work on self, then congratulations, it is showing you exactly how far you have come and that you in fact contain in you the power to never feel or react that way again. By showing you the different states of energy, of behavior, of consciousness, you are then able to make a conscious choice to shift that energy and resume on your path. Awakening happens in stages and over a long duration, during this process the place from which you started from gets forgotten. We need you to consciously remember this place so that you can see just how much you have in fact changed. This knowledge is important. The next phases of this process must be made fully aware and without lingering doubt.

Many of you will begin to remember dreams, moments during meditations and lucid dreams where you will feel or see a presence with you. This is your team making contact. Your team consists of your higher self, guides, angels, and many other beings that are here to help you on your journey. This news makes many feel excited as it should, your team is also glad that you have reached the point in your development where the lack of density allows them through.  The goal is to bring you closer to your soul source, to establish an undeniable link between the two of you. If at anytime you become lost in fear or doubt, the attempts at contact will stop until you are more ready. At no point does your team want to harm you or cause you to shut down. This is why it is very important for you to see how far you have come, that this process is indeed real, and that you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Each of you is individual and your experiences will be as such. For some they will dream of their team remembering clearly what was said and felt. Others will remember bits and pieces but will be unable to recall what was said. Some will remember lessons, as each of you is being taught to remember precisely who you are through lessons and glimpses into a life beyond the confines of your world. Some of you will not remember anything, but will innately know that you just had an encounter. For those without fear, you may feel the presence of your team immediately upon awakening, some maybe able to see their guides through their third eye. Some will simply feel that they have a clear guidance system within that is helping them directly.  For those of you beginning to experience these occurrences, again, we say congratulations, you have removed much density from your form. We urge you to keep going and continue removing fear and doubt as well. It is through your gentle knowing that all is well and in the highest order that you will then be able to experience more.

Understand that as each of you create your reality what you focus on is what you will indeed experience. The laws of the universe will have it no other way. Each of you has asked to be on earth during this amazing transition, to remove the density from your body and to remember who you are. If you focus on the belief that malevolent forces are intervening in your growth and with society as a whole, you will slow your progress as you will place blame on others instead of being responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and actions. Coming from a place of knowing that all is happening in your highest good for the highest benefit will assist you greatly. If you are full of fear, suspicion, and doubt these will effectively stop your team from accessing you. We want you to look now at how far you have come, the changes you have made, how your capacity to love has increased ten-fold and realize that there is in fact nothing that can stop you but you.

Your planet has been experiencing waves of light coming in ever increasing frequency, you have even felt the effects of the solar flares and meteor showers. The meteor showers are gifts as they help to seed humanity with higher vibrations throughout every level of creation. These codes assist you in making strong, bold moves within and then it will be mirrored in your outer world. You are all learning who you are without the the hindrance of beliefs, thoughts, and parts of your life that no longer serve you. Watch all these aspects leave with gratitude. Do not look back upon what was and use it as a method to degrade yourself or to feel foolish. Does a toddler look upon their crawling self and think that they were gullible, used, and a fool? No, they don’t look back at all but rejoice in the new found freedom. This is what we want from you. Rejoice in your new space, your new freedom and know that soon you will be running.

We are looking upon this new phase with much joy and pride as you have come a long way.


Personal Note:

Conversation with Sanat;

Me: Will everyone be contacted in some shape or form?

Sanat: Yes, once they have lost enough density so that they can vibrate at a frequency that is compatible.

Me: Is fear the biggest reason people are not letting go of density?

Sanat: That and feeling the need to control.

Me: I did a reading recently for someone whose guide says that she is full of fear, she says that she is just cautious. Is it possible that people can be holding on to more fear than they realize?

Sanat: Yes, fear is in every aspect of your culture. Look at your news and social media, it shows you repeatedly the worst aspects of humanity and does not tell you that for every horrible act there were a 100 acts of love and kindness taking place in your world.  Look at the shows that are considered entertainment, many people’s favorites focus on crime and medical dramas. It shows people that at any moment something terrible can happen to you and your family. It is so prevalent in your culture, that it has become the norm. It has made people afraid of their fellow man, but they often can not tell you why. Their only reference for the bad behavior is through what they are told happened to others.

