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Energy Update – Contracts and Triggers




So much is taking place energetically in the world and within us. We are being challenged on every front, physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are being pushed, pulled, and squeezed, all of our stuff is coming up and we have a choice to deal with it or squash it back down.

For many contracts are coming to an end or are being renegotiated. Contracts are agreements that we have with others. Contracts end or change when the core lesson has been healed or experienced as it was meant to. These can be small relationships such as acquaintances or large ones such as with your mate.  The reason this is happening is because you are not who you were. Your vibration is rising and that changes everything. If your current contracts are not reflective of your new self, then they must end or be renegotiated.

For some, contracts ending can appear forced upon you as they appear suddenly and change everything, for example losing your job. These type of changes tend to knock the breath out of us, but they do bring about the much needed change. It is important during these type of contract changes to keep in mind that all is in your highest good even when you can’t see it. For others, contracts ending or changing has to be done purposefully. You must see where you are not in alignment with your soul and make the changes. It is part of walking in your mastery. It is seeing what is not working, what does not match and choosing to end it or change it. It is learning to do the best for yourself in all situations.

The trick with this is making sure that your ego does not become engaged as it can cause you to not see the situation clearly. Having compassion and understanding for all involved, including yourself will help. While you may have undergone deep changes as you work to embody your soul, those with whom you are interacting with may have not. To them the change may seem to come out of left field, this is where empathy is a useful tool as long as it does not hinder your growth.

Quite a few are feeling that they are “going backwards” in their relationships. That ground gained has been lost. While this is disconcerting, even painful, understand that it is coming up so that you can see that there are still parts within you that match what was. It is an opportunity to not only see how far you have come but to also heal the parts within you that are still hurting. I experienced this myself in my relationship. Things came up that we had buried 15 years ago (or so we thought lol). Things had to be said to acknowledge the pain of what was to ensure that we didn’t take it into the new. While it was intense and painful, the change it brought, the closeness it has brought is completely worth it.

Change is hard for all involved and often the easiest path isn’t in our highest good. I had a friend who was recently separated from his wife. He couldn’t decide if he should stay in his current state or move back home. When he inquired about moving back home he found that a job was available to him and that a family member was willing to rent him a house. On the surface this seemed like the universe telling him to go back home. Yet when we checked in with his guides, they said that he should stay in his current location, to spend time alone finding himself. That family, while comforting would be a distraction to the inner work needing to done. This baffled me because we have always been taught that if it is the right path, it will be easy. So I questioned the guides who explained that energy is like a river. For this particular person, he did whatever he could to avoid being alone and therefore created an “out” for himself (job & house in other state). The river would always flow in that direction. If he wanted to change the flow of energy, he must do the hard thing and go against the flow of the river. That yes, it would feel like swimming upstream, but that eventually it would cause the energy to flow in a whole new direction. Change is hard but necessary for our growth.

As part of this energy many are feeling triggered and the common reaction is to want to avoid all things that evoke such a reaction. While avoiding certain negativity is good, avoiding life is not. Every time we get triggered it is the universe showing us that there is something within that needs healing. That each time we feel that we have “plunged back into 3D” we are being shown where we still have inner work to do. It could be that we need to work on judgement, duality, and acceptance. In some cases what triggers us is preparing us for the next phase once it is healed.

For example, I have a client who has amazing healing abilities. While she would like this to be her main profession, the finances were not allowing it. She took an office job to make ends meet and is finding that she is extremely stressed (triggered).  On the surface it would appear that the job is not good for her and that it was a mistake to abandon her call to heal. Upon talking to her guidance team they explained that her stress was because she was unable to let the pressures of the job go at the end of the day. This job is helping her see that she has to let it go, that she cannot control all that is taking place but that she can control her reaction to what is happening.  The reason that this is so important for her to learn detachment and objectivity is because if she were to take the same attitude into the healing realm it would drain her. Healing work is so personal and it is not hard to become attached and invested, so she must learn now to let go.  Her becoming triggered is her blessing, it is teaching and preparing her for the future should she choose to become a healer full time.

