Information on receiving a Session


Here is some basic info that you need to know before scheduling a session:

I am a channel, a spirit bridger, ascension guide and healer. I can communicate with other dimensions and help you understand what needs to be done within to ascend and connect with your highest self. My main role is to empower you to become the walking master that you have forgotten you are.

The session will begin with an energetic clearing of layers of body, aura, and chakras. I will also help you to ground your soul in completely. At times there may be a removal of energies that do not belong to you, clearing of energetic blocks and the removal of past life influences.

In some sessions I am guided to activate codes within the body.  I receive guidance from the guides on what needs to be said and done in order to help you, so the process varies from person to person.  The length of time that this clearing takes will vary as well. What ever is in your highest good is what will be done.

Once the clearing is complete, you may then ask questions of your guide (s) to help you through this process.

My Rates

$50 for a half hour reading 

$90 for an hour reading

Readings can be done worldwide by SKYPE 

If you are in the US or Canada, phone readings are possible. 


To schedule a session, please click the button above. It will prompt you to enter a time zone and then it will show you times that I am available that work for you. Payment is due at time of booking via PayPal. 

*Payment can be made by check and session scheduled once check has cleared. Please email me for details.

To contact me, please email



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