Me: But bad things do exist and horrific things do happen

Sanat: Yes, but all of these were chosen at a soul level for a particular learning purpose. None of it is random.

Me: Many people hear that and feel that it is cold, callus, as if it lacks sympathy for those that have gone through a tragic event.

Sanat: On the contrary, it is then in your contract that these events are to teach you sympathy, compassion, assistance, and love.

I hope that these questions helped clarify things for you as they did me and that the message resonates deep within.

Love to you all, Jenny. ❤

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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Utilizing the Eclipse Energies – Sanat Kumara – 3/24/15



You are in a most auspicious time. You are embroiled in the eclipse energies that are affecting every living thing including the earth. How much is dependent on you, your intentions, your drive and desire to no longer be who you were before. This is not about becoming a new person or leaving your current place on earth. This is about embracing and welcoming who you truly are. In order to do that you must be willing to undo and move through all that no longer serves.

There have been many important times in the recent years that have given humanity a much needed boost in the ascension process. These have been astrological events coupled with perfectly timed codes that activate areas within your mind and body. None have been as important as the one you are in right now. However, please understand that none of this will help you to the degree it can if you are resistant, holding onto beliefs and patterns or are simply losing old beliefs and incorporating new ones you acquired while awakening.

Now is the time to let all that go, let go of anything that cause you to feel tension or strife within your body. When a body is full of tension, anger, or anxiety it is not able to process the codes streaming to the earth properly. This is why so many are exhausted as the body is forced to shut down and sleep allowing the codes to make changes within without the interference of ego and the thinking mind. The more you release yourself from the thoughts and behaviors that cause the body to feel tension the more seamlessly you will be able to handle downloads without your body having to rest.

Many are ill and uncomfortable in these moments. Some of this is a function of detoxification an in some it is a way to force you to slow down, even stop, so that your body can assimilate all that it can, In the fastest period of time.  Honoring the body when it needs rest will help you tremendously. Some of you are experiencing reoccurring infections, pain or illness to specific areas of the body. These are clues to what you may be resisting. The sinus cavity and teeth hold limiting beliefs and old programming. Is there a part of you that is resisting your unlimited potential? Your lungs and throat often hold deep emotions and trauma. Is there something or someone, even yourself that you need to forgive? Is there grief that you are holding? Your back, shoulders and knees are also common areas that some experience pain. We ask you, do you feel that you are not supported? Do you feel as if you the weight of the world bearing down on your form? Are you taking responsibility for things you cannot control? Are you unable to surrender fully to this process? We give you this information so that you can look at how you are handling the energies so that you can see areas where you are still holding on.

As we explained in the last transmission everyone will be or has been disconnected from the old grid and reconnected to the new. We expect this to be completed by April 6th.  For those that have already been connected to the new grid, they may find that their thoughts and behaviors that need changing, need reprogramming are becoming very apparent. They will feel almost foreign or out of place. This is a wonderful opportunity to choose to see things differently, to do differently. This is a perfect time to leave victimization behind and understand that all is in your highest good. There is nothing in your world that has not been agreed upon by the highest aspect of self for your learning and growth. Once you understand that all is beautifully orchestrated even when it seems to be chaos, the more you will experience peace. Once you surrender to this knowledge you will then become the master creator you are meant to be.

We ask that everyone be mindful of their thoughts, behaviors, and routines. Look at what is helping you and what is not. Often it is not a person or circumstance that is hindering you but your beliefs and expectations surrounding it. This is a powerful time to create new in your life, to push your limits and potential. For those that are experiencing endings, it is a new beginning to be faced fearlessly, joyfully.

Until next time,


Personal note:

As with most transmissions I am filled with questions, I share them with you in case you have similar questions.

I have had incredible teeth pain that will come and go and will move locations. Is this me holding onto limiting beliefs?

Yes, that is a component. These need to be released by getting to the root cause of the belief. Where did it start? Go back in your mind and see how it has evolved into something you are not able to see past. Also, the cranium and sinus cavities are being expanded. Teeth are shifting to accommodate this and intermittent discomfort can be experienced.