Putting yourself in situations where you could be triggered also helps you to practice maintaining a high vibration regardless of what is going on around you.  This is a skill that must be practiced and each time you are able to remain heart centered, projecting that loving energy out to all, you raise your own frequency. Once you change how you see events, people, and places that cause a deep reaction as helping you not harming you, you will begin to see it as a blessing

You are so very powerful and have the ability to change all around you with an open and loving heart. Emitting a high frequency helps you to activate it in others, planting seeds for others awakening.

Sending us all the love and blessings that we can handle. THANK YOU to all who share this work! It means the world. ❤ ❤ ❤



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **

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Energy update 2-12-16

The energy is very intense and it is going to continue amping up until after the full moon on 2/22. During this time we will be undergoing DNA upgrades. Exhaustion and feeling anxious and overwhelmed is common with this. Make sure to take time out for yourself. Get plenty of water, electrolytes, and potassium. Your body will act as if you have just run a marathon. Healthy fats such as coconut oil and avocado help to keep us from feeling as if we are “burning” up from the inside. Vitamin D either naturally from the sun or in liquid form will help ease this transition. Salt baths will help as well to keep the body hydrated. It is important to listen to your urges, if you need to sleep, sleep. If you feel the need to write, write. If you feel anxious, trapped and cabin feverish – get outside. Nature has a way of balancing our energies and giving us what we need, we just have to listen.
When we go through DNA upgrades, all that is held in our cells that no longer serves must be purged. This releasing will be felt in our dream time and/or in our waking moments. Many of us a cleaning up old contracts and past life emotions that have been held in our cellular body.
As our past lives are often themes that we have experienced in this life (from a different perspective) it is a good time to look at all those in your life and switch places with them. Can you see the roles and the lessons from their point of view? Allow your heart to open completely and forgive, forgive them, the circumstances and most importantly yourself. Once you feel the forgiveness wash over you, send gratitude for all that your soul has learned from these interactions. As you heal the relationships in this life, you help to heal the lives where similar themes were experienced in past (concurrent) lives.
Cord cutting will be very important over the next week. You want to cut all cords, contracts and agreements that no longer serve that go through your past, present, and future. Call AA Michael to assist with this, he is always happy to help.
There is a “pushing” feeling to this energy. A desire to buckle down and plow through this work so that we may walk fully embodied and whole. It’s absolutely an amazing time as more and more abilities are opening up and more people are making contact with the unseen.
Sending you all lots of love and blessings ❤ ❤ ❤

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Copyright 2016,  Jenny Schiltz

 If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including all the links above and the link to this original post. Thank you.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


Walking in your Power and Trusting Fully ~ Sanat Kumara



We want to talk to you today about what is happening in your world. Many of you are feeling the flux of energies that are pushing and pulling you in directions you may never have anticipated. While you may feel in transition in your personal life this too is being modeled in your political, financial, and social arenas as well.

Not knowing your future whether personally or for the world at large can create much anxiety and fear. However, you must understand that all is happening as it should for the soul’s growth. In each moment you have a choice, you can engage the fear, worry and anxiety you feel or you can simply observe it and allow it to pass knowing that all is well. This is your choice and one that we ask you to ponder on. For it is these choices that determine the course and the ease which with you transverse the changes coming your way.

When one is not fully trusting of their highest aspect, change can be seen as a negative and undesirable. We understand, but ask that before allowing such thoughts to dominate your frequency that you sit and connect to your inner guidance. That you open your heart and see which thoughts are of your lower mind, the one entrenched in survival, and which are of your higher mind, your Divine guidance.  How do each of these feel in your body? In your heart? Sit with it and ask why you choose to entertain the fear, to give it life and form in your reality. Understand that when you allow your mind to wander into scenarios that you are indeed changing your frequency and thereby your outcome. It is your job to bring yourself back to the present moment so that you can see that you are still on your soul journey and all is happening for your soul growth.

