QC Jenny Schlitz

Season 8 – Episode 26 –  The Empowered Human

Uncovering your layers and masks to integrate your shadow. It’s time that we look at our layers, masks, and our shadow as these keep us from being our authentic self. Exploring the shadow side, the parts we keep hidden leads us to see the deep layers that need healing and in some cases reclaiming.

Today’s Guest: Jenny Schiltz

Click on this link to listen: http://www.acoustichealth.com/HCs8jenny.htm




Enjoy this Healing Conversation with Psychic Intuitive Jenny Schlitz who discusses:

  • The Current Transformational Cosmic Energies
  • How to Communicate with Higher Realms
  • A Daily Mediation to Clear, Balance and Connect









New Moon :: Evolving Beliefs and Surrendering

In honor of the Capricorn New Moon, Muse Broadcast is honored to share in uplifting conversation with Jenny Schiltz author ofChanneling the Masters, hosting by Katsura Balanza.  Collectively muses have recently seen opportunity to challenge belief systems, and conditioned training, as we experience energetic shifts.  Through these shifts we are gifted the opportunity to grow and expand, evolving our belief system.     As channeled by Jenny Schiltz, “as we move through current energies we are being asked to shed more layers, and release our masks.”  An opportunity to surrender to Divine Love, as we tweak our ways of be’ing, to become whole.




Healing Conversations on Beauty for the Soul Radio. Jenny Schiltz and Marjorie Rothstein discuss the Importance of Getting Real within  Yourself.