I recently was faced with a situation that in the past would have sent me into fear. Fear of lack (money issues) and fear of the potential outcomes. I could feel the fear bubble up but then it was like a part of me saw it clearly and was able to stop it in its tracks. I told myself that if it happened or would happen that it is absolutely in the highest good and if it cost us money that we would be ok and the money would come. Is this what you mean by choosing different?

Yes. How did you feel once you made that realization?

I calmed significantly and was able to think clearly without fear and anxiety. Since that moment the fearful thoughts will pop up now and then, but before I get upset or anxious, I am able to stop them from taking hold.

Good, this is how you step into the new.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Explanation on the current energies & experience – Sanat Kumara – 3/15/15



For some the world is going to change in ways that they had always hoped. They are entering a stage of more love, more unity and a slow, but steady progression towards sustainability and health on earth. Every man, woman, child, plant and animal is in the process of being disconnected from the old grid where duality is the norm to one where duality is a choice. This process has already begun and will end as the effects of the eclipse wane.

For many on earth, the effects of the disconnection and reconnection will not be felt. For others the effects will range from slightly uncomfortable to even painful for the energetically sensitive. Pain in the lower extremities (lower back, hips, knees, ankles and feet) may be felt because of the literal disconnection and the inability to ground completely. This will pass upon reconnection and anchoring into the new grid. Digestive issues will be common as the body is continuing to rid itself of carbon density. This will be especially beneficial as the denseness of the body determines where you will be reconnected on the grid, as the grid contains many levels ascending upwards. Many will feel out of sorts, confused, even concerned that they are going into a void. Some may feel fearful, anxious or depressed at this time. Know that your body and mind may be confused by the changes and send signals that all is not well. Go into your heart space, communicate with your soul and know all is well. We assure you that this will be a brief period as your guides, angels, and higher self are working at a fevered pace to disconnect and you and reconnect you in as quick of time as possible.

Energies have come to earth that will accelerate all that is going on within once you connect to the new grid. For those still in duality this will be intensified so that the energetic patterns can be seen and end quicker than before. For those that have done the work and released the constraints they were born into they will receive a considerable boost in their development. It is literally as if one path is diverging into two, though it is still the same path just different levels of growth. Each person will make a decision based on their highest good even if they are unaware of this fact. For some still wanting the incredible learning experience afforded by duality, they will remain in that state. For those ready to leave duality behind in the search of blessed neutrality they will see themselves surrounded by like minded souls. It is this group that will begin to feel and create within the new earth energies of oneness and love. It is this group that will help pull the others up through the layers of the grid.

While watching the duality continue and escalate around you can be difficult, know that all is well and each soul is choosing exactly what they need to progress at this time. For those who will move to the grid and attach at a higher level their job is literally to be the example for others. They will show others that there is a choice, another way to be. Understand that there is a choice and only the soul can choose when it is time to leave duality and its lessons behind for new, expanded consciousness lessons. For even those that attach at a higher level will still experience growth and lessons from a higher, more unified perspective. The ascension process is a journey that does not end, yet begins at a new level when you have reached the end of a cycle.

This is an exciting time, one that have been coming for eons. Rejoice in the changes as this is the time you have waited for. Step into remembering who you are.


Personal note:

As with most transmissions I am filled with questions, I share them with you in case you have similar questions.

Explain the grid, what is changing?

Think on it as a computer system, your earth is getting a new operating system that is faster, better, and more advanced. It can hold the higher frequencies that is needed for this process.

Does the concept of free will does change?

No, each person will still have to choose for themselves which path they would like to take. This grid change allows for the higher frequencies to be reached easier by those ready and provides support for them.

Is our body density determined by food?

It can be, but it is more determined by your thoughts and perceptions. The more joyous you are , the less density you have. Just as the more sorrow and other painful emotions make a person feel heavy and dense.

So being vegetarian and/or vegan is good?

It is not a bad path for helping density but does little good if the person if full of judgment of self and others. Emotions are the key to density.  It is important to listen to your body during these times as it is giving you clues to what it needs to assist you during this process.