While it is your responsibility to monitor your own thoughts and reactions, it is also your responsibility to not feed into the fear of the collective. Much is happening and the disinformation on your planet is very prevalent. Before sharing with others information you find, use your discernment and only share what rings true within your heart. If the information creates fear within you, it is your responsibility to not give it further energy. This is especially important on social media, where there are those beginning to awaken. Many of you who are awakened went through deep fear and sorrow when you began to understand the deceptions taking place on your planet. While it may have been necessary for your growth, it is not necessary for all those awakening to follow this path.

Understand that awakening is not about discovering the deepest truths of your world as you perceive, but the deepest truths within yourself. Each of you that are awakened are being asked to guide your fellow brothers and sisters back to their souls, to be the guiding light. This can be done by showing them their power, their divinity and not their limitations.  When one merges with their soul they are shown that it is they who are in control of their vibration, their frequency and the manifestation that corresponds with each frequency. It is time that you not only master this, walking and creating from your heart centered power but that you guide others to do the same. When one blames their circumstances and emotions on another person, group or entity they give away their power and instead of embracing love, embrace victim hood and anger.

For those reading this message now, we ask that you step into your power and choose in every moment to not allow fear in any form to alter your frequency. Embrace the changes taking place and know in each moment that you are supported, guided, and loved.

Sanat Kumara


Personal note:

This past weekend I had many fears surface, some I let go of easily, others I allowed to grow in my mind until I was able to step back and question what brought them forth.  I went and spoke to some of the Masters who explained that humanity was scanned as a whole to see how much fear is present. How resistant we are to growth. How ready we are for full disclosure. The prognosis is that fear is still very entrenched in the collective consciousness. This is why we are being asked to examine our fears and our reactions to them and to guide others out of fear.

I noticed that my personal fears were mirrored in articles posted on facebook. This gave me the opportunity to see within where I still have issues trusting my highest aspect, my very soul. It shows me where there is old programming running and for me to actively change it verses allowing it to become entrenched in current programming.  This is a process and one that isn’t done in an instant and we need to have patience with ourselves and others.  As we actively work on observing our thoughts and fears we allow for our Divine guidance to come forth.

As the universe always does, it comes forth with guidance and reassurance in many forms. My husband and I went to see “The Heart of the Sea” at the dollar theater. This was a tale of Moby Dick and the whaling industry. At the end of the movie, it was mentioned that someone had found oil in Pennsylvania from the ground. The characters were expressing the hope that this would end the harvesting of whales for oil.  They approached the change with hope and joy. Yet I am sure that there were many people that were in fear; those who felt that this change would damage them financially and threaten their very existence. There were probably groups that did their best to suppress or demonize the technology. No different than what is happening today with the suppression of free energy and environmental sound technologies.  Change is a process.

It is up to us to embrace ALL the changes, to see them as positive, even during difficult transitions and KNOW from our heart that all is happening in our highest good. As we do this we keep our frequency high and impact all around us.

I am holding all of you in the highest light and with the deepest love. May you all be blessed. Thank all of you who have shared and supported this work.  It means more than you will ever know.



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**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **













Soul Contracts and Unconditional Love – Quan Yin – Galactic Brotherhood – 1-16-15


Since the start of the New Year there has been a large energetic shift that has affected everyone in varying degrees. The amount in which you have felt and gained from this shift signifies the amount of soul work you have done prior to this moment. For some, this period will bring about harmony, a time of joining with others and finding your place in the world. There will be changes made, but they will all be made in the flow and therefore will feel guided and natural. For others, this time will bring about great changes within and out. For there will be choices that must be made. The choice between honoring your highest good and continuing patterns will be made.

For this purpose we would like to discuss soul contracts and unconditional love. We hope that with greater understanding of these concepts, the choice to choose your absolute highest good becomes clear. When you decide to come into earth, you create soul contracts with many. Some are simple and brief; for example the woman at the grocery store that while in a conversation is able to give you an idea that you had not previously considered. Others can be long and complex, such as contracts with family and romantic partners. All contracts regardless of their duration are designed to help you grow. Long standing contracts are designed to change in dynamics and grow as you grow and learn.

Not all contracts are meant to stay with you forever, some may need to end for continued soul growth. This concept has never proved more difficult than when it is with a loved one. You have been programmed that unconditional love means staying by some one’s side, accepting who they are and their actions regardless of the cost to self. This cannot be further from the truth. Unconditional love means that you are willing to allow another to experience the life they have chosen for their own soul growth. It does not mean that you have to participate in their life and it certainly does not mean that you should sacrifice yourself and your soul growth.

Those in unhealthy relationships have contracted with each other for lessons to be provided. The abusive spouse may have contracted to help teach the other to stand up for themselves and not allow themselves to be mistreated. Once the lesson is learned, the partner breaks free from the relationship and the contract is over. The hope is that the lesson of caring and loving oneself was learned so that the behavior and relationship choice is not repeated. While and abusive spouse is an extreme example, there are many smaller contracts and relationships that are also testing your ability to act in your highest good at all times. If someone is emotionally, financially, or physically draining on you, then to continue would not be in your highest good. Your relationship and the boundaries created needs to be changed so that your highest good is done.

Many of you on this path are empathic and have an unlimited capacity to love. It is in your nature to want to help another, we understand the desire and admire your open, loving hearts. However, understand that balance must be kept. You must find a space within yourself that allows you to be open, loving, giving without sacrificing yourself. To constantly do things for another, to give of yourself, without the other person assuming responsibility and accountability is actually hindering both of your soul growth.

Think back to when you learned a skill such as riding a bike. You feel, you struggled, you may have even bruised and bloodied yourself. If your parent had stepped in for fear you would get hurt, you never would have learned. It may have been uncomfortable, even nerve wracking for your parent to watch you get hurt and frustrated. They pushed on, allowing you to learn and succeed because they knew the reward was worth the pain.  Now take this to a grander scale, you may have someone in your life who is always in crisis needing help. You can assist them time and time again or you can allow the person to fall, get hurt, so that they are then forced to make new and different decisions. This can be painful to watch, especially for open hearted souls, but understand the power of letting someone experience and learn from their creation is very important. This is in fact unconditional love. You may have contracted with this person to help them learn self sufficiency, self reliance and the ability to persevere. If you are constantly rescuing them, you are not honoring your contact.

Allow this energetic shift to illuminate areas in your life where you need to renegotiate contracts so that your highest good , your highest joy is achieved in all things. Allow this energy flooding your planted to not only purge the toxins from your body, but those in your thoughts. Allow it to help you find balance in relationships and the courage to make change, even radical change when needed. Honor yourself and your highest good, in that  happiness and reunion with self lies.

With Love,

Quan Yin

On a personal note:

The idea of contracts and lessons was shown very clearly in a dream last week. Years ago, our family took in a foster child, he was not a bad kid, but had anger issues and uncontrollable rage at points. His anger really affected me, I started retracting inside myself and was extremely stressed. I began to have nightmares of my childhood memories of my father going into a drunken rage. As an empath, it was not easy living in that house as a child, I honestly thought I had healed and forgiven my dad for his outbursts and their affects on me. This foster child, showed me very clearly that I had not completed my healing and it didn’t take much to bring it all back. Our relationship with this teen ended not because of his anger and my reaction but because we learned that it’s not a good idea to have a teen boy in a house with teen girls, this was 6 years ago. Last week I had a dream that I saw him and I thanked him for honoring his contract to show me that I still had parts needing healing from my childhood. He hugged me and said that it was his pleasure. I woke from that dream understanding even more about the gift people bring us all the time even if at the time it doesn’t feel like a gift. 

*** As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES!

Much love to you, Jenny Schiltz