Jenny Schiltz

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! ****

Time of the Great Purge – Sanat Kumara – Galactic Brotherhood – 1-23-15



This is a brief message to discuss with you what will be taking place energetically over the next few weeks. We are calling this period “The Great Purge”. All that no longer serves you, all that impedes your growth and progress will be shown to you. We ask that you pay close attention to your thoughts and emotions. Anything that brings you out of balance, no matter how minute is showing you something that needs releasing and changing.

When you become triggered or overwhelmed with emotion, it is the time to examine the thoughts and beliefs that lead to you feeling uncomfortable. What then is your normal response in situations like these? For you see, all that is coming to light you have experienced before, if only in a slightly different context. Once you identify how you have reacted and felt before, you can make a conscious choice to do something different. By making the conscious choice to respond and behave differently you are then actively rewriting old programming and emptying yourself of what you no longer need on your journey. This is an important time and if properly utilized will provide tremendous soul growth. You must first be aware and conscious of what you are being shown and of how you would have normally, unconsciously responded, then you must choose to do different.

Once you understand this process you will be able to see where others are being triggered as well. You will be able to see that when another lashes out that they too are being shown areas needing changing. We urge you not to judge them, instead look at how their behavior affects you. How you react is also a clue to what may need releasing. If you would normally react by returning hostility, choose a different way. If you would normally respond in judgement, respond instead with compassion as you too are being purged. Understand that all you are being shown through your internal thoughts and feelings and your external relations with the world around you are designed to show you old programming, beliefs, thoughts, and actions that need changing.

While many may feel this is a difficult time, it is also a miraculous one. Have gratitude for this process as it will change you to your very core if you allow it. Once the old is released and a new way of being that is inline with your heart centered existence is in place, you will see the beauty of this process. Not only will you experience the mental purging you will also feel the effects of physical purging taking place. All emotions and behaviors are stored in the body. These too will have to be released. Don’t be alarmed at the stomach upset, the aches and pains, and exhaustion. Drink plenty of water and limit your exposure to chemicals in your food and environment.

Know that in all times what you are experiencing is in your highest good. You have a choice to utilize these energies to your fullest potential or to continue on the path you have always known. Be courageous and choose to allow yourself to become what you truly are.

Show compassion to yourself and others,


Personal Note:

I asked if this time period coincided with Mercury in retrograde for a reason and was told yes, but that this will be a much more intense period than normal Mercury in retrograde. I also asked if I should stay off Facebook or away from potential triggers and was told that it would be my choice. However, exposing myself to as many possible triggers is recommended. “Through each experience you will see what needs changing”.  So this is a time of experiencing life but of enough mental stillness to stop and examine my thoughts. I have faith that we can all do this and make great change within ourselves. Once our inner changes, so too will our outer world. 

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz



Galactic White Brotherhood – Reconnecting with your Inner Child – Sanat Kumara – 12/28/14



Just as in the Northern hemisphere day light will increase daily in increments, so to will your capacity to hold light. With every releasing of thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve, you will be able to hold more light. This process is both unconscious and conscious. Your active participation in clearing your vehicle of past held thoughts and beliefs is very helpful. It speeds the process and helps your life be more of your creation. It is also unconscious as those who are unaware of this process are also releasing. For those their lives may appear to be in complete turmoil as those aspects that need releasing and healing will be brought to the forefront time and time again until conscious change is sought. This will also happen to those aware of the process but unaware of an aspect that needs healing. We ask that you pay attention to patterns that emerge. It is in these patterns that you will find clues to what needs to be addressed and healed deep within your psyche. Now more than ever it is important for you to be aware and present. Be in touch with your highest guidance by staying in your heart space. Look at all behavior, thoughts, and actions not from a place of judgement but from the place of the observer. In this way you will clearly be given clues to aspects that need changing, blocks that need releasing, and parts of your psyche that need healing.

Many of you may be experiencing flashes of memories from your childhood. These are very important and need to be noted. Old programming is often created in childhood and adolescence. As you aged, you piled layers of top of the initial place where you were taught to believe something contrary to your soul’s truth. Many of you are now down to that core essence, your inner child if you will. Healing of this aspect is important. It is in embracing and loving that child that you will find you are healed and your joy for life will return. If you are fortunate enough to be near children, let them guide you with their easy laugh and smile. Find that place within you again. If you are not near children, go to where children play, and soak in their energy and laughter. Remember a time when you too felt free, when you too knew exactly how loved and special you are. This is what we want you to recapture. It is in this essence of the inner child that you will find your true self. We are asking you to undo all that time has done, all that duality has done and return to the heart of a child. It is in this space that you will be able to find and keep joy. It is also in this space that you will able to create a new world for yourself.

The first week in January holds a special planetary alignment. The energies from this alignment will be available for a few days before the 4th and a few days after. This gateway can help you expand your soul growth. Much like your New Years intentions we ask that you focus on what you would like for your 2015 year. While your focus will be as individual as each of you, we ask that you include reconnecting with your inner child. This work is of great importance. During this gateway, the planets alignment, will help to bring things to the forefront that need changing, releasing, and healing. That which you have not given proper attention to or are unaware of will be magnified. It will be as if a spot light will be placed on thoughts and behaviors so that they can be clearly seen. While this can be unsettling, even painful, it is a gift. It allows for rapid growth if you are willing to be observant and non-judgemental of what is no longer in your highest good. The more you are able to let go of and heal, the more you will be able to access your inner child, who holds the keys to your highest self. To embody your highest self completely is to have a joyful loving heart and to understand that all is always working out as it should. Once you reach this understanding that all is in your highest good, you are embracing all that you are. You will see this life experience through the eyes of a child, full of adventure and hope. 2015 will bring much soul expansion for those that have done the intense, sometimes exhausting work to leave duality and judgement behind.

You have made large strides in returning to unity and love. We hope that you feel as excited as we are about the changes taking place within the collective. Each of you that has done the work and hold vast amount of light are making a large impact on all around you. Know this as truth in your heart. Don’t look outside yourself for validation of the world-changing and the light increasing, for you are the creator of your world.

With high regards,

Sanat Kumara

Galactic Brotherhood – You Have Entered A New Phase – Sanat Kumara



You have entered into a new phase of this process. Many will not be able to discern the difference, but I assure you that you will in time. The immediate difference will be on the downloads of light codes. Prior they were released in phases and many could feel when they were receiving the codes. Now, the codes are constant and you will receive them as soon as you have cleared enough space in your being for them. You will find yourself on a purging, downloading, assimilating routine. With every purge, with every aspect that you release you will find yourself changing deeply. These codes of light are designed to make your very nature crystalline. This process will take time and can only be accelerated by your willingness to release all thoughts, behaviors, and actions that keep you locked in third dimensional thinking. Many of you have done tremendous work and have left the lower dimensions as a whole, but still have lingering aspects that are residual from your lifetime spent at these levels.

These aspects will absolutely be triggered by your those around you. It is really a blessing to have these merge from the depths of your psyche to be shown in the light and released. Many of you many be shocked at your displays of temper, the courseness of your thoughts and the emotions that seem to overwhelm you in these moments. You may be asking “What is wrong with me?”. I assure you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You have progressed to the point in your development where all kernels of third dimensional thought patterns and programming must be removed, no matter how minute.

For some the cleansing takes place through the body. This can be seen in digestive issues, sinus drainage, and aggravation of old wounds that have an emotional component to them. For those unaware, this can be a challenging time. For those that are aware, we ask that you release them by stating your truth. Many thoughts and old programming are based on lies and immature emotional processing. Look at the thought, examine it and see where it leads you into feeling like a victim. Then state the truth, that in every given moment we choose to act, think, and feel in a certain way. Once the truth is stated, release the old into the light. The violet flame can be used to help you transform those old thoughts and behaviors you believed you has left behind.

Know that the purpose of all your purging and physical discomfort is that your DNA has indeed been switched on so that you become a crystalline being. Once the DNA is switched on, there will be no return to your original carbon nature. This change will not take place overnight though many are impatient. Your soul remembers what is happening and many may feel an impatient excitement.

Know that all is unfolding as planned and the utmost care for your vessel is being taken at this time. You may find that your sensitivities increase and the need for purer food and drink is required. To help ease this transition your consumption of water needs to be high.

Know and trust that all is happening in your highest good.

Sanat Kumara

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz